December's Christmas Poems

My Christmas Poem

I woke up on Christmas morning and saw Santa writing a poem.

Then I saw he was alone

Santa said “what are you doing up at this time of night”?

 I replied “I got a fright”

Santa said “now you go to bed

I thought I got hit on the head

 Ben Wyer, 4th Class, Rahugh NS                 


My Christmas poem

Christmas is a happy time

Holy bells at twelve o’clock will always chime

Rudolph guiding the sleigh at night

I hope he gives nobody a fright

Santa coming down the chimney with a thud

The little elf will help called Bud

Mistletoe hanging in different places

Are there anymore naughty cases

Santa will surely come on Christmas eve.

 Alannah Quinn 5th class Rahugh NS


Santa's Night

T’was Christmas Eve

I was having fun with my brother Reev.

 There was a loud Thump

Reev was so scared he jumped

He ran up stairs

I put on a couple of lairs

I looked up on the roof

And there it was the proof

A man with bright coat sparkling red

His eyes would make you go to bed

The sleigh with presents full to the brim

On the sleigh a bright gold rim

Reindeers standing tall and proud

This site would stun a crowd

I heard him shout “Hurry to bed young one”

“I’m delivering presents for you to have fun”

I was really excited when I woke up

And there it was my brand new pup !

 Kai Harte-Beer, 6th Class, Rahugh N.S.


Christmas is Coming

Christmas, Christmas is on its way, people rushing to and fro.

Lots of presents still to get and I’m under such a sweat.

Later that night when I was tucked up in bed I heard a strange noise overhead.

I looked out my window and all I could see was Santa and Rudolph staring at me.

Oh happy Christmas I said with glee, 

Said merry Christmas and I said yipee

 Jason Fitzgerald 6th class, Scoil Aodha Naofa, Rahugh 


My Christmas Poem

Christmas comes once a year

There is something outside

OH!  What can you hear?

It`s Santa it`s Rudolph. We said with glee.

When we looked Christmas morning there was presents under the tree

 Christopher Daly, 5th Class, Rahugh NS.



C: Caroling with friends and family.

H: Hope we all have a great Christmas.

R: Rudolf flying over houses.

I: Icicles hanging on the walls.

S: Stocking waiting for santa to come.

T: The toys under the Christmas tree.

M: Merry Christmas.

A: A perfect Christmas.

S: Stockings now full of love and joy.

Chloe O’Sullivan, 3rd class, Rahugh NS.


A nice Christmas

C: Candy canes are hanging on the Christmas tree.

H: Ho! Ho! Ho! Goes Santa when im sitting on his knee.

R: Rudolf has four magical flying hooves.

I: Icicles are clinging to all the roofs.

S: Stockings are pinned to the walls of the fireplaces.

T: Turkey,veg and lots of gravy, Ready to be eaten by me.

M: Mmm! That Christmas dinner was very yummy.

A: Apple pie with custard and cream.

S: Sleepy children go to bed, about to have a nice dream.

Chanel Murphy, 6th class, Rahugh N.S



Christmas, Christmas happy and jolly

People coming with some holly,

People dreaming of lots of wishes

When we looked at the sink it was full of dishes

Santa flying through the sky I don’t know how he can fly so high

Children hoping to get some really cool presents

Parents cooking , burning and toasting the big ,small ,fat and thin turkeys.

Ava Flanagan 3rd class Rahugh.N.S



C-for candy canes on the Christmas tree,

H-for holidays that you spend with your family.

R-for Rudoph with his nose glowing bright,

I-for icicles freezing on Christmas night.

S-for snow that covers all the houses white,

T-for a cup of tea that you drink on that evening.

M-for mass that you go to on Christmas Eve,

A-for antlers on the raindeer.

S- for Santa Claus saying HO HO HO.

Cormac Monaghan 5th class, Rahugh N.S.



C-candy canes  hanging from the tree

H-holly hanging overhead

R-Rudolph flying joy and glee

I-icicles hanging from my bed

S-Santa coming down the chimney

T-tired as can be

M-Mrs. Claus making food so the elves will be fed

A-after tonight they can all have a rest but please don’t forget

S-Santa is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Dean Murphy 4th class Rahugh N.S.


