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What is the Primary Planet?

The Primary Planet is Ireland’s first children’s news magazine. News, sport, music, entertainment, and dare I say, politics are some of the many topics featured in this exciting publication each month. With a readership of over 60,000 children a month,The Primary Planet is connecting with today's readers, tomorrow's leaders!

Aimed at the senior classes, (8 to 12 year olds), The Primary Planet is a children’s monthly newspaper style glossy magazine. It contains 40 pages of fresh, topical and up to date features each month.

What does The Primary Planet do?

The Purpose of The Primary Planet is to bring news, sport and entertainment to children in a language they understand and in a manner they can easily relate to. It also encourages children to read and write for a purpose, providing opportunities for them to contribute to the magazine and engage with our readers. Our website provides a publishing platform for all contributions, as well as a forum for opinion, further reading and multi-media extension.

What is in The Primary Planet?

 Children contribute by submitting book reviews, entering the monthly short story competition, writing reports and submitting school news. We also have some budding young journalists that write for The Primary Planet on a regular basis.

How much is The Primary Planet?

For schools, the basic cost is €2 per copy per month. Any orders below 25 incur the cost pf postage and packaging which totals €7.50 per month, while orders of 25+ recieve free postage and packaging. There are 10 issues (Sept – June) The Primary Planet is delivered to schools each month, and is also available in single home subscriptions. The standard price for 10 issues to be delivered to your door is €49.50 (Postage and Packaging included in this) 

How popular is The Primary Planet?

The Primary Planet (TPP) is three years old and already we are in over 650 primary schools across the country with just over 15,000 copies being produced each month.

The Primary Planet has been very well received as a literacy resource and is promoted as an excellent resource at the Literacy Workshops given to principals.

How does The Primary Planet work?

The Primary Planet works best as a Literacy Resource in class. It is curriculum linked throughout and many homework and classroom work opportunities exist throughout. A free teacher’s hand-out with extra resources comes with TPP each month. It also has a planner/grid which is broken down to –Strand, Strand Unit, Learning Objective and where the article is located in the magazine.

The Primary Planet can also of course be used like any other newspaper or magazine- simply take it out and read it at your leisure.

I don't have time to do what I'm supposed to, let alone anything else!

Don't worry - because we ourselves are teachers, we understand the time constraints - however, although TPP contains material that can easily be used in class, ultimately, it is a children's magazine. It can be read and reread in class, at home or even on the bus. Written specifically for children, the short, varied and interesting articles makes TPP perfect for multi-class and group teaching. The whole idea is that the children now have something they really enjoy reading! 

How do we get our hands on The Primary Planet?

You can subscribe online for home subscriptions. Alternatively, for school subscritions and bulk orders, please phone or email:

087 657 9415  
Email: padraig@theprimaryplanet.ie   

 087 983 3769
Email: gerry@theprimaryplanet.ie

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