Helena's Writing Corner: Christmas Stories by TPP Readers


Last Christmas I remember waking up and looking out the window. There was snow up to the windowsill! I just couldn’t believe my eyes! I ran down stairs, first I opened all of my presents. They looked like so much fun! But I wanted to look more at the mysterious snow. “Mum, Mum!! The snow is up to the windowsill!” I shouted. “Don’t be silly Love, that’s not possible!” Mum looked out the window. She couldn’t see any snow what so ever! Then she just came over, took off my glasses, and wiped them. Turns out my glasses were just fogged-up! So there really was no snow! I was just heartbroken!

By Nora Clarke.


My sister Cloey is going to Barcelona for 2 weeks and Christmas is in 2 weeks. She said she will try to get home early. So I said ok .I am sad dut there is one thing that will cheer me up, putting the star on the tree and decorating the tree. Before Cloey went she went she put a present under the tree for me.

The 2 weeks past and it was the night before Christmas. We were getting the stuff ready then suddsenly got a call from Cloey. She said her plane was snowed in and she won’t be there tomorrow.

It will take until New Years Eve for her to get home.

The next morning when I woke up and my mammy and daddy were standing in front of  the sitting room waiting and smiling.  I went in and I got so many presents. When I was opining my present from Cloey I got a bit surprise. Cloey waked in and I said:  Now that’s a Christmas miracle.

"Christmas Eve"

It was Christmas Eve. The Doyle family were just back from Midnight Mass. Zoey, Marcus and Alfie were all snug on the couch in the sitting room, watching some Christmas films. The smell of ginger bread could be smelt though out the whole house. All the relatives from Australia and America are back for the holidays. The Christmas tree was up; the stockings were hung on the fireplace. It was perfect.

It was bedtime for Zoey, Marcus and Alfie. They all decided to have a sleepover in Alfie’s room because he had the biggest room in the house. And because the other relatives needed a place to sleep. So they all got comfy in Alfie’s room and tried to sleep, but that wasn’t working for Marcus...

“Pssssst, Zoey, are you awake?” whispered Marcus

“Yeah, I can’t sleep” replied Zoey

“Should we wake up Alfie?”

“Yeah, I think we should”

So up they got and went over to Alfie’s bed and started jumping on the bed!

“ALFIE, ALFIE, ALFIE,” they both chanted repeatedly.

“What do you want you monkeys!” said Alfie, tiredly.

“We can’t sleep,” Zoey replied

"Let’s go down stairs then" Said Alfie, as he got out of bed.

They tip toed down the stairs, their slipper socks sticking to the carpet on the stairs slightly. They looked out the window on the way down the stairs,

"Look Guys, Its Snowing!" Zoey said, a bit too loudly.

"Shh Zoey, We don’t want to wake anyone up!" Alfie replied

They got downstairs and they saw that Santa didn’t come yet…

‘’I hope he comes soon" said Zoey sadly

And just after she said that, Santa fell down the chimny!

"SANTA!" They all said in unison

"Quick children, up to bed or I’ll leave no presents!" Santa replied seriously

They all scrambled up and ran up the stairs, not caring how much noise they make, jumped into bed and closed their eyes.

And the last thing they heard before drifting off to sleep was….,

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all A Good Night!"

By: Fiona Guilfoyle Donaghy, 6th Class, Scoil an Chlochair

The Big Three

Yes finally Christmas Eve....I can’t wait for tomorrow. Later I’m going down to the big Christmas tree where everyone will be there, even my friends, so we will go play a few games and then go home.

Tomorrow Santa will have come to my sister and I but first we have to buy my Man and Dads presents. So far we’re buying my Mam perfume and Dad shoes.

Now we are finally down at the big tree and the lights are about to turn on.


They are on but no there is sometime wrong. The lights aren’t working. It’s the wires. They aren’t working. They have been cut. What are we going to do? We can’t have Christmas without lights on the tree.

So now it was up to my friends and I. So we ran to my house and got a new wire to connect to the plug. But when I did the lights still wouldn’t turn on.  If one light isn’t working none of them are. So no one knew what to do next.

But then snow started to fall. Everyone was so happy. Everyone had a snow ball fight and then the lights on the tree turned on.  It was like magic. They were brilliant. So then we all went home.  I put out all the food for Santa and Rudolf. Then I went to bed. THE next morning was the best. I got lego and an Xbox and my sister got an ipad and a phone. This was the best Christmas ever.   

Just believe....

I never really believed in Santa. Like really, an old, jolly man dropping down your dusty chimney every year bringing you presents?

Until one day I realized that I was wrong..

It was Christmas Eve, as usual, everything was the same. My Mom was getting the huge Christmas table ready while my Granny, Dad and Sister were getting ready upstairs and sending everyone Christmas wishes. Same as every year. I spilled out some reindeer feed in my backyard just so I won’t spoil it for my sister. I thought it was pathetic how parents make up those Santa Claus stories and fool their children.

We sat down by the table. The food smelled delicious, the tasty turkey and the food were all gorgeously prepared. Nothing unusual.

As you know people have different traditions when it comes to Christmas Eve, you’re about to hear mine,

After the big Christmas dinner as usual we went outside to look for the first star in the sky. That’s when “Santa” comes. I didn't see anything though it was way too foggy. Christmas, same as every year. Nothing unusual. Until then..

