Sadbh's Selection: Evie’s War

26 March 2020

Evie’s War, written by Holly Webb, is a book based on the real-life bombing of an English seaside town called Whitby, in 1914.

The book centres around Evie – a 12-year-old girl whose life gets turned upside down due to the onset of the first World War.

Her little 5-year-old brother, Aleckie, whom she had absolutely adores dies unexpectedly, leaving Evie shattered and lost. Her little sister, Kitty, doesn’t understand, her parents are broken hearted, and so Evie becomes reliant on her older brother David.

David is strong, loyal and independent, and Evie places all her trust in him. He acts as her guardian as her parents seem only to have eyes for Kitty, and aren’t capable of caring for Evie any more.

But, when the threat of war turns into reality, Evie notices a change in David. She is appalled when he tells her that he is going to war –  all of a sudden Evie is all alone again.

While David is on the battlefield, Evie struggles in a war of her own.

Evie’s War book took my breath away. Every page just got better and better. I was engrossed from start to finish and I really would encourage people to enter into Evie’s world.

This beautiful, powerful and poignant read is both heartbreaking and wonderfully uplifting. 

Bain sult as!

Sadbh Breathnach 

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