 The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Smell of the turkey fresh out of the oven.

Eating too many sweets till you feel sick.

New toys,

From Santa

For boys

and girls too

They will be the best fun until next year you get something new!

But the most wonderful part of Christmas is not new things just for you!

Oh no its about the giving

that gives you the best feeling.

To put a smile on someone elses face,

Does'nt that make you feel great.

But now as Christmas is coming its time for some fun and cheer!


Shannon Buttimer, Togher National School, Dunmanway, Co.Cork.



The sky is dark,

The ground is white,

The world is peace full,

On this wintery night,

Singing in the distance,

Excitement everywhere,

I can feel Christmas, 

Floating in the air,

Santa clause is on his way,

With presents for the world,

Flying in his bright red sleigh,

To all the boys and girls,

A very merry Christmas,

To you and all your friends,

May your new year be wonderful,

And may the happy times not end.

 Aine Rooney and Katie Gibney, 6th class, Kilskyre N.S., Kells, Co Meath



Great if your sister is not superstitious

ah delicious Christmas scents

dad after sprouts gone to the gents

the Christmas tree smells like black tea

oh oh dads cooking the turkey I am so thirsty

I am very quirky my sister wants makeup

oh I want an inflated minion

well I guess everyone has their own opinion

Caroline Nally


Christmas Excitement

In the sitting room on Christmas Eve,

Putting presents under the tree,

All wrapped up with paper ‘n’ bow,

I just can’t wait to play in the snow,

All the children are off to bed,

Just imagining what they will get,

With all the presents they are wondering what they to do,


 Ella Breen, 6th class, St. Brendan’s N.S., Co. Kerry.



Everyone loves Christmas day,

As people watch the decorative display, 

A lovely Christmas dinner,

You would forget that it's a cold winter,

When you put the star on the tree,

It let's your imagination run free,

When the presents arrive,

You get that magical feeling nobody can describe,

When you open your Christmas letter,

It makes everything feel so much better!

By Ciara Garry, 6th class, Kilskyre N.S, Kells, Co. Meath. 


From 6th Class, Scoil Mhuire, Belcruit, Kincasslagh, Co, Donegal


Christmas Cheer

Christmas day is nearly here,

Can you feel the festive cheer?

If you listen really well………

You might hear Rudolph’s bell

Aoibhe Boyle



Christmas Happiness

Standing right in front of me,

Is a dazzling beautiful Christmas tree.

Christmas stockings hung by the fire,

Christmas spirit doesn’t expire.

Christmas decorations hung brightly,

In lots of locations.

Santa spreads Christmas cheer,

We wait for him all through the year.

Mistletoe hung far and near,

That spreads a kiss once a year.

On Christmas morn,

Baby Jesus is born.

Going to mass with all the family,

Is pure class.

Lexie Ogelsby Grogan



Christmas Spirit

I love Christmas and not just because of the tree

I love the baby Jesus and all he means to me.

I love the Christmas lights in the stars and in my house

I love making cookies and the smell of Christmas spice.

I love wrapping presents and putting them under the tree

I love opening gifts that people bought for me.

I love Father Christmas, when he comes to call

I love all my presents he’s the coolest of them all.

Orla McCready




Christmas is my favourite time of year,

Especially when Santa comes along with the reindeer.

With a bag full of toys on his back

We can’t wait to see what’s in his sack,

We wake up in the morning full of the joys

And what do you know, we got our toys.

Jamie McCready



Its Christmas

It’s snowing outside,

I’m going for a ride.

Hop on the sleigh

It’s the best time of the year to play

Now it’s time for a snowball fight,

After it’s Hot Chocolate what a delight.

You see snowmen from far and near,

After all it’s that time of year.

Hopped into bed,

Waiting for the man dressed in red.

Holly Doherty


My Twelve Days of Christmas!

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me ;

Twelve tartan scarves,

Eleven robin red-breasts,

Ten boughs of holly,

Nine silver boxes,

Eight candles burning,

Seven silver snow globes,

Six audi cars,

Five Christmas trees,

Four snowy days,

Three pairs of gloves,

Two santy hats,

And a mansion with a gold key !!!!


