Amelia by Siobhán Parkinson

9 April 2018

I am reviewing Amelia because it is the best book I’ve ever read. Initially, I didn’t find it appealing because it had an old-looking cover. However, don’t judge a book by its cover! This book reveals an amazing story about a girl called Amelia in the year 1914.

Amelia’s father owns a huge, successful business and her mother is a suffragette and believes in equal rights for women. She also lives with her grandmama and her brother, Edmund in Kenilworth Square. Amelia is good friends with the family’s house maid, Mary Ann.

When Amelia’s papa is suddenly made bankrupt, her life changes abruptly. The family has to move into a poky little house, and they lose all their valuables. Things go from bad to worse when Amelia’s mother is sent to prison for taking part in a protest.

Amelia meets some challenges when her brother gets sick and you’ll have to read the book to find out what happens next!

I can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel (No Peace for Amelia). I rate this book 10/10.

Reviewed by Lauren Franklin


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