Sadbh's Selection

6 December 2019

Sadbh’s Selection!

Hi, there! I’m Sadbh, a 6th class pupil from Gaelscoil Adhamhnáin, in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. I’m also a self-confessed bookworm.
Each month, I will review a book that I’ve read and one I think you will love! As this is the first month, I’ve chosen a very special book. I hope you enjoy the review and, more importantly, the book!


Author: Jane Elson

Publisher: Hodder Childrens Books

Year: 2001

The American author Kodi Yamada once said ‘Follow your dreams. They know the way’. The theme of this month's book would certainly agree with him. 

How to Fly with Broken Wings is a book about 12-year-old Willem who is on a mission to fly. Unfortunately, he has many obstacles in his way – a boy named Finn and his gang bullying him relentlessly is one.

One day, however, it goes too far, and a member of the gang called Sasha decides to help and leaves Finn's gang. Sasha and Willem form an unlikely friendship and discover that they share  the same desire – the dream to fly!

How to Fly with Broken Wings gives a very detailed insight into the world as Willem sees it. Schedule and routine are rigid, and failure to adhere to his timetable can result in massive stress and unhappiness for him. Friendships for Willem have always been difficult to maintain, hence his newfound friendship with Sasha is a joy to read. 

We also meet a neighbour named Archie who tells magical tales of war-flying Spitfires that alter the lives of all the children on Beckham Estate – especially Willem's and Sasha's. Will they finally learn how to fly with broken wings?

I adored this book because of the poignant storyline, and I loved reading about the friendship between Willem and Sasha. I also admired the way Jane Elson (much like RJ Palacio in the book Wonder) explores the issue of children with additional needs. Readers will enjoy Willem and his idiosyncrasies!

I would recommend this book to all the bookworms out there. Bain sult! 


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