December Resource Pack Issue 47

Welcome teachers to Season 5- Issue #47. You will see we have a new look website up and running now. It works the same as the old one- you can download all your resources here in pdf form. 

Just click on the relevant icons and the files should download. We are grouping the files this year, so that you can print in one click. If there are any problems, send us a mail to

Don't forget to check out our NEW long term plans, as requested by many of you out there. Hope they are of use. Any feedback on the resources most welcomed.

Merry Christmas,



Cloze Test

Editing Worksheet

Puzzle Sheet

40 Quiz

Fiche Ceist

Did You know worksheet

Have Your Say (A Problem Shared)


Vocabulary Constabulary

Answer Sheet

Monthly Planner for Cuntas Míosúil

Click on icons below to download: 

NEW: Differentiated articles, in Reading Lexiles 5, 6, and 7:

Christmas Traditions

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Remaining levels for that article are available on


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