February 2017 Short Stories Winners

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Ring! Ring! The ear-splitting sound was soaring through my head. I opened my eyes. Everything was a blur. My head was pounding and my whole body ached. As my vision faintly improved I could barely see the red and blue flashing lights. I moved my neck. I was in agony.

 I realised I was in the middle of a road lying on the rough, stony ground. On either side of me were two demolished, upturned cars ablaze. It felt like the world was spinning rapidly. How long had I been there – a day, months, years, maybe? My vision was still poor. I was totally confused about what happened.

 Moments later I heard a voice crying. I tried to stand up but my legs were like jelly. As I fell to my knees I noticed my whole body was covered in mud and blood. The ringing in my head was swallowed by an ambulance siren. Finally, I was hauled to my feet by an unfamiliar figure. The paramedic was shining a bright light in my eyes and checking me for any serious injuries.

 I glanced around and realised what had occurred. ‘A car crash,’ I murmured. There were a creepy few moments of silence. Then out of nowhere, the car to my right exploded like a ball of fire. The last thing I remember was a blood-stained book lying helplessly on the road. Cinderella, the title read.

Ryan Curran, 6th class, Kilcoole Primary School, Co. Wicklow.


Blame the Bad Weather

‘Halloween mid-term, yes!’ said my best friend Ciara as we walked out the red school gates. We got into Ciara’s mom’s car and she sped off. In minutes we halted outside my house. ‘Thank you’ I said politely and ran into my house.

My mom was looking excited. She blurted out ‘We’re going on a camping trip tomorrow’. I was really excited at the thoughts of going camping as I got ready for bed later that night. I put on my blue pyjamas and jumped into bed where I fell into a deep, deep sleep. I woke up to the sound of rain on my window. It was lashing rain. We wouldn’t be able to go camping now.

The world was dark and gloomy. I went downstairs and ate a bowl of soggy cornflakes. The electricity was gone and I was so bored. Then I had an idea, I would read a book, a book that I hadn’t read before. I stood on my pink stool and scanned the top shelf of my bookcase. Here we go! I found a dusty, old book. I opened it and aggghhh … something strange happened.

I found myself in a silver cage. I panicked because I was locked in. Then I looked around and spotted a red key. I opened the door of the cage and suddenly found myself on the pages of a book. I wandered around through the words on the pages and then decided to go back to the cage. There I spotted a slip of gold paper. On the paper was written the words World Book Day. I read the words out loud, ‘World Book Day,’ and to my surprise found myself back in my bed. I heard my mom calling me for the camping trip.

What? It was all a dream!

By Kayla Hickey, Scoil Chiarain Naofa, Stoneyford, Co. Kilkenny.



It seemed like the whole world was against me as tears rolled down my checks making stains on her favourite book. She loved it and read it over and over. But she can’t read it anymore.

      On February 16, I came downstairs in my pink pyjamas that she got me. I froze stiff with stealth as I heard my mum on the phone.

      “Hello”, Mum answered “Yes I am ... yes ...”

      She was silent until the only sound in the house was a drop of water leaving her chin and inevitably falling to the floor, making a silent scream. Another followed and soon after they chorused down in harmony.

     Mum hung up the phone and moved towards the table as I ran upstairs, worried about what news my mum had heard.

      The night beforehand I was with her at her house. We sat down and she put on her glasses and read her book to me for hours on end, the story becoming more enticing as each page turned.

      I had no idea her book would be mine in a matter of fourteen tragic hours.

         ‘Lily’, whispered mum as she quietly opened the door. ‘Can we have a talk?’ Five words that make your heart stop beating as soon as the last letter is spoken.

      ‘I have some news.’

      Tears fell from my horrified face as I tried to speak, but nothing came out. Desperate for words but there was just pain when I opened my mouth. she’s dead ... only yesterday ... I ...

      Mum handed me the book. Treasure Island, Granny’s favourite. Mine now on this cruel day. I always loved my granny .... we were always so close.

