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13 September 2017 | Posted under

Hi, everyone!

After a lot of buying copies, stationery and school clothing, it was my first day in secondary school two weeks ago. 

On the first day in St. Michael's Community College, we had an awesome half day! In this secondary school, the First Years started two days before others, with the exception the of Fifth and Sixth Years, who returned on our second day.

During the half day, we were given a talk about the school, the rules and the timetable, before being divided into two groups. I was in a group called Seannan with my two friends from primary school, along with a few other people that I knew quite well. The two groups would be together for all classes except for the option subjects. I chose Music, Woodwork, Business and Home Economics. My favourite option subject is Business, as it is a very interesting subject!

The second day was very exciting! The Fifth and Sixth Years joined us, meaning it was hard to squeeze past each other! We have our own room for our lockers, at least. But, that said, it was still really hard to actually get our books, as nearly all forty-one First Years were in the same room … at the same time!

Having class for only 40 minutes is awesome! It means that we get to do loads of classes a day and not sit at the same desk for hours!

So that’s it from me until February, where I will check back in with you guys to let you know how life as a First Year is going!

But before I go, I want to wish Kayleigh, Megan, Shane and Sinéad luck this year! Sixth class is awesome and you will have lots of fun :)

Bye for now,

Aoibhín xxx

Aoibhín’s Top Tip: To keep up with your work, it's important to study as well as doing your homework!

Aoibhín September Secondary School Rating: 9/10

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