December 2016 Short Stories

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School Assignment

Mrs. O Neill looked at me next. I stood up with my sheet. I cleared my voice. I started off how we were supposed to “My hero is my mam. She has always been there for me” then I looked at Mrs. O Neill, mine’s in a diary form is that ok?” I asked. She nodded.

“Thursday 2nd, 2015, I had a rough day at school especially since Mrs. Capri was in such an atrocious mood. I slumped on the couch and sighed, Mam poked her through the door “bad day?” I nodded “ah I have your favourite in the oven now....... shepherds pie!!”  I smiled gratefully.  At dinner, I told Mam and Dad about our play “we need our costumes in and I have no idea??” I moaned. But of course, Mam had a solution “I’ll get my sewing machine out and start on something, who are ya?” she asked “Joseph” I answered “oooo” said Dad “who’s Mary!!?” he teased. 

Friday 3rd, 2015, I forgot my costume and the play was gonna be starting any minute now!!! Mam had a really important meeting today and Dad was at an important job interview. I woke up late because of my stupid alarm..... too quiet!!!! We were just about to go on when suddenly Mam came rushing through the hallway, she had my costume “I told them it was important” she gasped “you owe me”. She then ran into the hall and found a seat.  Mrs. Capri was just as thankful as me. I changed real quickly and went out there to my wife and baby!

Friday 10th 2015, Jane dumped me. We were going to meet up at the cinema and I was there then I got a text from her ‘we’re over soz’. That was it. Suddenly it started raining I felt like I was in a sad movie. I started my walk home. I texted dad to tell him I’d be home early and to leave the door unlocked. A couple of minutes later a car honked beside me. It was Mam!!!! She had some chocolate for me. “Dad told me he got a text saying you were coming home early, I’m guessing you two are ...... over?”  I nodded sadly. Mam pulled over at our house “I have to run to the shops, now see, ya later” and she gave me a hug. I watched her go as I thought of all those times she was there for me. I love her soo mu.... Suddenly a car came out of nowhere at full speed towards mam’s car. I saw what was gonna happen. “MAMMY!!” I screamed, but it was too late”

As I read it out in my class in front of everyone, a tear slips down my face. Suddenly everyone, including Mrs. O Neill, was on their feet clapping. Somewhere up there maybe she was too.

By Grace McNally, 6th class, Fahy NS, Westport, Co. Mayo.

My Heroes

My heroes are my family. I love every person in my family and my dog Cooper. They always help me and do nice things with me. My mother always helps me when i am stuck with something. When I am angry Cooper always cheers me up. My father always brings my brother, my friend and myself to nice places.

During the summer we went up to Belfast for the weekend and I had a blast. I love going off with my family because I always have a lot of fun. Last year we went to Wexford and we saw three seals in the ocean. They would just stop and look at us for about 5 minutes. The reason we were there was because we went camping in a campsite next to the beach. During the last week of school before the summer holidays, we were in Wexford in a three storey house for a week. We went crab fishing and we went to the arcade and I won one thousand tickets in one game.

My family always do nice things for me so that is why they are my heroes. 

By Sam O’Connor, Askea B.N.S. Carlow.

The Christmas Detective

When you think of detectives you may think of people with magnifying glasses or sniffer dogs.  Well, when you see Twinkle the detective you’ll think again.  Twinkle is a crime fighting detective and jails little kids for being naughty.  Oh…… did I mention he’s an elf who works for Santa?

It all started on the 1st of December 2015.  Twinkle was at home in his secret headquarters at the North Pole.  Suddenly the phone rang.  Twinkle picked it up.  “Hello,INPORTANT” he answered in his deep voice that made him sound evil.  “Who is it?” he said irritated.  “Hello Twinkle, I got a job for you” replied the man at the other end.  It was old Saint Nick.  “Oh….hello Christmas” Twinkle said happily.  “What will it be then?” “It’s those ruddy children again, Twinkle” he bellowed.  “They stop being bad, mischievous and… NAUGHTY!  A grin came across Twinkle’s face.  It was time for action!