 Larissa Brady, Kilcoole, Primary School, Co. Wicklow.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


It was a freezing, blustery Alaskan DAY as Ricky and Zac climbed up into the small, stuffy plane. Ricky and Zac were secret agents that were on their way to rescue their friends that had been kidnapped. The plane lurched forward and gained speed. It was very difficult for them to take off because of how icy the runway was. The hail made a shrill noise as it smashed up against the windscreen while they were flying in the extreme conditions.

The runway that they were about to land on was in the middle of a frozen lake. They had traced the kidnapper’s phone to not far from this runway. They knew they were heading into danger, but would do anything to save their friends. It was a very rough landing but they managed to keep the aircraft on its wheels.

By the time they had landed, night had fallen and the storm had gotten worse. Alaska was one of the coldest places in the WORLD right now. They were unable to use any flashlights because they might make silhouettes. They were aware of the danger they were in from the wolves and bears as they dredged through the snow. Eventually, they came across some tracks but they were not any normal tracks. Zac had recognised them from his history BOOK and they were bear footprints.

Both of them made a run for it. Suddenly they stumbled across some lights and a shack. They could hear people shouting but could not see them. They decided to venture closer to the shack. Now they were just able to make out their faces. They recognised all three of the men from a video the kidnappers had sent them.  They used their skills to lure the bear to the shack in hope that the bear would attack or distract the opposition.  This nimble thinking worked and Zac and Ricky were able to rescue their friends from the shack and make a run for the plane.

By Colin Heffernan, 6th Class, Anacarty NS, Co. Tipperary.

The Boy and the Book

Once upon a time, there was a boy who had an imagination like a thimble. He never did anything except watch television, YouTube and Netflix. He had never read a full book except in school. His mother was always yapping at him, ‘Read a book’ and ‘Get off your phone,’ although he never did. One day his mother hid his phone and stole the remote control. ‘You will get them back when you completely finish a book.’

So he picked out a Book that had loud colours on the cover.  When he opened it, he was pulled into a whole new world that he never thought he could imagine. There was magic, there was betrayal and there was wonder. He found himself dumbstruck by the beautiful world he had entered.

He then turned and saw a young girl that looked to be in her late teens. She wore a blue halter dress with a floral design on it. She was very pretty and had a snobby air around her as she approached him with a smile on her face. ‘Hello,’ she said with her hands placed in front of her, liked she was lecturing him. ‘Hi ... um, where are we?” he asked. ‘Why, Rainbowopalous of course, where else?’ she answered with a patronising smile. ‘We have been waiting for you.’

He found himself walking into a castle with the young girl he had just met. When they opened the doors he was surprised to see a masquerade ball. As they crossed the threshold a rush of magic came upon him. He looked down and saw he was dressed in a black suit and a lace mask. The room was full and there was music playing. The guests were dancing a perfectly choreographed waltz.

He blinked and was bowing in front of a king and queen. He blinked again and was dancing the waltz with the young girl. He blinked once more and was falling into a mirror made of jelly. He was falling, falling, falling and landed … in his bed, sound asleep.

By Ava Brady, 6th Class, Muire gan Smál, Claremorris, Co. Mayo



My brother Michael goes to the hospital a lot. He has Spina Bifida and a shunt in his head. Spina Bifida is a condition that can cause paralysis which means he is in a wheelchair. A shunt is a small tube that drains fluid out of your head. My brother has one because his ventricles are very small and ventricles drain fluid out of your head. He got his shunt when he was a baby. He will be 18 in February.

Lots of things can go wrong with a shunt, like a blockage, over-draining and under-draining. There is a setting on it and if it is not right it can cause dizziness and very bad headaches. But, Michael never complains. When he is in the hospital for a long time it's like the whole WORLD is sad. One day he went for a check-up and ended up staying for a very long time.

When he was 10 and I was 5 we were both in different hospitals at the very same time. He was in Dublin and I was in Kilkenny. We were having operations on the same DAY! When I woke up the next morning my Dad had gone because Michael had got very sick during the night. Luckily my aunty came to take care of me. Michael was in hospital for 36 SLEEPS – I missed him so much.

Michael still has to go to school when he is in hospital if he is well enough. Sometimes for special occasions, he gets gifts - usually a BOOK, pencils or his favourite food – chocolate! He always shares his gifts with me. When he comes home we make a big fuss of him.

