Sadbh's Selection

6 December 2019

Sadbh’s Selection!

Hi, there! I’m Sadbh, a 6th class pupil from Gaelscoil Adhamhnáin, in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. I’m also a self-confessed bookworm.
Each month, I will review a book that I’ve read and one I think you will love! As this is the first month, I’ve chosen a very special book. I hope you enjoy the review and, more importantly, the book!


Author: Michael Morpurgo

Publisher: HarperCollins

Year: 2006

On his horrible journey to Australia, Arthur meets Marty, a boy a few years older than him, and they became inseparable. 

They are sent to live (more like survive) on a working farm – an experience they will never forget. 

Here, they have to tolerate injustice and torture for a year … until they can’t take it any longer. They run away aimlessly into the barren landscape and scorching weather of Australia and are about to give up, when Auntie Meg spots them and takes them to her little house – a home invaded by animals of all kinds of species. 

Here, they live with their weird but wonderful Auntie Meg for seven years until they discover a talent for designing yachts.

Arthur and Marty work together. They are friends. They are brothers. They are inseparable.

Alone on a Wide, Wide Sea is narrated by Arthur and, 60 years later, his daughter Allie, on her voyage to find Arthur’s long-lost sister Kitty.

I adored this heart-warming book so much and I would 100% recommend it! 

It has a beautiful and poignant storyline and I loved every page. A book about family, love and determination – what more do you need? 


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