Twinkle was a small (obviously) and skinny elf.  He had tattoos on his arms and legs.  He had evil, brown eyes and white hair, he dyed it.  He clicked on a rather small button on his elf costume.  There was a beep and Twinkle shot down a hole that just appeared.  He landed in a car that said “Santa’s Li’l Helper” where the number plate was supposed to be.  His car was an Audi R8 but had an engine from a Ferrari.  It went super-fast and as it was going 125 miles an hour, Twinkle took out a candy cane and bite into it, suddenly he was transported to Dublin Airport.  He was speeding on a runway.

Eventually, he reached O’Connell Street.  There were kids shooting each other with Nerf guns and fighting each other.  Twinkle had enough.  He took out his Coal Blaster (a bazooka that blasted coal out at people) and blasted them in the head.  They all lay there unconscious on the street.  Some had black eyes, others had bloody noses but Twinkle didn’t care at all.  He got a huge fishing net and captured them all in one go.  He got back into the car with the children in the back, ate his candy cane and off they went to the North Pole.  When they got there he threw them all in the North Jail, a jail in the North Pole, and sat down to eat his cookies and milk.  And that was the first mission Twinkle completed

                                                                            THE    END                                                                                                 

OH … the children got fed cookies and were freed on Christmas Day, They also were on the Naughty List.

Nothing was harmed in the making of this short story except …






THIS TIME ... THE END                                                                                     

By Finn Byrne, Tinnakilly, Aughrim, Co Wicklow.

Nervous or Noisy?

Aimee walked into school worrying about a test, her homework, everything.  She was always worried about everything she did and didn’t have many friends.

Nobody would do anything with Aimee because she always pointed out what would go wrong, or could go wrong.  She was very lonely and excluded from everything. One Monday morning at school, there was a new girl.  Her name was Grace and she was almost the exact opposite of Aimee.  Grace made friends very quickly, and Aimee had been in the school for more than 7 years.  Sometimes, Grace would try and include Aimee, but it wouldn’t ever work.  She tried to be extra friendly, she tried talking to her. Nothing would get Aimee to be less shy, though.  But Aimee wouldn’t respond, she was really shy.  In the end, Grace pulled Aimee into a corner and asked her what was wrong.  Aimee told Grace everything.  About being worried, shy, about the anxiety attacks she got sometimes.  Grace was really sympathetic. “I understand” she smiled.  “I used to be like that too until I made my friends!  Aimee was shocked, but happy at the same time because she was starting to realise that she wasn’t the only one who got very nervous and worried. 

Aimee smiled at Grace and muttered a barely audible, “thank you”.  “Your welcome” replied Grace.  “I can help you become more confident”, she offered.  Aimee nodded gratefully, so they went back to Grace’s house after school.  By the time Aimee went home she was laughing and talking like any other girl.  Grace and Aimee became great friends, and Grace helped Aimee to be friends with everyone else too.  Aimee would always consider Grace to be her best friend, though, because she had helped her to be more confident and taught her how to make friends.

By Jessica Healy, 6th class, Brittas Bay School, Wicklow


In history, we have endless amounts of heroes like Rosa Parks, who was described as 'The Mother Of The Freedom Movement', or Padraig Pearse, one of the leaders in the 1916 Easter Rising. What we don't notice is that there are many different heroes around us all the time.

My Dad is part of the local defibrillator team. He sometimes gets emergency calls in daylight or in the middle of the night. Very, very rarely he has to do CPR (meaning Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.) When doing CPR you must do thirty chest compressions, then two breaths into their mouth. You pump to the tune of the song "Staying Alive" which is quite ironic.

I have a few memories of being asleep and hearing him getting up. When he gets up, he reads the emergency text, which tells him ...         

what is wrong?  (e.g. chest pains)

the person's address

their gender

and, their age.

He would then get dressed quickly but calmly. He goes downstairs and I hear his car leaving our house.

It's often scary when he get's a call especially if it's somebody I know. Very few people have died, fortunately, that the De-Fib team get called to. I think my Dad is the right person for the job, as he always remains extremely calm.

One of my scariest memories was when my friend was over in my house for a sleepover and there was a really loud and long knock on the door. The people at the door were knocking like crazy. My dad went to the front door where there were a few people. They were panicking, one of them was choking. There and then my dad had to do the Heimlich manoeuvre. It's really not that nice to hear the Heimlich manoeuvre being done. Afterward, my dad brought him to the hospital and stayed with him for a while.

