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The Paragraph Project #2

The Paragraph Project #1

October 2017 Short Story Selection

May Short Story

This month's short story theme is: I laughed uncontrollably. This was the funniest thing I had ever seen!

March 2017 Short Stories Winners

This month's short story theme is: Their invention was crazy. But sometimes crazy can be good, right?

February 2017 Short Stories Winners

We asked our young authors to create a short story using the words WORLD, BOOK, and DAY.

January 2017 Short Stories Winners

January theme: Fear can paralyse you, but overcoming it can truly set you free.

December 2016 Short Stories

November Short Stories

October Short Story Winners

Prize-winning stories by young authors.

Helena's Writing Corner: Christmas Stories by TPP Readers

The Writing Corner - Awesome February Stories

The Leprechaun

The Best Day Ever! By Sheanna Moriarty

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