Diary of a First Year - May '17

8 May 2017 | Posted under School News

Hi, everyone!

I hope you all had a great April like I did and enjoyed the two weeks off school.

It's been so hard to get back into a routine here! That said, on the first day back after the hols, we went to Newgrange in Co. Meath. It was so cool and interesting, and especially nice not to have to go back into classes straight away. 

Before the holidays, in computers class, we had to present projects we had been working on for a few months. They were PowerPoint presentations about something we found interesting. Myself and my friends Louise and Heather did a presentation about YouTube and our favourite YouTubers. It was quite long but we came first out of all the projects and won an Easter egg each! Yay!

At the start of May, our mini company, Changing Seasons, will be going to the national final of the Student Enterprise Awards. We are very busy preparing and planning. We’re nervous but are trying to be confident. 

We had a meeting with a business planner named Derbhaile who was very kind and helpful and really gave us a lot of ideas. She emphasised the importance of social media and branching out online. She told us that presenting the judges with a large online following can show that we are professional … and also popular. 

We would really appreciate your support and it could help us in the national finals, so find us on YouTube by searching Changing Seasons Mini Company, where there are links to our other social media outlets. I would be so happy if you subscribed and liked our videos – we put a lot of time into them!

So, that's it for another month. Wish us luck in the finals. Hopefully I'll be back next month with some good news for you!

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