Diary of a First Year by Lucy Hodnett

17 November 2017 | Posted under National News School News

Hey Guys!

I’m Lucy Hodnett. I’m in the Sacred Heart Secondary School in Clonakilty, Co. Cork. I came from a primary school of about 60 people so being in with 540 pupils now is a huge difference!

In a smaller school, everyone gets to know everyone – whether you’re in juniors or 6th. Now, in this bigger school, I’m still learning all my year’s names!

The first few weeks have come and gone in a blur! I honestly can’t believe I’ve completed my first half term. It’s been a great experience so far!

I’ll start from the very beginning ...

On the first day everyone was excited, but also a bit nervous. We were assigned mentors, given our books and sorted into our classes. Thankfully, some of my best friends are in my class, so it was great to have a few familiar faces!

I really love the huge range of subjects. We had to choose between French and German and I chose German. I really enjoy it. In 1st year, we also get to try out Music, Art, Business, Technology and Home Economics, which we choose two of for 2nd year. I especially enjoy Music and Business. In Home Economics, we made scones. It was lots of fun! Lockers are also an exciting change, but also a well-needed helping hand!

Every year, my school performs a musical around Christmas time. This year, we’re doing the show My Fair Lady. 1st years can be in the choir, so my friends and I decided to take part! I’m also doing football and basketball.

The classes and studying haven’t been too hard so far. Also, depending on what subjects I have each day, sometimes I don’t get much homework at all!

I nearly forgot – I hope you all had an amazing mid-term break and Hallowe’en! See you again in April!

Lucy xx


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