Primary Planet Long Term Plans 2016/17

Monthly Themes TPP:

#54 September- Michael Phelps Phenomenon (Curriculum Links: PE)

#55 October- The Wonder of Number-Maths Week (Curriculum Links: Maths/Science)

#56 November- Science Week (Curriculum Links: Science/Maths)

#57 December- Human Rights Day Special (Curriculum Links: History/SPHE)

#58 January- 2017 New Year Issue (Curriculum Links: History/English)

#59 February- Engineers Week (Curriculum Links: Science/Maths)

#60 March- Fenian Rising Anniversary (Curriculum Links: History)

#61 April- Chocolate (Curriculum Links: History/SPHE)

#62 May- Fair Trade Day (Curriculum Links: History/SPHE)

#63 June- Bike Week (Curriculum Links: SPHE/PE)

Long Term Plans Available for TPP:

Page 8- Planet History- Dead Famous Series- 10 part series looking at famous Irish people interred in Glasnevin Cemetery.

Page 20/21- Features (See list above)

Page 25- Planet Wildlife Proudly Sponsored by Compass Club- 10 part series looking at various skills and knowledge about Irish wildlife and forestry) in association with Compass Club from Coillte.

...coming soon

Page 26- Planet STEM- Under the microscope- 10 part series looking at simple introduction to scientific processes that children will encounter in detail in secondary school science programme, with related classroom experiment.

Page 28- Planet Places- County Focus- 10 counties looked at in detail over the coming year …continued from last season.

Page 29- Planet Wellbeing Proudly Sponsored by Carambola School Lunches-  A Problem Shared- 10 problems based on SPHE programme that we will address over the year …continued from last season.

Page 31- Writing Corner Proudly Sponsored by Poolbeg Publishing - This creative writing section will be based on a chosen Poolbeg children’s title, asking children to base their writing around a theme from that same book.

...coming soon

Page 35- The Spirit of Sport - 10 part series looking at amazing and inspirational stories from the sporting archives.

...coming soon





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