October's Halloween Poetry Corner

Below is a selection of poems from TPP readers all over the country. Sit back, turn off the lights and enjoy! Oh ya, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 


I've been waiting all year for this night to come round
These creepy and scary so terrible sounds .
The house is so spooky you'd get a terrible fright
The people inside such a terrible sight.
Knock on the door, Oh do come in
You're very welcome to come in.
But before you come in we must warn you
There might be some things that will disturb you .
Goo on the walls and ghosts everywhere
You're brave to come in if I were you I'd be very scared.
Flickering lights and bats everywhere.
We wish you good luck in that terrible scare.

Amy Gilgunn, St. Michael's N.S. Glenfarne, Co.Leitrim

Haunted House

Haunted house,

Am I afraid to go in?

Lanterns flying around

Lightning flashing in the air

Ogres everywhere

Werewolves howling

Eyeballs on the floor

Evil witches lurking around

Nightmares I’m going to have tonight.

By TJ Heaphy, 6th class, Blennerville, Tralee, Co.Kerry


Hallowe’en is lots of fun,

There are treats for everyone.

Children are going to trick-or-treat,

Hoping to find something to eat.

I hope I get a chocolate bun.

By Emma Conaghan, 5th class, Scoil Phadraig, Drumkeen, Co. Donegal


Hallowe’en Night.

Halloween night, witches are a-flight,

Scaring, screaming, trick or treating,

Shadows on the walls, bats in the halls,

Ghosts in your bed, flying round your head,

Witches laughing, broomsticks snapping,

On Hallowe’en night, on Halloween night.

By Rhianna Woods, 4th class, St. Hugh's N.S, Cornagee, Dowra, Co.Leitrim


Hallowe’en comes once a year,

And now at last it’s finally here!

I can play games with my friends

Or watch fireworks, it depends.

I can travel my neighbourhood

And trick or treat

Then stuff my face with lots sweets.

Pumpkin lanterns full of light
Brightening up the darkening light

Spooks and demons, ghosts galore

Coming tonight, to knock on your door.

Cobwebs and masks, spider and bats

Long hooked noses and pointy hats.

Witches and wizards out in the street

Knock on your door for trick or treat.

When the moon is high and the day is done

Open your door and have some fun!!

By Danny Greaney, 6th class, Blennerville NS, Tralee, Co. Kerry.

A Hallowe’en Sonnet

Shall I compare thee to a Hallowe’en night?

You are more creepy and more chilling.

You don’t only use one day to give me a fright

The fear in your face and eyes is thrilling.


Kids dressed up with bags full of sweets

Witches, vampires, ghosts and ghouls,

These are some of the creatures that rule the streets

Creeping around making up their own rules.


Children queue up for something nice

And adults prepare to stay out all night

Jellies, crisps and chocolate mice

All these goodies eaten at first sight.


So long as men can breathe and eyes have seen

So long lives this night and this night is Hallowe’en.

By Muireann Coughlan, Ballintotis National School, Castlemartyr, Co.Cork



Blood curdling screams,

At Hallowe’en,

Witches cackling,

Gets your bones rattling,

At the haunted house,

With a squeaking mouse,

The slamming doors,

Make creaky floors,

The vampire bats,

Feast on vicious rats,

Hallowe’en makes my heart beat,

When I hear stomping feet!

By Aine Rooney and Katie Gibney, 6th Class, Kilskyre NS, Kells, Co. Meath



On Hallowe’en night

I got a big fright,

Zombies, werewolves and vampires everywhere,

Then a cloud of bats got tangled in my hair,

I decided to run back towards my house,

But then got cornered by a giant mouse,

Two seconds later I woke up hot and sweaty in my bed,

I was glad that dream was all in my head!

By Caoimhe Sheerin, 5th Class, Scoil Bhride, Croghan, Co. Offaly.



Hallowe’en, Hallowe’en

Isn’t it fun?

Ghouls and ghosts and all the rest

Scaring everyone.


Putting on our homemade costumes

Fangs and scary masks

Zooming by on our broomsticks

As we rise up to do our daring tasks.


Sweets and treats

And gummy bears

We fill our bags with lots to share.


Hallowe’en, Hallowe’en

I think we’d better go

The real spirits are coming now

So we all shout, ‘Oh No!’