Caoimhe Sheerin, 5th Class, Scoil Bhride, Croghan, Co. Offaly


Christmas Time

Christmas Time is here

Let's cheer

I hope their is no mist

get ready your wish list

Santa has lots of Raindeer

Christmas time comes once a year

He brings us lots of sweets & toys

For all us girls and boys.

Bláthnaid Sheerin,  3rd Class, Scoil Bhride, Croghan, Co. Offaly



Dear Santa, to be honest I’m not impressed

I thought this Christmas would be the best

Instead you have just let me down

Now I’m crying and I have a frown

I asked for a Barbie doll house

Instead I just got a wind-up mouse

Where is my book about Justin Biebs?

Cos I just got some handkerchiefs

Where is my Mrs. Potato Head?

You just brought covers for my bed

I want my book by Miranda Sings

And I really don’t like the plastic rings

In my stocking you gave me wool

And the stocking wasn’t even full!!

This year’s Christmas has not been a success

So next year you know you have to impress.

Caitriona Soares, 5th Class, St. Anne’s NS, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon. 



One Christmas eve I could not sleep it was Christmas it was just 9:30pm I will set my alarm to 12:00 am and I did not sleep at all at beep beep it is 12 I need to get Santa cookie and milk and the carrot for the reindeer and I open the door of the sitting room and I saw Santa ho ho he said have you been a good yes I have I said oh are these for me yes Santa they are ho ho ho merry Christmas now go to bed and open your thing in the morning but I want to see the reindeer ok but one look ok wow a reindeer that flys oh no go to go bye diary 7:00 am

Jaden Efegbare, St. Brendans N.S, Blennerville, Co. Kerry



Is it that time of year again

When Jesus was born in Bethlehem,

Go to bed Christmas Eve

Children just waiting to receive,

Lots of gifts,sacks full of toys

Santa comes to all the girls and boys,

Playing,playing all day long

Wait till night and sing a song,

Everyone's tired from the busy day

I love Christmas hooray,hooray,hooray

Siofra Bohan, 5th class, St. Lassara's NS, Ballinacarrow, Co.Sligo.


Christmas Fun

Christmas is when family's get together,

Christmas comes with all different weather,

Wind,snow,rain or even a storm,

But inside with the fire,it's lovely and warm.

Christmas tree up and all the lights on,

And in the background plays a Christmas song.

Children up early to open their treats,

Christmas again in 52 weeks! 

That means more fun for everyone!!!

Katie Mccaul, Kilskyre N.S. 


Christmas Is Almost Here

Everyone's favourite time of the year 

Which is why you hear everyone cheer

We start on the advent week

And a few people let out a squeak.

The Christmas trees put up

But if you've been bad

Your going to be sad

As you won't see anything under it on December 25th.

December 24th when people want to stay awake 

Just to see if that chubby guy goes over your gate

Down the chimney he goes

Just as light as snow.

Now we have gotten to December 25th 

That day when you wake up early 

Just to see what that guy has made you

Or has he given you anything!?

Open up your presents 

See what's there

Barbie dolls, race cars everything to share!! 

Merry Christmas everyone!

And a happy new year.

 Rosa Tighe, 6th class, Gaelscoil Liatroma, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co.Leitrim



I hear the pitter and pattering of a reindeer,

I try to look out the window but it's not really clear,

I run downstairs to see at the door...

hundreds of presents down on the floor!!!

Michaela Casey and Ciara Towey, 4th class, Moylough N.S, Tubbercurry, Co.Sligo.


Christmas Time

It's that time of year,

When Christmas is near,

Berries on the holly,

Everyone is so jolly.

The snow begins to fall,

Every drop is so small,

When children cheer,

No sight of a tear.

Santa Claus is coming,

Many people are humming,

Presents on their way,

Having arrived on Christmas Day

Fiona Gallagher, Balla National School, 6th class, Co. Mayo


Christmas Night

The sky is dark,

The ground is white,

The world is peaceful,

On this wintery night,

Carols in the distance,

Laughter everywhere,

I can smell Christmas, 

Floating in the air.

