News Flash Long Term Plans 2016/17

Monthly Themes for News Flash:

#06 September- Roald Dahl 100th birthday (Curriculum Links: English, History)

#07 October- Hallowe’en Special- (Curriculum Links: History)

#08 November- Science Week Special (Curriculum Links: Science/Maths)

#09 December- Walt Disney Special (Curriculum Links: History)

#10 January- Martin Luther King Day (Curriculum Links: History/SPHE)

#11 February- Engineers Week Special (Curriculum Links: Science/Maths)

#12 March- Tree Week (Curriculum Links: Science/Geography)

#13 April- Bunnies (Curriculum Links: Science)

#14 May- Amelia Earhart (Curriculum Links: History)

#15 June- Oceans Day (Curriculum Links: Science)

Long Term Plans Available for News Flash:

Page 6- Historical Days-  New 10 part series looking at famous/infamous days in history- relating to that particular month

Page 7- People Working in the Community- 10 part series looking at people working in the community …continued from last season

Page 9- Cúinne na Gaeilge- 10 part series based on the Téamaí from the Irish Curriculum …continued from last season

Page 12, 13- Features- see list above or download word doc below

Page 14- Around the World- 10 part series looking at a different country each month …continued from last season

Page 19- The Science Lab – 9 part series looking at different parts/organs of the body. End of year quiz in final issue based on the year’s programme …continued from last season

Page 20- Alphabet Animals - 10 part series looking at the life of animals, birds and creatures in the world based on letters F – O …continued from last season


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