I actually heard something..

Something, that sounded quite like bells. I didn't believe myself though, but my curiosity made me check it out..

I was still outside so I went to my back yard through the big old wooden gate. And then I saw it...

A print of incredibly HUGE sleigh on the wet green grass in my back yard and a dab in the reindeer feed that looked like a reindeer mouth with a big round nose.

I was astonished.. I stood there for a while to figure out whether my mind was playing tricks on me. I really couldn't believe my eyes.. After I stood there for around 15 minutes my parents came to see what was going on. They saw me staring at the grass so they had a glance at it as well, they too couldn't believe their eyes.

We went inside and the presents were there! All covered in beautiful wrapping paper and lovely bows on each one.

From that day on, I realized that magic exists and that all you have to do sometimes is forget about your doubts and believe. Just believe….

By Patrycja Maksymowicz, 6th class, Scoil An Chlochair, Kilbeggan co. Westmeath.

A Little Girl’s Christmas

In a temporary foster home there was a girl called Ellie that didn’t believe in Christmas, well she wasn’t aloud by her foster parents. Ellie was used like a slave, she never got anything from Santa. She never even sent a letter to Santa. One day she said she needed to go for a walk. She sat down on a bench when an elf came and sat beside her.

She jumped out of her seat saying, “What you are? You can’t be an elf.”

“But I am,” he said nervously. 

“We need your help for Christmas. Santa is stuck on Mars. He cant get home.  Elves in Lapland said “Lets get Ellie, the girl from Australia. She will you help us.”

“NO,NO, NO…. there is no such thing as Santa…. or him living in Lapland…. or you…”, shouted Ellie.   

“Well I’m standing here… aren’t I……. if you change your mind just shout for me”, replied the elf.

She ran home and started thinking……

What if Santa is real. I could go home to my real mum and dad if I wished for it.  She decided to write a letter. She was afraid she might be a little late Christmas was the next day.

“What will I do if Christmas is real?” Eliie said to herself.

 There could be no more presents for anybody.

“Oh how will I get that elf to come back.  I don’t even know his name”  worried Ellie.

She ran to the bench. It was 12 o’clock.  To Ellie’s great relief the elf was there.

“Thank God you came back”, he said.

“How do I go to Lapland?”, she asked excitedly.

“I will bring you”, he said.

Off they flew to Lapland in the Elf’s magic car.

When they got there they ran in to the work shop. All the elves ran and hid when they saw Ellie because they were frightened.

“I’m Ellie.  Don’t be scared she said.

They ran out and thanked her for helping.

“Come on and lets get to work.   Christmas is today”

We were finally nearly ready. We got the reindeers ready And headed off.  When I came to my house I left presents under the stairs and delivered the rest of the presents to all the little boys and girls.

Just before we finished Santa arrived back from Mars. 

“Thank You Ellie, for all your help”, he said. “You will have a visit from someone you love soon.”

Ellie didn’t know what he meant. When she went home her real mum and dad was standing in the sitting room.

“We are bringing you home”, they said to Ellie.

She jumped into their arms and hugged and kissed them.  She went to their house. She had lots of fun and at the end she went up to bed and they came up with present.

“I love Christmas”, thought Ellie as she went to sleep.  

 By Tara Fox Kilbeggan co. Westmeath Scoil an Chochair

Saving Christmas

UGH” groaned Sophie as she walked up the stairs to brush her teeth. “I hate Christmas. Why do I have to go to bed so early anyways?  She argued. “If you don’t go to bed early Santa won’t come and you won’t get presents. So brush your teeth and go to bed”. Said Sophie’s Dad.  So Sophie went to bed. “Ding, Ding, Ding” “What’s that noise?” Sophie thought as she awoke. So she decided to go see. “Oh my god!” gasped Sophie as she sneaked into the living-room.  “OH my” gasped an elder woman in a red and white dress.“You’re not Santa” Whispered Sophie amazed. “I certainly am not, I’m Mrs. Clause and you are Sophie I believe.”Mr. Clause replied “Yes I am how did you know?” Sophie gasped  “Well I am in your house aren’t I?” Mrs. Clause said smugly  “Well yes, why you are here and not Santa?” wondered Sophie. “Santa’s sick in the North Pole hospital with a terrible flue, so it is up to me to deliver the rest of the presents or Christmas will be ruined!” Mrs. Clause said sadly. “Can I help you deliver the rest of the presents to all the boys and girls in this estate and you can drop me home when we are finished?”Questioned Sophie.  “Splendid idea so what are you waiting for lets go!” agreed Mrs. Clause. So Mrs. Clause and Sophie went around the estate but they were on the last couple of houses when the sleigh broke down. “Oh no!” cried Sophie “What are we going to do?” “Well” thought Mrs. Clause.  “I have a potion that can zap you to the North Pole and back in an hour.” Mrs. Clause Suggested. “Ok give me the potion and I’ll be off.”Sophie agreed. So Sophie drank the potion and she was gone. “Hello, hello.” Sophie called. “Is anyone here?” “I need a bell off an elf’s hat, a sprinkle of fairy dust, and a petal from the poles daisy. So can anyone help me?”   “I can if you wish.” Said a small squeaky voice, and a little figure appeared. You’re an elf!” Sophie said amazed.”Can you help me find the things I called out?” she questioned “I certainly can, here’s a bell from an elf’s hat.” Replied the elf. “Oh thank you so much.” Sophie cried out. “Your welcome now if you want a sprinkle of fairy dust go the hospital and while your there go to Santa’s room and ask him about the poles daisy.” Before Sophie could thank the elf he was gone. Sophie went all around the North Pole and she finally found the hospital. “Is there a fairy in here?” “Yes I’m a fairy.” Before the fairy could say anything else Sophie had picked her up and shook dust into the jar. Sophie ran around the hospital until she found Santa’s room. “Santa do you know where the poles daisy is?”Sophie said in a small voice.

