2015-16 Long Term Plans

Proposed Themes for this season’s issues

#44 September- Rugby World Cup (Curriculum Links: Geography/PE)

#45 October- World Space Week (Curriculum Links: Geography/Science)

#46 November- Science Week (Curriculum Links: Science/Maths)

#47 December- Christmas/Star Wars (Curriculum Links: History/English)

#48 January- 2016 New Year Issue (Curriculum Links: History/English)

#50 February- Engineers Week (Curriculum Links: Science/Maths)

#51 March- 1916 Rising (Curriculum Links: History)

#52 April- news related

#53 May- news related

#54 June- 2016 Olympics (Curriculum Links: History/PE)

Long Term Plans Available for:

Page 8- Planet History- Road to the Rising (7 part series build up to The Rising, featuring a signatory of the proclamation each month, 2 in March)

Page 20/21- Features (See list above)

Page 25- Planet Sealife- Monster of the Deep/Creatures of the Sea

Page 26- Planet Science- The Body Shop (10 part series on different parts of the body)

Page 28- Planet Places- County Focus (10 counties looked at in detail over the coming year- no order after Dublin, as I want to invite children to vote on what county they would like to see featured next

Page 29- Planet Wellbeing-  A Problem Shared (10 problems based on SPHE programme that we will address over the year)

Page 31- Planet Poetry- This creative writing page will be based mainly on the theme on that month’s issue (For example, October poetry will be on Halloween, November Poetry on Science, December poetry on Christmas etc.

*Please note- As with all newspapers, plans may be subject to change during the course of the year. The purpose of providing these plans are to help the teacher in dividing and selecting topics that they would normally cover, or wish to cover, in the year. For example, you can be certain TPP will be covering the 1916 Rising in the March Issue, Engineers Week in the February Issue and the Olympics in the June issue.

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