A few weeks later that person my dad had helped came to our house. He thanked him so very much for helping him.

In the event of a suspected stroke, my dad uses the FAST test to determine whether the person has had a stroke or not. The FAST letters stand for  

F= face, is the face drooping on one side/drooling out of the side of their mouth.

A= arms, get the person to hold their arms above their head/get them to squeeze your fingers with both hands to see if strength is equal on both sides.

S= speech, give them a sentence to repeat, make sure they can remember the sentence/make sure their speech is not slurred.

T= time, if any of the above tests are positive, time to get them to the hospital as soon as possible.

In my community, there are lots of different heroes and heroines, but I think my dad is a good example of one.                 

By Faye McLoughlin, 5th class, St Mary's NS, Pullough, Co. Offaly.

My Hero

Five more minutes I thought to myself. Just five more minutes. Okay, Class Mr. O'Donovan said "Lunchtime". With that everyone shot out of their seats running to be the first one outside or on the court, but I was last as usual. I sat down to eat my lunch on the bench.

Two minutes later ... "Hey slow coach," said the voice, I had been dreading. Slowly I turned around, there she was, Angelica the school bully and her cronies, Liz, Frankie and Hope. "What you got for lunch today," said Liz. "There's only one way to find out," said Angelica as she grabbed my lunchbox. "No, please" I stuttered as she took out my bag of Haribo. "Give it back you.... you.....". "What's wrong, cat got your tongue?" laughed Frankie. "Stop," said a quiet voice, but Frankie kept laughing, "I said stop," said Hope! "Why don't you just stop," she said as she grabbed my lunchbox from Angelica. "Here," Hope said, "now let's go to Mr. O'Donovan".

Ten minutes later I was in Mr. O'Donovan's office with Hope by my side helping me explain what I had been going through. Then Mr. O'Donovan said to Hope to get Angelica, Frankie and Liz. I was sent out of the office when they came and after what seemed like forever, he came out and it finally felt like the weight on my shoulders, I didn't know I was carrying lifted, I was so relieved.

You are probably wondering what happened to Angelica, Frankie and Liz, well they were given two weeks suspension and from what I heard they got grounded too. Ever since Hope spoke up I found out she is really nice and now we are good friends. I am so happy that Hope stood up for me. Don't tell her I said this, but I finally enjoy lunchtime!

By Caoimhe Sheerin, 6th Class, Scoil Bhride, Croghan, Co. Offaly.

Courage Goes a Long Way

“Are you okay?” questioned Mum. “Fine,” I replied with a nervous laugh. Mum didn't quite seem to believe me. “Emerald, if there's anything wrong you have to tell me.” “I will,” I lied as I sprinted to catch the school bus.

“Hey, Emerald,” my friend Ruby said to me with great enthusiasm. “Hi,” I answered. “Do you think she will forget about you this year,” she whispered to me. I didn't need to ask her who.

A girl in my class named Sabrina is a bully. When I was in 5th class she decided to spread rumors about me. I couldn't go anywhere without hearing a laugh or a giggle as I walked past. Choosing what I thought was best, I told her that I was going to the school Principal. “Snitch, snitch, snitch!!!” she chanted to me. Soon everyone had joined in. I blushed in embarrassment and raced away to my locker and hid there until school was over.

“She will remember me,” I said. Ruby looked at me then smiled. “Well, look on the bright side,”. “What bright side?” I questioned her, confused. “This is our last year,” she replied. I grinned. “Oh yeah!”

“I can't believe it!” I exclaimed. “She's taken it too far,” agreed Ruby as they both gazed at the poster which was stuck on the school wall:

The student top of the class is a cheat!

Emerald Blython once again, for her Maths test, copied Ruby Baxter!

A big cheat is what she is!!!

“That's the last straw!” I roared as I headed to the Principal's office.

“What is this all about?” asked the concerned Principal. “She is spreading rumours about me!” I responded. “Is this true, Sabrina?” he enquired. “Yes,” Sabrina said. “Why?” the Principal asked. Sabrina took a big breath. “Emerald...” “Yes?” I answered. Sabrina continued. “I am, jealous of you.” I stared at her in astonishment. “Jealous?” “You are always top of the class, you are very pretty and you have a lot of friends. Well, up until recently,” she replied in a rush.

