The Butterfly Club By Jacqueline Wilson

3 November 2018

Tina is looking forward to Year Three in school, but when she meets big bully Selma Johnson, she gets nervous and worried.

Tina is an amazingly smart girl who loves her sisters Phil and Maddie, who together make triplets. They always stick together until Miss Lovejoy separates them at school. Tina has to learn to ‘fly herself’ as you will find out when you read the book. She has to learn to cope with people she doesn’t like and, in so doing, finds her passion.

The Butterfly Club is an amazing book with lots of ups and downs, moments of happiness and sadness, tears and joy, love and hate. It is a phenomenal book and I highly recommend it. I rate it 10 stars no doubt and recommend it for people between the ages 9 and 12.

Reviewed by Hanna Woźnica, 6th class, Kilbarron NS, Co. Tipperary    


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