Santa Claus is on his way,

With present for the world,

Flying in his bright red sleigh,

To all the girls and boys

A very merry Christmas 

To your family my friend

May your new year bring happiness 

And may the joyful times not end

Aine Rooney and Katie Gibney, 6th class, Kilskyre N.S, Kells, C.o Meath.


Poems from 3rd and 4th Ballygiblin NS, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork

The Magic of Christmas!

I love Christmas,

The happiness is great!

In and out of lots of shops,

Shopping’s fun when late!

I love Christmas,

The lights blow me away!

I’d be really happy if Christmas was every day!

I love Christmas,

Yet bedtime’s a disgrace!

I toss and turn all so excite,

Until I reach dream place!

I wake up next morning,

The food left out is gone!

But loads of presents are left,

So boring days are gone!

Patsy Culleton, 4th Class


Ho! Ho! Ho!

Coming down the chimney,

Making lots of noise!

Granting all the children,

Lots and lots of toys!

If you are very bold,

You will get lots of coal,

And if you are brilliant,

Lots of toys will be granted!

Fionn Hanrahan, 4th Class,


Big Santa Claus!

Santa Claus is big and fat, once he even fell over a cat.

He startled me in my room,

So I just hit him with a broom.

Everybody does enjoy him,

But to be honest he is the opposite of slim!

His beard is very, very white!

When kids get their presents they scream with delight!

This is my poem I hope you like it,

If you don’t I’ll throw you in the pit!

Oisín Hanrahan, 4th Class,


Christmas Heroes and Villians Unite in Peace

Heroes and Villians fight all year long,

They smack one another like ping-pong.

At Christmas Batman and joker,

Go to each other’s house and play poker!

When they are there they just have a laugh,

But they go a placae with no stuff

They don’t act on their frustration,

They just enjoy the long vacation!

After that they start again,

And start being enemies again!

Oisín Hanrahan, 4th Class


Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is so exciting!

Inside the house the fire’s lighting,

Tomorrow’s Christmas Day, Whoo-hoo!

I hope this day passes soon!

Drinking a nice mug of hot chocolate,

Then a walk that might last ‘til late.

A scarf, a coat and more winter clothes,

I’m having such fun the day just goes.

In the evening I leave out some food,

For Santa and reindeer in a hungry mood!

I open one present before going to bed,

I just cannot sleep, Christmas is stuck in my head.

I wake up next morning and what do I see,

A load of presents in front of me!

Patsy Culleton, 4th Class,


Santa Coming

Santa comes once again,

Presents, presents! Hip hip horray!

Cousin’s and relation’s come again.

I’m really excited for this!

Christmas, my sister, my Dad, my Mom and my brother are all preparing.

Christmas is here!

Katie Reidy Price, 4th Class



Christmas time

Santa’s in his Santa room,

drinking hot chocolate and

eating his chocolate-chip

cookies and the day came

when elves are rushing around

the workshop

with their tiny elf shoes and

Santa’s stepping on their shoes

And one elf

 is preparing

the reindeer.

Oh! Look! There Santa goes!

Aoibhe O’Brien, 4th Class


Christmas Chaos

Santa Claus is getting ready,

The elves are keeping Rudolph steady.

Christmas presents being made,

Take-off tracks being laid!

Look up there away he goes,

We all cheer as he Ho-Ho-Ho’s.

What’s he doing? He’s turning back!

It’s because he’s forgot his sack!

Off he goes through the sky,

Oh he’s fallen, why would he try,

to do a loop?

Oh he’s hurt! What will we do?

Fionn Hanrahan, 4th Class


Christmas Remember

It’s Christmas, Christmas!

It’s a lot of fun,

But the most important thing

Is the Birthday of the Son of God!

Rory Kearney, 4th Class


Christmas Excitement

Everyone is excited in the house

Even the little door mouse

Everyone is on the run

To try and get their shopping done

Milk, cookies, all the holiday cheer

And a few carrots for “his” reindeer

The tree is up,

I wonder will I get that little pup?