I love him and he is my HERO.

By Emma Burke (6th class), Scoil Naisiunta Ciarain Naofa,  Stoneyford,  Kilkenny. 

Booked Myself a Winner

Books, books, books, that was what everybody was talking about and I hated this for three reasons.

 1. It wasn’t even world book day yet!

2. Why would you read a book when you could just watch the movie?



When we went into class Mrs Bergin my teacher had a poster on the board: ‘World Book Day challenge, how many books can you read before World Book Day?’

Mrs Bergin said we all would be doing this challenge.

I had completely blanked out when suddenly I heard the word prize, at that, I sat up and started listening.

Mrs Bergin said whoever reads the most books will win a year’s unlimited voucher for the cinema.

That was great because I loved movies. I decided to do it. I was going to read my first ever book.

When I got home I asked my mum if I could go to the library.

Mum was flabbergasted, ‘You want to go to the library?’

She felt my forehead.

‘Are you feeling ok Megan?’

‘Yes I’m fine!!’ I exclaimed.

‘Are you sure you’re ok? Is there something else wrong?’

‘Uggghh, if you must know there is a competition in school for World Book Day and there is a prize for whoever reads the most.’

‘A-hah, I knew there had to be some sort of prize involved!” She sniggered.

After dinner Mum dropped me off at the library. When I went in a smiley man came over and asked me if I had an account.

When I said no he set me up straight away.

I picked two books by Jacqueline Wilson - Cookie and Candyfloss. Then I got Dork diary, Holiday Heartbreak and Skating Sensation.

I reasoned that I would get another book if I finished the first one, which I highly doubted. I went back to the smiley man, and he scanned the books and gave them back. I thanked him and left.

Mum was waiting for me when I got out. When I got into the car I began reading Candy Floss straight away.

I opened the first page and read: “I had two birthdays in one week.” I had finished the first chapter after ten minutes.

 It wasn’t as bad as I thought so I kept on going. Eight hours later I had finished the whole thing and it was great. I was starting to like books now. I zoomed through Cookie too.

I absolutely loved the Dork Diaries as well. I went to the library again and got more books. I just kept reading and reading. It was astonishing!

By Thursday I had read 9 books. I had my fingers crossed as Mrs Bergin was about to read out the winner of the competition. ‘The winner is … Sarah!’

I was disappointed but still happy as even though I didn’t win, I had found a new hobby that I truly loved and that was better than winning any competition!

By Annie Hanlon, Scoil an Chlochair, Kilbeggan, Co.Westmeath.

World Book Day         

World Book Day! The teacher wrote in big scrawling letters on the board. “Did everyone remember their books?” he said spitting out the word books in his long dreary voice. Everyone’s hand shot up. “Good,” said the teacher.

Oh yeah – my name’s Jack by the way. I’ve got blue eyes and blonde hair.

We’ll all read our books to the class after break. Break-time arrived and I was nervous. I have trouble reading and I’m really slow. What if everyone laughs at me?

The bell went to signal the end of break, and all the children trooped back into their classrooms. I was really worried. After about half an hour the teacher called out, “Jack it’s your turn.” I walked up and stood there, looking out at the class. My heart was in my throat, looking out at all those people.

I didn’t know what to do. I shook my head. This is silly I thought and began to read.

I finished reading and looked up. I was startled by a round of applause.

“Great work,” said the teacher. Just those words, but it was music to my ears. I sat back in my place, smiling from ear to ear. That wasn’t so bad, I thought.

Joshua Reynolds, Scoil Mhuire Réalt na Mara, Brittas Bay, Co. Wicklow.

 Dreamer to Achiever

There once was a girl called Tilly Mills who had a busy life but, an even busier imagination. Right now she was day-dreaming about the book she was going to compose one day.

She scribbled down her thoughts in her tattered old maths copy until a dictionary thumped on her desk. Tilly looked up to find her teacher staring at her. Her popping eyes were bulging into Tilly’s.