On Hallowe’en night

We usually all have such great fun

But I think that now is different

For now we have to run!

By Cara O'Brien, Ballintotis National School, East Cork.


Halloween goblins, ghosts and vampires,
The time when witches have their bonfires,
Down the streets they will creep,
At night while you're asleep, 
Take it from me and take my advice,
When the goblins get you, you don't have a choice, 
Your life is probably through,
Don't blame me, I warned you.

Goblins come out once a year,

By Ella Breen  

S Is for Skittles 
W Is for Wine gums 
E Is for Eclairs
E is for Extra chewing gum
T Is for Toblerone 
S is for Smarties
That is what you 
Will find in my 
Trick or treats

By Emma McNeill




Halloween is a scary time,

Goblets overflowing with witches slime,

Have fun but also be wary,

As the night goes on, the darkness is scary,

As the dead walk the earth for one last time.

By Ethan Walker, 5th class, St.Patricks NS, Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim


My Hallowe’en Alphabet


All around my neighbourhood,

Because it’s Hallowe’en,

Come eerie sounds from the nearby woods.

Danger looms I think I’ll scream.

Everyone hide.

For at this time of year,

Ghosts and witches

Have come out I fear.

I tremble in my bed

Jack O’ Lanterns light in every window,

Keep the zombies from the door,

Late at night I hug my pillow.

Mommy’s entering my room,

No one to save me.

Oh no, I scream,

Pumpkins have come alive

Quick, get away.

Run out the door,

Scream for your life.

Too late, I jump up

Unbelievable terror.

Vampires enter from every corner.

Wait a minute, it’s only Mam!

XXX – big kisses take away the dreams

Yawn! A sigh of relief and back to sleep for me


By Bláthnaid Regan, Scoil Tighearnach, Cullohil, Co. Laois.


Poems from Belcruit NS,  Kincasslagh, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.

A Halloween Tale.

Skeleton, spiders and barnbrack too,

Lots of fun for me and you.

Witches and their cats,

And flying bats.

Oh yes I got the ring,

From the barnbrack,

So watch out for the Halloween craic.

By Jamie McCready, 6th Class.

My Least Favourite Time of The Year.

Halloween my least favourite time of the year,

When ghosts, ghouls and goblins rule.

I can’t even get to sleep

Strange things do be lurking under my bed

Witch’s cackles and scary black cats rule the garden shed

I can’t wait until it’s over and I can sleep once again.

By Owen Gallagher, 6th Class.

A Spooky Night.

Did you ever catch a glimpse of the spooky ghost flying down the streets spooking people

Or the evil witch on her broomstick with a black cat on the back and a big wart on her nose

Or did you ever hear those old people telling ghost stories in the side of the street

Or did you ever see the trick or treater running down the road behind their spooky costumes.

By Fionn Doherty, 4th Class

Someone’s Out to Get Me.

The witches are in the air

You see them everywhere

There’s skeletons in the grave

I’m trying to be brave.

The kids are trick or treating

around the neighbourhood

They sing and dance at every door

All trying to be good

As the night wears on

They hurry home to bed

Before it gets too spooky

Inside the house is best

So come out ghosts and ghouls

Scare me if you dare

But you won’t recognise me

I’ll have different coloured hair.

By Orla McCready, 6th Class.

The Funny Nightmare.

One night,

I saw a witch

Who itched

I saw a funny bunny

Who was very very funny

It was a very very sunny.

I saw a cat

Who played with a bat

Who had a funny hat.

By Rhianna McCready, 3rd Class.

Halloween Night.

There’s a monster over there,

And a spider in my hair.

The full moon is out,

I can hear cackles, screams and shouts.

Blood on the ground,

Pumpkins all around.

Witches and monsters

Giving you a fright,

Wishing you all a nasty night.

By Aoibhe Boyle, 6th Class.

Halloween Poem.

While picking my Halloween costume,

It was a hard thing to do,

I wanted something crazy

That was gonna scare you.


I was gonna pick a ghoul,

Or a zombie girl at school

But the scariest of all,

Was probably the creepy doll.


I finally decided,

After a long day of looking

I just had to go with the doll

Because I find it quite spooking.


When I was on the mummers

In my neighbourhood

Everyone kept saying

Your costume’s really good.

