Wonder by R. J. Palacio

8 January 2016

Meet Auggie Pullman. A boy who was born to stand out. 

Auggie has a severe craniofacial difference- this means he had difficulties eating, drinking and even breathing when he was a baby. His head would tilt back for no reason and he wouldn’t be able to lift it back up again. After a number of surgeries, he is now okay, but his face is very different.

This book shows how other characters treat Auggie. Some people bully him and make fun of him, others try to be nice and two actually hang out with him. The book also shows Auggie’s experience in primary school (or middle school as they say in America).

This book is amazing and emotional. I would give this book 11/10 if I could. It’s ‘cool beans’.

Reviewed by Grace McNally, 11, 5th class, Fahy NS, Co. Mayo.  

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