“Yes I have one right here.” Santa replied. “Can I have a petal off it I need it because Mrs. Clause sent me here to collect things for the sleigh because it broke down.” Gasped Sophie. “Ok” Replied Santa, but before Sophie could thank him she zapped back to the roof top. “Your back” cried Mrs. Clause. “Did you have a safe journey?” “Yes, Yes I did.”Replied Sophie sleepily. Mrs. Clause seen she was tired so she sent Sophie to bed without her realizing it. So when Sophie woke up she was exited to go down the stairs and see what was in her stocking. But to her surprise there was a poles daisy and the bell off an elf’s hat.

It was nearly Christmas and me and my mommy where going to buy some presents, we started in export to buy 2 tablets , after we went on Argos and bayed  3 computers and was enough for the day and we went home, the next day we bayed more presents and stuff for the Christmas day .

Everyday baying and decorating...

It was nearly Christmas and we had loads of present and my house was pretty the best in Kilbeggan. Mines than 2 days to Christmas.

Me and my friends went out to play football and we saw 3 boys smoking we went to then and said.

“Stop smoking that will kill you!

They said “I don’t care i didn’t asked you if kill or not

And we just walked away from them.

Finally was Christmas and was a great party at my house i called the guys that were smoking and i said.

“Stop smoking it will kill you come and celebrate with us!

The guy said shouting again.

“I didn’t asked you ... But i will celebrate with everyone J

After Christmas i was saying and saying to him that kills and i finally won, he stopped smoke and i was happy about that he said thank you many times and i walked home happy and proud of me. 

By Adryan de Lima, Scoil an Chlochair, 6th class Kilbeggan

Where’s Santa? By Jessica Dunne

One day it was snowing. I went outside to make a snowman when I saw something I had never ever seen before. It had a red nose, 4 shiny black hooves and two prominent antlers. It was Rudolph. Overawed I ran over and enquire if everything was ok. He told me that he needed my help. He had been left behind, abandoned even, by Santa and the other reindeers.  I was only a 5 year old girl when this happened and thought I wouldn’t be able to do much but would try my very best. Rudolph instructed me to use his iHoof mobile phone to contact Santa. I did as I was told and waited while the phone rang and rang. Finally a cheerful jolly voice answered the phone. It was Santa! Stunned, I tried to listen to Santa’s instructions, but the beating of my heart with excitement and the erratic signal reception made it almost impossible, I caught 43 North Hanamalock Road, New York. I hopped on Rudolph’s back, shouted the instructions to him and within the blink of an eye, we rocketed into the night sky. Arriving at the destination my lifelong dream came true and I met the real Santa he thanked me for my good deed and then in the sprinkle of magic dust,  I was back in my bedroom. It was my best Christmas ever!

Christmas By Jade Dunphy

On Christmas Eve, when my dad is after forgetting the presents again and my brother is running around the house because he is so excited about Santa’s visit. Mam and I, being the most mature in the house, busy ourselves with Christmas preparations. This is the first time I get to help Mam cook the turkey. As I wiz around the kitchen my senses are loving the smell of baking cinnamon cookies and the sound of festive Christmas music. Our bustling productive kitchen is interrupted by the doorbell. There on our front steps, my mother’s favourite thing, carol singers. She has always prattled on about joining the local choir but  has always managed to excuses of being too busy or having to look after my brother to prevent herself joining up. Personally I’m relieved I always find it embarrassing when my mother burst into song particular when the carollers call. I escape to the comfort of my bedroom before I turn beetroot red as Mam joins in with the visitors and before long I drift into a deep sleep. I awake to find it is already morning, but not just any boring old morning its Christmas morning and I know there is a bundle of presents downstairs under the tree waiting to be opened by me. Taking the stairs two steps at a time, I’m in the living room faster than lightning. Dad is already down there excitedly encouraging us to open our presents. I slowly undo the bows and tape, in anticipation of what lies underneath, exactly what I wanted an Ipad. My brother busies himself shredding wrapping paper to get to his loot. Later my grandparents arrive and we all sit down to a scrumptious dinner. One big happy family.

