Shane Completes World’s Coldest Marathon

31 March 2017 | Posted under National News International News Sports Entertainment
Image: The Irish Post

Waterford-native Shane Mooney recently completed the world’s coldest marathon, called the Yukon Arctic Ultra, which takes place every year in Canada.

The gruelling race is a 430-mile ‘ultra marathon’ that sees competitors from around the world travel there to run, walk or cycle in conditions where the temperature drops to -50 degrees!

Mooney, who lives in the UK, trained for months ahead of flying to Canada, walking roughly 10 miles a day and spending weekends up mountains to train in tougher conditions.

‘When race day finally arrived, I felt a massive sense of relief to be starting,’ he said. ‘The prep and build up was finally over and I could do the part I enjoy, which is testing myself in an ultra-endurance event.’

They say no matter where you go in the world, you will meet an Irish person – and that was certainly the case in Canada.

Mooney bumped into a man originally from Tipperary along the way, who was living in one of the towns on the route!

He took a total of 10 days, 19 hours and 31 minutes to complete the marathon – and raised over £1,100 for his chosen charity, Yorkshire Air Ambulance, in the process.

And it seems Mr Mooney is not finished just yet:

I can see myself back in two years’ time, perhaps taking a few more risks and seeing how quick I could complete the course


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