I thought for a moment then asked: “Would you like to be my friend?” Sabrina looked at me, shocked. “Do you really mean it?” “Of course,” I smiled. “Thank you!” she cried, embracing me in a tight hug. “Why are you so nice to me after all the mean things that I've done to you?” she questioned me. “Everyone deserves a second chance,” I replied.

“That was a very brave thing that you did,” Ruby told me on the school bus on the way home. “Things have changed now, for the best. Courage goes a long way.

Aoibhin Copeland, 6th class, Scoil Mhichil, Cahermurphy, Co. Clare.

My Kind of Story

We all know that superheroes are great but they don't have to be like Superman or Antman they can be like everyday people whether it's someone who that helps a young boy or girl friend their mum or dad or if an expensive watch got robbed and someone gets it back. But the hero I'm talking about is Paul O'Connell the Irish legend he's the one person who I think is a hero.

Paul Jeremiah O Connell for those who don't know who he is he is a retired Irish rugby player he is Ireland's first most capped player with one hundred and eight caps.He is joint twelfth in the world for most capped player.For those of you that don't no watch caped means it means how many times you play for your country.Paul has captained Munster, Ireland and the Lions.

Paul made his debut on the seventeenth of August two thousand and two. Most of you people are probably thinking this is a terrible story so any soccer players reading this story I probably wouldn't read any more. Well, anyway let's get back to my story and don't 
worry I'm not going to do the full saga of Paul's life.As I have been telling you in this story Paul was an amazing rugby player.Paul was an integral member of the Munster team that won the 2005-6 Munster cup scoring a try in the 19 -- 10 quarter-final victory over the Leicester Tigers on the twenty-fifth of May 2002.

So any of you soccer players getting board yet.Paul again took over from injured Brian O'Driscoll as Ireland captain in a historic match against France in 2007 six nations the first match ever played at Croke park Paul was awarded man of the match.

So that is just some of the facts that I wanted to share with.Hope none of you soccer players fell asleep. See you guys next month.

By James O'Donnell, Scoil Mhuire, Realt Na Mara, Brittas Bay, Co. Wicklow.


The Hunger

“Hurry up now child, you don’t want to go out in the dark, who knows what will happen to you”, stated Mrs. Carstairs.  “Yes miss”, I replied.  I hurried out.

Situations had become dire these past few months.  The Great Famine was at its worst.  The people of the land were starving. 

I approached my little cottage and was shocked to see it was burnt to the ground.  Ashes swirled around like a mini tornado.  I had spoken to Dan, my neighbour.  He said my family had fled to Dublin, hoping to get a ticket to America.  I decided to go in search for my family.

I felt faint walking the roads.  How were the people of Ireland reduced to this, dying in ditches, parted from their loved ones?  The stench, oh the stench!  I kept walking.  A hoard of bedraggled, thin children closed in a poor dog.  All I heard were the yelps of the dog and the satisfied sighs of the children.  When they moved on, all I could see were a few scattered bones, no sign of the dog.  I made the sign to ward away evil and thought, has God forgotten us?  I continued on my way.

DUBLIN!! I whooped with joy.  I wanted to do a dance of happiness but didn’t have the strength, I then thought of the impossible task I had ahead of me.  My shoulders slumped.  I joined the crowds of Dublin, continuing the long, search for my family.

“Grace”, I sobbed.  “Peggy”, she screamed with delight.  I couldn’t believe it.  I pushed through the crowds wanting to embrace her.  When we did, I realised how starved I was for human closeness.  I pushed her away and looked at her.  My little sister, she was taller than me now.  “Our family?” I asked.  She looked crestfallen.  “Our mother didn’t make it”, Grace broke down.  “It’s alright”, I said.  “It’s in the past; we have to look to the future now”. 

By Aoife Bentout, Annaduff NS



The Christmas Feeling

Christmas is such a wonderful time,

To laugh, to love, to share and care,

When the bells are ringing and carollers singing,

You know it’s that time of year.


The snow is falling,

but Jack Frost is calling and,

Trees with their lights shining bright,


And Santa brings loads of delight,

Delivering presents during the night and,

Maybe you’ll see him in a blink of an eye flying high in the sky.


It’s such a joy for kids to see,

 their presents under the Christmas tree,

their faces so happy and shouting with glee,

it’s such a pleasure for parents to see.