Tilly shut the copy and, placed it back in her desk and pulled out a vibrant orange book filled with words and signatures. The teacher gave her a wry smile and said, ‘I want it written out 40 times!’ ‘Yes Miss Doyle’, replied Tilly in a respectful manner.

‘Tilly and her dreams’… ‘Tilly and her dreams’… chanted the class. There was a sudden silence and then an ear-piercing screech let out by Tilly who was outraged that they even dared to call them dreams. They were real to her!

On her way home on the bus, she now thought about the night that was ahead of her: homework, cooking dinner, eating dinner, feeding baby Lucy, and watching television. The bus stopped, she glanced outside and, saw the awful red brick on her bungalow.

She went inside, carefully closing the latch in case Lucy was asleep but she wasn’t. Next, Tilly approached the couch in the living room hoping her mother wasn’t there to tell her to do her homework. She wasn’t. Mummy, Mummy where are you?’ She cried. ‘I’m in the kitchen Tilly.

Tilly suddenly felt light-headed and, dropped on the couch. She was suddenly in a new world. There was a squeak like a door needed oiling and, to her surprise, the back wall in her office slid back until there was a hollow space. Tilly raced over to it and peered inside. There were Ingots…lots of them. Her dream was suddenly cut-off and, her mother spoke … ‘Tilly! Tilly! Wake up! What’s gotten into you?’ Tilly awoke and, realised that her fun adventure was just a dream!

Her mother exited the house and, went for a walk with baby Lucy.

Tilly soon got bored and switched on the TV. She put on an ‘author to be’ channel.

Just then, her aunt walked in and said, ‘Tilly, are you going to watch your dreams about being an author or are you going to write a book? Tilly suddenly realised how important the words her aunt had said were.

Ever since Tilly’s books are being read every day all over the world. Tilly is happy that her aunt came in that day, or she would not have become a famous author.

Nicole Barry, Anacarty NS, Co. Tipperary.


The sound of the coffee machine awoke me from my peaceful slumber. ‘I love this book shop,’ I sighed. Beside me I heard a ruffling sound. ‘Morning, matey,’ said one of my friends. ‘Morning, I replied. ‘Have a nice sleep?’ ‘Indeed I did. But I did wake a few times during the night. Someone in the baby aisle was crying.’ ‘Oh! I …

I was interrupted by the sound of the front door opening and closing. ‘Looks like John, the manager has arrived!’ I said excitedly.

‘Are you two alright – you’re making a lot of noise!’ It was Mother. ‘Good morning mother!’  I called. ‘Morning sweetie. Today is a big DAY. We’re supposed to be getting a new delivery at twelve o’clock. I’m trusting you two to be nice and welcoming to them.’ ‘Okey dokey!’  responded my hardback covered friend, ‘but do you know what kind of delivery it is?’

 ‘I know,’ I piped in, ‘it will be a cookery delivery!’

‘I think it will be a school delivery,’ stated Mother.

‘Or a children’s delivery, or a spor-,’  

‘Enough, all of you!’ It was my aunt. ‘I think it will be a WORLD BOOK DAY delivery!’ she said calmly. We all looked at each other. ‘WHOPEE!’ ‘HOORAY!’  By now everyone had awoken and were all cheering.

WORLD BOOK DAY! This is a time everyone in the book shop looks forward to. Children from around the town coming in, just to see us! Suddenly a large group of people hurried in. ‘Who are they?’ I thought. ‘Dia duit! one called, conas atá tú? ‘Mother, what are they speaking?’ I asked. ‘I believe they are here for the Irish morning.’ she replied. ‘They come every Tuesday.  It’s just you normally sleep through it!’

An hour later it was twelve o’clock. ‘The delivery man must get here soon or I’ll tear all my pages out!’ I exclaimed.  

Just then I saw a tall man pushing a delivery cart. ‘He’s here!’  The tall man and John started talking.   He pulled out his knife to cut open the box. I leaned over to see what the delivery was. But, I leaned in too close and fell off my shelf! ‘Ooof!’  Luckily I was in time to see a bundle of shiny covered WORLD BOOK DAY books staring at me. What a special delivery!  

Julie Butler, Scoil Mhuire, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

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