A Christmas Memory By Sinéad Desmond Lyng

I sat, downhearted, in front of the fire on Christmas Eve. I know what you’re thinking, downhearted on Christmas Eve? What’s wrong with that girl? But, I have a good reason. It all began… “Catherine” calls my Dad, “Come downstairs, it won’t help being alone”. “Coming Dad”, I shout. Anyhow, my Mam’s pregnant, well was pregnant. She went into labour this morning, 6 weeks early. Now you know why I’m worried. I wander over to the Christmas tree breathing in the sweet smell. I stare up at the beautiful handcrafted Angel, Mam and I made last Christmas. It’s a beautiful Angel with a little angel on its right shoulder. I hear my own tears dropping on the wooden floorboards. I see my older sister baking mince pies with a Christmas CD playing in the background.

Next morning, I rush downstairs to the living room and in front of my eyes there taking pride of place in the centre of the room is a wooden cradle, decorated with a pink ribbon. I sprint to the cradle and there lies a little baby girl, wrapped in what I recognise immediately as my mum’s knitted blanket. “Happy Christmas,” says a voice behind me. I turn around to see my Mam standing there beaming at me. I feel my eyes watering. Then, in the spur of the moment my whole family appear and we`re all hugging and crying. The baby is swept up in to mam’s arms and we all munch on my sister’s mince pies. I put the handcrafted baby angel in the big angel’s arms.  I hold my new baby sister in my arms and breathe in that sweet Christmas tree smell while staring up at the stars. I know that my new baby sister is better than any designer clothes or computer games.

Best Christmas EVER By Niamh Lyng

Last year was the best Christmas ever, I have absolutely no idea how we will top it off this year! Last year we had lots of scrummy cakes and frosted buns and mouth-watering cookies, we baked endless trays of mince pies and ate them with white fluffy cream and chocolate sauce and white and pink marshmallows. However the mince pies were how do you say it? DISGUSTING!!!!  So we had bowls of cream, sauce and marshmallows. We went mad when decorating the Christmas tree, buying hundreds of expensive baubles and lights that flash every colour of the rainbow. The next day we had a Christmas craft day. Mum bought all those fiddly little craft stuff. A proper craft knife, this foamy stuff and fancy glitter. We spent all day making Christmas cards and a ‘We Welcome Santa’ sign. We even made a vase, a very wonky vase for Rudolph. We rented a movie every night and had popcorn and coke and leftover cookies. Mum returned home every night with a different surprise. One night it was those huge swirly lollipops , another it was big creamy éclairs.  My all time favourite treat was the chocolate cake it was thick and creamy and dusted with vanilla icing.  Then Christmas came and, oh, the room was adorned with gifts, wrapped in paper, all the colours of the rainbow, and on the bright bows.  They looked fabulous, but they were nothing to what was inside them. Oh! we had everything we wanted and more. Really I don’t know how we’re going to top it off.

Christmas Memories By  Shauna Furlong

I will never forget the Christmas my sister was born. I can just close my eyes and go back to that very moment. Mum, Dad and I were sitting by the fire on Christmas Eve. When suddenly my Mum let out a scream, “The baby is coming”. Dad and I jumped to our feet. “Ring the Ambulance”, I shrieked. Dad rang an ambulance and they arrived in the blink of an eye. Dad went in the ambulance with Mum and reassured me he would return for me. So all I had to do was wait.

It was supposed to be Christmas Eve, I wasn’t supposed to be on my own, lonely and worried. I was supposed to be tucked up on the couch with Mum and Dad, or baking cookies for Santa. The only comforting thought was Dad would be home soon and would be visiting my much sought after new sibling. I couldn’t wait even the thought of a new sibling made me giddy with excitement.

It was getting late and I hadn’t heard any news from the hospital. I hoped my Dad would be here before morning. I prayed to every saint I knew to keep Mum and my new sibling safe. With each passing hour feeling like a lifetime I eventually surrendered to sleep. I heaved my exhausted, weary body upstairs and was soon in a deep slumber.

The rising of the sun on Christmas morning awoke me. I grabbed some clothes, made myself look presentable and swallowed some toast. Just as I swallowed the last crust I heard a car in the driveway. I peered out the window only to see my Dad looking a little tired but proud as punch. I dashed out the door and was in the car before a word could be exchange between us. Dad was delighted by my excitement. He drove me to the hospital as I asked questions after question about my new sibling, only to be given the same answer to each one which was “Wait until we get to the hospital all your answers are wrapped in a little bundle,”.  When we arrived at the hospital I was out of the car and bouncing from one foot to another with excitement. A door, a hallway and a ward was all that stood between my new sibling and I. Dad brought me to the door of my mother’s room. I opened the door to see my Mum cradling a baby wrapped in a pink blanket. A girl! I had a sister! “Oh! She’s beautiful” I exclaimed, “What is her name?” Mum informed me that my sister did not have a name yet. I suggested Cara. Both my parents agreed it was perfect. That was my perfect Christmas.

t was Christmas Eve. The drive way of the Muller’s house was covered in snow. All was quiet and peaceful, but on the inside it was a whole different matter. Everybody was shouting.

“Where s my Santa hat!” roared John Muller (the youngest of the family aged 6). Serena Muller (aged 10) was trying to make Christmas cookies, but every time she tried to carve a design in the cookie the whole thing fell apart. Mom was running up and down the house trying to get it ready trying to get it ready for Christmas day. Dad was in the garage trying to unblock the exhaustive pie of the car that john had stuffed with snow. Keith Muller was in his room. Keith was 17 and did not believe in Christmas. The reason for this was because when he was 10 he asked for toy dinosaur and he did not get it. At around 9 30 mom told everyone to go to bed or they would get no presents. Then in the middle of the night Keith woke to the sound of sleigh bells. He walked into the kitchen and to his amazement  there was Santa then Santa said

 “Believe” and from that day on Keith believed even though he never found out if it was a dream or not but he always believed.