By Holly Doherty, 6th Class.

It’s Halloween.

It’s Halloween, It’s Halloween

The moon is full and bright

And we shall see what we

Can’t be seen on any other night.


Skeletons, ghosts and ghouls,

Grinning goblins fighting duels.


Werewolves rising from the woods

Witches on their magic brooms

All because of Halloween.

By Ellie Boyle, 3rd Class.

The Pumpkin

I wish I was a pumpkin,

Upon this Halloween,

So somebody could carve me,

And then I would be seen.


I sit upon the table top,

For everyone to see,

Watching all the party games

Going on all around me.


Out in the eerie night,

I get a big spooky fright,

Out the window I see,

A witch flying past a tree.


Ghouls and goblins everywhere,

Out to give everyone a big scare,

I think I’ll move behind a stool,

Just in case I see a ghoul.

By Lexie Oglesby Grogan, 6th Class

Dreadful Night.

It was Halloween night

I got a big fright.


When I saw a fire in the woods

I ran there as quick as I could.


I saw a witch casting a spell

I turned around a zombie was there.

I ran.

By Tristan Boyle, 4th Class.

Halloween Night.

Halloween is coming tonight

And you will get a fright


Maybe it was just me

But all the bats are free


Witches cackle with no scare

I’m completely filled with fear

Then I hear in my ear


The monsters of the night.

The kids go trick or treating

While people are defeating

The night that’s full of fright and evil.

By Erin Gallagher, 4th Class.

Halloween Nightmare.

A dark night at the haunted house

There was a big black bats

And creepy cats

There were ghosts and goblins

And mummies running

Around the garden shed

The witches stirred their cauldrons

Adding bones and skulls

And spiders legs

Trick or treat

The children cried

Waiting for some candy sweets


Lighted the night

With his pumpkin bright.

They danced all night

In the evening light

To the music of the Halloween night.

By Ella McBride, 3rd Class.


Witches and Pumpkins.

The pumpkins are getting bigger

The witches are all together


Screaming, laughing, trick or treating

The children are all meeting.


The black cat arched his back

When he seen a tall man dressed in black.


Now the witches up high in the air

Everywhere I go laughing at me dressed like a bear.


The bats are flying at my face

I’m trying to get to a safe place.

By Sara McDermott, 5th Class.

Halloween Poem.

H-Houses will be haunted.

A-And everyone will be

L-Laughing and screaming

L-Looking back to see

O-Oh all the scary witches

W-Whooshing through the air

E-Everyone so scary

E-Everyone so mean

N-Never ever leave your home on Halloween.

By Eve Doherty, 4th Class.

Scary Night.

Halloween is such fun

People dressed up in fancy costumes

Trick or treating in the streets

Telling them to give us sweets.


Over the hill

At the haunted house

The ghosts are hovering in the house.


In the graveyards zombies come alive

They are coming to the streets

Eating peoples brains


So watch out protect yourself

Grab a stick or even an axe.

By Seamus Doherty, 6th Class

Ghostly Night.

Halloween is fun

Everybody run

From ghouls, ghosts

And everything that says boo

How are you?

When I am running

Down the hallway

Seeing nothing but ghosts, goblins

And pitch black darkness

I fall and trip

The End.

By Owen Doherty, 6th Class.

Halloween Poem.

Halloween is the spookiest time of year,

It is when we put on our scary gear

And it is also full of fear.


We like to go and trick or treat

And get something nice to eat


Halloween is my favourite time of year,

It makes me want to shout out and cheer.

By Zach Doogan, 5th Class.

A Frightful Night.

Howling ghosts take to the wind

After dark, where shadows send

People rushing to their beds

Pillows there to hide their heads

Yesterday, no more a friend.


Haunted images surround

Autumns glory, all around

Leaves are tossed, no one knows why

Laughter fills the night time sky

Only children find their way

Where witches and goblins go to play

Eerie voices lead to where

Echoes taunt the souls who dare

Need a true, good natured scare.

By Katie Ward, 6th Class


Halloween is Here.

Halloween is here

Out in the streets

There are ghosts and sweets

But beware, there are monsters everywhere

That will take your treats

Scary black cats and witches in hats

Zombies from the dead will cut off your head

Run back home and get into bed.

By Dylan Doherty, 3rd Class.

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