I wonder what is my surprise present

Oh Santa is very pleasant

The stockings are hung with the perfect touch

Oh I love Christmas so much

Chloe Savage & Bronagh Cooney, 5th Class, Kilskyre N.S. Kells, Co. Meath.



I love when it's snowing

And people are throwing,

Lots of snowballs

I love all the L.O.Ls and jolly

I love presents from Santa Clause

 And the big pause,

When you open your presents

I love the carols singing talents

That is the reason

Why Christmas is my favourite season

Iarla Moran,S.N.Padraig, Clonbur, Co.Galway.


Christmas Morning

open your eyes get out of bed

put your slippers on come on now ted

creep down the hall as quiet as you can

we don't want to wake our old man

pull down the handle of the kitchen door 

'im really tiny its such a chore

stick my head around the corner and there before my eyes 

are oodles of pressies 

and wonderful toys.

kathleen kenny, marshalstown NS,  Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. 



Christmas is here oh the joys

Lots of toys for the girls and boys

Santa is coming from the North Pole

We are hoping our stockings aren’t full of coal.

Everybody’s smiling with glee

When they decorate the Christmas tree

Santa was very merry

Rudolphs nose is as red as a cherry

Outside its snowing

And snowballs are throwing

The clock strikes midnight

Hip hip hooray it’s Christmas day

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Cora O Brien and Grainne Tunney, 5th Class, Kilskyre NS, Kells, Co. Meath


Wild Santa

I heard a big bang on Christmas Eve night
I really wondered was it a thief.
I ran to the door and opened it wide
Who was it only santa gone wild
He danced round the hall singing loud and tall
He ran up the stairs and jumped to the roof
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night he shouted when he went out of sight.

Amy Gilgunn, St. Michael's N.S, Glenfarne, Co. Leitrim.



Christmas is here

And all of the reindeer

Are coming out again.

They’ll run around,

Not making a sound,

Until their journey ends.

When they leave

On Christmas Eve,

They will certainly be missed.

For Mrs Claus,

She stays in pause

Until Santa completes his list.

Santa arrives at his first house,

He comes down the chimney as quiet as a mouse.

He looks at the table,

Picks up some milk,

Opens his bag made out of silk

And takes out a present with a bright, shiny label.

Santa had an eventful night,

His reindeer and he will prepare for flight.

Back to the North Pole they will go,

As Mrs Claus awaits

For Santa and his furry mates.

Santa greets her with a merry ho, ho!

Ellie Somers, St. Michael's NS, Glenfarne, Co. Leitrim.


The Santa Clause

My friends say he's fat
But he's really just chubby
He goes with his sack
Off with Dobby

His name is Santa
He is the best
He gives you toys
And all the rest

He might give you coal
It's only if your naughty
He will give you a present
From the North Pole

Aoife mc Donnell, 4th Class, Killyon NS, Co. Meath.



It's Christmas Eve today, 

I can't wait to open my presents and play,

Granny made a lovely cake,

I'm not supposed to be awake. 


Aunt Polly is giving me a dolly, 

because she hid it in the holly,

Santa's snack is all set, 

Is he here yet?

What if he won't come?, 

Is it because I called Tim dumb?,

What if he can't read my letter?,

I know I should write better.

I hear a thump, I here a bang,

I hear bells cling and clang,

Santa's here this year, 

With eight reindeer.

He starts muttering to himself, 

I think he's stuck, will I help?,

Oh no it's morning and Santa's asleep snoring.

Mum and Dad phoned the crane crew,

Sorry but your presents will have to wait a week or two.

Anna Curran, Kilskyre National School, Kells, Co. Meath. 


Christmas Eve

On this very night,

When we are tucked into bed,

And fast asleep,

Santa will come,

I do believe.

He will fill our stockings full of toys,

And under the tree you will find,

Everything you wished for.

I wonder how he knows all this?

Maybe, just maybe, it's his magic!! 

 Leah Faughnan, Annaduff N.S. Co. Leitrim


Christmas Time 

The smell of the Christmas dinner cooking,

And everyone has stopped working.