Christmas Eve is my favourite time of year, The sleep-less nights excitedly awaiting for the next day. Wondering what is to be of the next day.... But this year wasn’t like anything before.....

 This year we were getting our chimney repaired. On the morning of Christmas eve my Dad noticed that the chimney had a massive crack in the flue liner; This was a serious fire hazard and couldn’t be ignored. My dad and two uncles started taking the chimney apart brick by brick. It was too dangerous to take it apart all at once. This meant it took even longer to take apart. They worked through the night but they were forced to block up the chimney

On Christmas eve night all I could think about was how was Santa supposed to get in the house and bring the presents.  I finally fell asleep not looking forward to the next day. When I awoke it wasn’t early, it was late .I could hear my sister screaming and shouting my name. I ran down wondering what I was about to see, my heart was racing.

Everything seemed to slow down and speed up at the same time. When I finally got to the sitting room I ran in the door and the first thing I noticed was all the presents wrapped in wonderful different colours. Then I could see Mam through the window making the Christmas dinner. This was and still is my favourite Christmas memory, I often tell this story to all of my family and friends, and it often spreads Christmas cheer 

By Lauren mc Mahon Kilbeggan 6th class co: Westmeath Scoil an Chlochair

Crazy Christmas By Cian Fox – 6th Class – St. Colmcille’s Gainstown, Co. Westmeath

It was a lovely November day in the North Pole until it happened. All of a sudden organised, normal work turned into noisy, piercing screams and at least 400 frantic and jumpy elves. The atmosphere was no longer calm, but genuinely nerve wrecking as itcould happen to any of the others too.

 “It” was murder. Cold blooded murder. One less elf.

The rest of them had to act fast before either another murder or the murderer escaped.

“First we thoroughly search the crime scene” ordered Santa. He thought that would be the most obvious place. He watched as his elves shuffled around searching for something, anything that could tell them about the killer.

“A HAIR!” shouted one of the elves, jumping up and down in excitement. ”Yes! That is what we need! To the DNA scanner!” bellowed Santa happily as the elves sang to one of the more common songs that most of them pitch in to.

At the DNA scanner disappointment and an awkward silence fell across the host of elves, even though the speakers continued to blare Christmas – themed tunes.

”It’s not working….” Santa said with a shaky voice, pointing out the obvious. Devastation filled the room, and a few of the murder victims close friends started crying. This was not the most ideal Christmas season. They had given up, it was hopeless… “I CAN DO IT,” All eyes turned to the direction of the voice… Engineer Elf… The Loser… The Nerd.

They looked down upon Engineer Elf.

“I mean I think that I… I might be able to do it…. I can try?”

Everyone was stunned. One clap was heard. Then another, and suddenly the whole room burst into a huge applause and a chant for encouragement.

“He’s short, he’s smart, of the gang he’s not a part but he’ll save us all, after all, it’sEngineer Elf!”

2 and a half hours later all the elves started going home, the chant was gone and all hope was lost once again, but all at once, a BEEP and a BOOP and the machine was starting up. Engineer elf jumped out of his chair and did a celebratory dance. The ex-nerd had just saved them all!

The DNA tests ran like a dream. The killer was a traitor elf who had lost his little mind from doing the same thing again and again. A funeral was held for the victim and the killer was put in jail for life.

The whole incident was surprisingly quickly forgotten about, but that’s an elf’s life for you. Not as important as a humans, but without them, Christmas would be doomed.

Be grateful for little elves like this, for they make your life better.

THE TRUTH ABOUT CHRISTMAS By Ben Butler – 6th Class, St. Colmcille’s N.S, Gainstown, Co. Westmeath

Billy was an eight year old boy who loved Christmas. It was his favourite time of year which he really looked forward to… but this year was different, he felt more enthusiastic than usual. He didn’t know why he felt this way but he just did.

It was Christmas Eve and Billy was sitting at the dining table with his family. His brother Mark and his sister Jane were sitting opposite staring daggers at him throughout the whole meal with it being Christmas Eve they were always that extra bit hyper. He could hear the faint sniggers coming from their mouths.

 ‘Ye guys better not be talking about me,’ said Billy.

‘Aw is the little baby getting angry,’ shouted Jane slightly leaning across the table while Mark laughed in the back ground. ‘Give it up ye two leave him alone.” The family sat in silence for the rest of the meal.

When they all finished their food, Billy’s mother called Mark and Jane up to their room.  ‘Billy can we talk in the kitchen’ whispered mother. ‘Ye sure Ma,” Billy replied wearily. 

Billy followed his parents into the kitchen unaware of the situation. His mother rested against the counter top uneasily. ‘ Billy we think you’re old enough to know now that you are getting to an age where you will start to question things and we think you should find out the truth sooner or later…”

‘What is it? Tell me! Am I in trouble or something?!’ exclaimed Billy.

‘No you are not, most definitely not, it’s just we have decided to tell you something’ said dad.

