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If you feel literacy and learning is something that your company values, and if you have a desire to help and give something back to the young people of Ireland, then you should consider coming on board with The Primary Planet. Our vision is to bring the world to our readers and offer them the opportunity to learn and to share, in a language that they can identify and connect with. The Primary Planet is Ireland's First Children's Newspaper and Website and we are breaking all moulds to offer something enjoyable and worthwhile to tomorrow's leaders. With your help, we can continue to provide what the children want and need and you can journey with us as we open up the world to young readers, in a safe and entertaining manner. This unique opportunity will give you the chance to engage with the young and be a real supporter of their needs. Afterall, today's readers, tomorrow's leaders!

Contact Padraig at for more information on the sponsorship packages available to you and your company.

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