Children playing in the snow,

making snow angels all in a row.

Family coming to the door,

playing games on the floor.

Time for lights

And snowball fights.

Everyone enjoys this time year,

It is a time for us to care.

Love and laughter everywhere.

Christmas is here!

 Aileen Diffley, Annaduff N.S. Co. Leitrim


Christmas Joy 

Snow is falling.

Soon Santa will be calling.

I hope that he visits me

And leaves presents,

Under the Christmas tree.

I hope he says goodbye,

Before he drinks the milk,

And eats the pie.

Then I could watch him and Rudolf,

Fly into the sky.

I woke up last Christmas morning,

And as I was yawning,

I couldn't believe what I did see,

Santa had called and left presents,

Under the Christmas tree for me!

 Rachel Morrison , Annaduff N.S. Co. Leitrim 


Sparkling Snowflakes 

Snowflakes are white and bright

And sparkle through the night

Full of delight.

I wonder if they fight 

And make sparks through the night 

Drifting from the sky

Piling up high 

By Josh Gill, Annaduff N.S. Co. Leitrim


Christmas Day

The bells jingle for Christmas,

All the children awaken to find presents that Santa has left,

White snow falls around the place,

Children throw snow in each others faces.

Children play outside,

Adults chatting inside.

One blink and it's nightfall.

Tomorrow the snow will be gone.

Melting snowmen on the ground.

What an extraordinary sound.

 Kirsten McKiver, Annaduff N.S. Co. Leitrim 


It's Christmas Time

It's Christmas time,

The season's fine,

My favourite time of year.

Children dreaming through the night,

Of seeing Santa in full flight.

People knocking on your door,

To entertain you more and more.

Singing lots of Christmas songs,

Staying up all night long.

Families sit down together,

Wishing it could be like this forever.

By Caoimhe Mooney, Annaduff N.S. Co. Leitrim 



Today we have put up our Christmas Tree,

My lights shine with a glee,

Every child would like toys,

Whether their a girl or boy,

Snow is falling everyday,

Christmas is important in a very big way,

Pulling crackers at the table,

Remember Jesus was born in a stable,

When Christmas is over, we may be sad,

Maybe even kinda GLAD!!!!!!!!!!

Ben Lynch, Kilskyre N.S: 



Liam Gregan, St Finian's National School, Killyon, Co. Meath

I saw Santa sitting on the stairs,

I gave him a hug with all my teddy bears.

He told me he was sad he had forgotten my I-pad,

I told him not to worry and don't feel bad,

next year will do so don't feel sad.

Great said Santa with a smile and a grin,

thanks for understanding your such a great kid.

Liam Gregan, St Finian's National School, Killyon, Co. Meath


Christmas Joy

Christmas joy every where

Happy children all around

Rudolph with his red nose

Igloo's made of ice

Snowmen being built

Turkey for Christmas dinner

Mistle toe where you kiss

A lot of presents on Christmas day

Santa Claus squeezing down chimneys

Michael Doody, 6th class, St Brendans NS, Blennerville, Tralee, Co Kerry


Christmas Eve

I run downstairs, excited as can be,

I take a look under the Christmas tree.

I realise it’s 6 AM,

If Mam came down there’d be mayhem’

I’m disappointed as can be,

When I realise there’s nothing here for me.

The snow was pelting down fast,

When I saw a sleigh go past.

I hear a whimper behind the tree,

And lying there was a present for me.

I bent down and picked it up,

I realised it was a little pup.

I cuddled it and squeezed it tight,

Then I got the biggest fright.

Two legs came down from the chimney,

And Santa said “ it’s only me!”

After a chat he went up to the snow,

“Merry Christmas, and ho, ho, ho!”

Lisa Kirby, 4th Class, Scoil Tighearnach Naofa, Co.Laois.


Christmas is Near

Christmas is near

Santa will soon be here

The Town Christmas lights will be on

 We will all be singing Christmas songs

The Late Late toy Show will be in Late November

To see the toys we want in December

Enjoy Christmas every one

Thank you for reading my poem

Abbie, 5th Class, Gaelscoil an Eiscir Riada, Offaly.





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