‘Billy………… Santa Claus isn’t real,” they both said in unison.

His mother could see the tears starting to run out of his eyes, she went to hug him with the intention of comforting him but just as she did so Billy managed to escape from her loose grasp. He ran out into the hallway and sprinted up the stairs. His mother could hear the door slam. She went to go and try to calm him down but her husband pulled her back.

‘Let him cry it out, he will be fine in the morning,” insisted his father.

‘I should have waited I knew he was too young to know,” she sighed.

‘Let him sleep it out it will be fine,” her husband reassured her again.

But it was not fine, Billy was in agony up in his room, crying his heart out. He couldn’t believe his family could tell him such a big lie. He felt not only angry, but betrayed. Soon however he had cried himself to sleep.

Billy woke up at exactly 12 a.m. to the noise of something unknown.  Billy was afraid but something magical made him look out the window, he didn’t know why he was doing this but he just felt it was right.

He pulled back the curtains letting the cold air coming from the frozen window drift its way into his room. He stared into the darkness of the Christmas Eve night but in the distance he could see a light, a moving light, coming towards his window. The closer it came the more it revealed the faint sound of jingles which filled his ears.

The light was no longer a light, a sleigh revealed itself amongst the falling snow.

He knew exactly what was pulling the sleigh… he knew his parents where wrong, he knew he was real! He drifted off to sleep happily with the faint sound of “Ho, ho, ho…” ringing in the distant night air.


Santa Paws By Conor Lynch – 6th Class, St. Colmcille’s Gainstown

It was a cold winter morning with snow falling and children playing with their friends and everyone in the festive mood, well nearly everyone…

There was this one young boy named Felix, who didn’t believe in Santa Claus. It was the morning before Christmas day and Felix was walking alone in the park with a pair of knitted gloves and a woolly hat on him. He was looking around seeing all the children playing but this didn’t make Felix smile, in fact, it made him cry. Felix sat down on his favourite bench beside an old lady, looking at the ground. The old lady asked, “Where are you parents young man?” and then suddenly a massive flashback came to Felix…

Felix was five when his parents left him; he remembers that he was abandoned at the side of the road with a pack of tuc crackers and a bottle of apple juice. He saw his parents driving away and his mother crying and the back of the red car driving into the distance and that’s all he could remember.

He didn’t answer the old lady but he ran as fast as he could and when he got tired he took a rest on a single seat where no one could be near him. He looked up and saw a puppy a black one, he said to himself making sure no one heard him and he said, “God I would love one of those…” He asked himself again “how would I get one??”

It was getting late now and so he went back to the home for orphans and lay in his bed thinking about how the cute puppy he could never have. He drifted off to sleep but was suddenly awoken… “What’s that sound? There it is again, it sounds like bells?” he thought to himself.

He went towards his window, opened it and said “Who’s there?!”

Then whoosh, and a dash of red went over his head and he heard a sound he had never heard of before. Suddenly a puppy, just like the one he saw in the park, ran into his bedroom. He cried with happiness and from then on he believed in Christmas and Santa Claus. J      



    “Aammmuuu......wha..?”  Katie mumbled. I had creeped out of my bed , which is very hard    

       to do, what with the creaks and deafening squeaks.  When I had finally made it across the

       landing and made it to Katie's room I had to try an assortment of pinching,  pushing,                       

       pillow screaming and finally after I had a test of a chinese burn she woke up.   “It's

       Christmas.” I whisper.  That seems to do it.  Katie sits bolt upright and carefully tip-toe's 

       to her bedroom door and beckons me forward.  I see on the clock on her bedroom wall   

       that it's 6:30!  This is the latest we've ever woken up on Christmas morning.


       “Come on,” I whisper as my sister slides down the banister.  When Katie hops off the

        banister gracefully we pad softly to the living room.  Mum and Dad wouldn't mind if we

        look in our stocking's.  It's only the fourteen, I counted, presents that are under the tree

        that they dont want us to open yet.  “Oooohhhh,” I hear Katie whisper in awe.  “Nerds

        and Gobstopers!” I role my eyes as she shakes three Gopstopers onto her hand and  

        examines them.  There is something missing though.........hhhhmmmm.........Chestnut our

        spoiled guinea-pig  of course.  How could I miss him?  I skip to the dining room and lift

        our chubby round guinea up from his shavings and out of his cage.  Katie coos when I

        bring him in.


        Mum and Dad stumble down the stairs bleary eyed and nod when we pester about gifts.

        Katie actually screamed when she ripped open her 3DSXL.  I got one too and a load of

        other stuff I dont really want to name right now, because I really have to get to the next

        level on Mario Bros 2.


        I am now standing in mass in my new jumper from Benneton.  Aaahhh, mass gives you the

        break you need.  But not for long enough.  When we get home the relatives start rolling

        in and I am stuck having two choices:  Retreat into the snowey garden or hand around

        hors'douvres to the relatives.  It's not a hard choice.  Anyway I am so full of mince pies I

        needed some air.  When I crunch into the snow, I think of how the day has been so far and

        wonder what will become of next year.

An Unexpected Guest

The stars were lovely and bright as I looked out of the window into the big, black sky. I could smell the turkey and ham cooking away in the oven until

My mum shouted “dinner time!

