Lego-loving Thieves

31 May 2017 | Posted under International News WWW News

A Swedish city has been hit by thieves who seem to have a particular love for childrens' toys.

The Lego Store in the city of Örebro, in central Sweden, was broken into two days in a row, where thieves smashed the windows using stones and opened boxes of Lego before stealing the bricks inside.

It also appears the criminals knew exactly what they were doing – by not choosing to 
steal the standard Lego.

'They maybe had a list with  them, as they picked exactly what  was the most expensive and  unusual,' the shop's owner Peter 
Lilja told radio station P4 Örebro.

An astonishing 240,000 Swedish Kroner (almost €25,000) worth of Lego was stolen over the two nights – including some Star Wars themed pieces.

This is not the first time Lego shops have been hit by criminals – police in Melbourne, Australia, issued an appeal last January after four separate incidents where shops were broken into and had Lego stolen.

While most standard Lego sets go for reasonable prices, some of the themed sets can fetch quite a nice sum of cash at auction.

Collectors around the world often pursue some of the  rarer ones to add to their haul – in 2014, a Swedish man who adores Lego sold his entire collection for 75,000 Kroner (€7,700) after his wife grew tired of his  stash.

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