The decorations at Christmas time

is the prettiest sight to see,

Between candles, stockings, mistletoe

and of course the brilliant Christmas tree.


Christmas Day is more special than ever,

As Jesus was born on that day and,

The Three Wise Men brought their three lovely gifts, of frankincense, myrrh and gold.

At the end of the day,


Christmas is a time for peace, love and joy and,

With your family and friends this year,

I wish ye all a brilliant time.

At Christmas time, “ Níl aon tinteán mar do thinteán féin.”

By Katie Moriarty

My Hero

It was a normal, sunny day. Lisa was walking down the road with her dog Rover when she heard a scream. Now this wasn't a normal happy scream of laughter. It was a piercing scream of pain.....

'Hey, mom!' shouted Lisa as she walked in the door from school. 'Hey, Lisa! How was your day?' asked her mom. 'Oh you know, the usual. Sarah being herself again.(Sarah is mean to everyone. Especially Lisa) EXTREMELY annoying! Other than that..... I suppose my day was grand! Not too much homework, so I can bring Rover through the field again,' replied Lisa. So up she went to get changed and do her homework.

About an hour later, Lisa came down the stairs dressed in her favourite clothes. Her favourite Abercrombie t-shirt, her Adidas hoodie and pants with her superstars. 'I'll be off Mom!' called Lisa. 'Alright Lisa, but be back by half 6. Aunty Susan is coming down for tea!' replied her mom. 'I will!' said Lisa, and off she went.


'Woof!' barked Rover and he came bounding up towards Lisa.

'Good boy!' she exclaimed as she clipped his lead onto his collar. So off they went to the field.

A couple of minutes later, they arrived at the field. 'Good boy Rover! Go on boy!' as she unclipped his lead and let him bound away.

Lisa was walking through the long, thick grass when she heard it. The agonizingly high pitched scream came from way over in the field. She ran over to see what it was. It was Sarah. She had fallen into the river and was going under. Fast!

Rover ran up from behind her and started barking like mad. 'LISA! LISA! I'M SORRY! PLEASE, I CAN'T SWIM! YOU HAVE TO HELP ME!' screamed Sarah.

'OK! I'm coming!' cried Lisa and jumped into the water and grabbed her around her waist and dragged her to the bank of the river.

'Oh Lisa, thank you sooo much!' exclaimed Sarah. 'I'm so sorry about everything I have said to you! Can you forgive me?' she asked. 'Of course, I can,' said Lisa.

So they walked home hand in hand.

By Pat Hegarty 


My Story

Jason a 12-year-old child, lived happily, He loves sport but his favourite is hurling. He was from Kilkenny.

His mother and father weren't the perfect match. You see, When his mother was pregnant with Jason he didn't have a father, so his mum asked Séan(the father) to be the father because Olivia(the mum) wanted her son to have a father. His father was a retired hurler for Kilkenny. That's how Jason now loves it.

Olivia and Sean got married but after seven weeks their gorgeous house was burnt down. They were devastated! Jason wasn't born yet and they didn't have a lot of money sadly, So they had to share with their Mam.

Olivia started a fight one evening.
"I'm getting out of this marriage! You have been a sly and miserable person! How am I meant to stick up to you when I have a child to mind!"
Sean was stunned. He left. Olivia started to cry.

Jason heard them, he didn't want them to break up. He knew exactly what was happening. Jason was flabbergasted. He went to his mum. He cared about her and asked was she okay, "Mum are you ok? I don't like seeing you crying" Olivia answered but she wasn't being honest...
"Yeah hunny, I'm okay don't worry. Thank you hunny."

Jason went to his friend's house, all he needed was his friend. Daniel reassured him saying it will all be okay.

After a few weeks, the divorce papers were signed, it was really happening. Sean hugged Jason for the last time. Jason started to cry, so did Olivia.

"Bye daddy..." Jason said sadly.
Olivia took him but the hand and went.

Jason had to stay strong for his mum. Jason missed his dad I'm sure Olivia did too, This wasn't the only conflict that had happened between them.

Jason was overcoming this and was happier but was still missing his dad.

It was a lot to take in for a 12-year-old, but he was so proud of himself that he did it.

By Kiera Sugg


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