I took a seat at our old wooden table with the delicious looking food making my mouth water.

My mum said “You can start eating now

And I tucked delightfully into my food.........

Granddad lit the Christmas pudding and the flames burned blue while mum brought over the steaming custard. Fun and laughter echoed the house.

After dinner we all went into our drawing room. The open fire was crackling and burning high and the twinkling candles cast shadows around the room

The evening flew and soon it was time to go to bed. I made my way up to my room and jumped into my bed with great anticipation for what lay ahead.

Just as I was starting to drift off, I was jolted awake by loud clattering thumps coming from the roof. I got out of my bed to look out of the window but all I could see was the moon shining brightly and the big, black sky. I crept down the stairs heading for the front door but then I could hear strange noises coming from our drawing room. Slowly I started to head towards the drawing room door. Cautiously I opened the door and was astonished at what I saw, I saw a little elf standing in-front of the fire place huffing and puffing and tugging at something stuck up the chimney.

Ahhhhhhhh!!!” screamed the little elf as he saw me.

He started to throw sparkly dust into the air while shouting

“Why isn’t this working! Why isn’t this working!”

Shhhhh, don’t shout and what are you doing there?” I said.

“You can see me?” said the little elf confused.

“Yes!” I said.

“You must be a real believer because our magic dust usually makes us invisible to humans” explained the little elf.

“What are you tugging at?” I asked.

“Em....... Santa’s stuck up the chimney because Santa can’t help himself, he has to eat a cookie in every house. Would you mind helping me get him down?” asked the little elf.

“No problem, I’d love to!” I said.

We tugged and tugged and with an almighty Poooofffff!!! Santa dropped down the chimney covered in soot.

Ho ho ho!” laughed Santa as he struggled to get up off our nice cream carpet that was now black and covered in soot.

Merry Christmas!!!” shouted Santa.

Shhhhhhh Santa, my parents are in bed and you will wake them up” I whispered.

“Sorry, now who do we have here?” asked Santa as he took out his nice or naughty list.

“Ah, here we are Miss Amy Dunne. You want a pair of purple and pink shoes and a doll. Is that correct?” asked Santa.

Oh yes Santa, that’s perfect” I said.

Santa then grabbed his sack and started to rummage through it. He then placed two beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree.

“These two presents will be waiting for you in the morning” said Santa.

Thank you so much Santa” I said delightfully.

Suddenly I was overcome with tiredness.

“Now I must go, I have a busy night ahead of me” said Santa.

I said my goodbyes to Santa and then the little elf stepped in-front of Santa and with a puff of magic dust they were gone...........

The morning light cracked through the curtains, I yawned and had a deep sigh. I still don’t know if this memory was a dream....... or was it real?

Just What I Wanted

Tick tock tick tock. This seemed to go on for hours. I sat there in front of the clock, watching the coal in the fireplace as it burns into dust. I keep my eyes on the fire for a glimpse of magic sparkles or a big black boot but of course, nothing. The Christmas tree in the corner of the room was gleaming with lights, tinsel and shiny, golden bobbles, and especially, the shining star on top. The presents underneath it all wrapped up in red, green, silver and gold paper with ribbons and gift tags. As I stare at them I just get the most exciting feeling of opening them up. Then, my nose started to twitch, I took a big sniff and I got the most amazing aroma coming from the kitchen. When I walked in I saw a big, fat, juicy turkey sitting on top of the cooker.  “No, no “said mum, lightly slapping my hand as I try to reach for a slice.  “This is for tomorrow morning” “But mum!” I said desperately. “No buts” said mum “Bedtime!

 I staggered down to my bedroom and put on my red pyjamas with snowflakes on them. I brushed my teeth, combed my hair and then slid underneath my warm, cosy duvet. I tossed and turned and rolled about but no matter how hard I tried, I just could not get to sleep. I kicked down my covers, threw my pillow across the room, curled up in a ball and eventually closed my eyes. Just when I thought I was about to finally fall asleep, came the moment I was waiting for: the sound of jingling bells and heavy reindeer hooves which could only mean one thing and that’s Santa Clause! As quick as I could, I rolled out of bed, trampled down the hall, and leaped behind the giant grey armchair in the living room. I peered over the top of the chair and saw the fire suddenly go out. A big black boot appeared, then another, then a big, jolly looking, curvy man emerged from the fireplace. I could not believe what was happening. I was seeing Santa Clause! I looked on as he placed some beautifully wrapped gifts onto the couch. All with bows and ribbons and paper with all different colours   It all looked so pretty. I gave a little shriek and he turned. Thinking he saw me, I quickly dived back around the armchair. I waited a few minutes until I thought the time was right, then I looked over again, but when I did, he was gone. I was a bit upset because I thought that I had just scared away Santa but I got into a better mood when the sunlight came in through the curtains. It shone onto the tree making it look even brighter. My family came barging into the room.

“MERRY CHRISTMAS” they all shouted. We rushed over to the tree and gave each other the presents that we had bought. Then we all went over to the couch where Santa Clause had placed some of his gifts. I picked up the one that had my name on it. I carefully made a little tear in the paper and slid my hand underneath. I pulled out a beautiful new phone. Just what I wanted! Then we all went into the kitchen and had a delicious Christmas dinner. Mum came over to the table carrying the big turkey. “You can have some now” she said, placing it in front of me.                                                              

“Thanks Mum” I said, hugging her. I helped myself to about eight slices. It was so good I took even more. I seemed to have lost count! I tucked into the rest of the delicious food on the table. Puddings, roast potatoes, mixed vegetables, you name it. I was so stuffed after dinner. I thought I might have had my feed for the year! I went down the hall. I took a shower and then I went into my bedroom to find a gorgeous Christmas outfit hanging on the door of my wardrobe. It was a red velvet dress with a white under top and a matching cardigan and a little red handbag. There was also a pair of shiny red shoes with bows on them and a white pair of tights. “Do you like it” asked mum, peeping in through my door.                                                           

 “Oh mum” I said “I love it”! It all looked so pretty I wanted to get into it straight away so I quickly dried off and unbuttoned the back of the dress. I wriggled into it and put the white tights on underneath. I put on my cardigan, laced up my shoes and slid my bag onto my wrist. I looked in the mirror. I looked really nice. I gave a little twirl and my dress moved around with me, swishing in the air. I loved it so much. I waked up to the kitchen.                                                                                                                                        

“Oh darling you look lovely” said mum as I walked in.  We all loaded into the car and drove off to mass. When we got back home I went straight into the living room. I walked up to the couch and carefully picked up my new phone. It was a white touch screen with pink flowers on the back. I loved it so much. It was the best Christmas ever. Just what I wanted!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                      

John Lizzie and their parents were going on a cruise for Christmas. John wasn’t   exited at all he wanted to wake up in his own house on Christmas day.  His younger sister Lizzie was very paranoid she would be saying silly things their parents go crazy

“mum what happens if the ship sinks what happens if the chimney is to small Christmas could be cancelled for us. Dad tried to calm her down by talking about the upside

“ That’s not going to happen darling the ship is securely safe there’s lifeboats all around the ship plus you get a cup of hot chocolate every day if your good. John interrupted

 Are “ You  sure about it being securely safe  ever here of a  ship called the titanic I don’t want to go on a cruise for Christmas I want to spend it at home.

“Its  not that easy son its already booked come on its going to be great. John rolled his eyes up to heave. The car started heading towards Dublin   Port. Finally after an hour drive they all saw the biggest ship they have ever seen it was called the Karaboujan.          As they were boarding    the cruise ship Lizzie got into her panicky mode again.

“ Wait theirs no chimneys on this ship. Their parent’s eyes rolled. As the family eventually got into their cabin it was time for dinner. Dinner was burgers and chips for the children and pork for the adults. When it was time for the family to go to bed a loud bang shook the ship from side to side.

My name is Hannah Philip and I go to Scoil An Chlochair, Kilbeggan, Co.Westmeath

One Christmas Night

Santa Claus is extra busy this year, making hundreds of toys every minute, but time is running out. It is almost time to deliver presents to children around the world.

The reindeers are ready, and the presents are ready, Santa climbs into his sleigh.... And off he went!

“Wait!” he screamed, he forgot someone, the reindeers panicked and CRASH! The sleigh landed on the crunchy snow,

“Mr. Cane!!!!” Santa shouted, a little elf was running up to him, well not really running since the snow  was about 30 centimetres deep, he was falling and slipping everywhere. Teehee!

“Yes, Santa Claus?” said Mr. Cane,

“I need help this year we have even more presents than usual, would you mind giving me a hand this year?” said Santa nervously,

“Ermmmm ok, I’ll help you” said Mr. Cane,

 “Phew thanks, now quickly get on” Mr. Cane was nervous, he never delivered presents before,

 “What if I make too much noise? What if the kids see me? What if I forget something?” said Mr. Cane in his mind.

The first house was coming, wow! This was a big house! The sleigh landed softly on the roof, thankfully, Mr. Cane took about twenty presents out and into a brown sack,

“Wish me luck” said Mr. Cane, and he tripped and fell down the chimney and landed on lumps of wood.

 “Ouch” he said quietly, his echo was pretty loud, he kept his fingers crossed.

He got up and looked around to make sure that no one was around, he lay the first present down, quietly, he took out the second one, his hands were sweaty because he was so nervous, and he dropped it! The room was so big that the echo blared down the hallway!

He heard something down the hallway, he saw a little shadow . . . Uh oh, and he dashed behind the couch. A little girl saw the elf behind the couch, he little face lit up, like a Christmas tree.

She walked over to the couch and looked behind it, her face lit up even more, like a thousand Christmas trees, “Hello” the little girl said. “Hi” said Mr. Cane “Oh fudge, she’s not supposed to see me! Mr. Cane will be very cross!” said Mr. Cane in his mind.  “Go back to bed, you’re dreaming” said Mr. Cane. “No I’m not” said the little girl. “Yes you are” he said. I’m not, you just told me to go to bed and . . . “Mr. Cane’s belly rumbled. The little girl chuckled “Come with me, I will get you something to eat” Mr. Cane got up and he said “No, thanks anyway, come on I will bring you back to bed” they walked down the hallway then the little girl climbed into her bed,

“Good night and Merry Christmas” said the little girl quietly,

“Good night and a Merry Christmas to you too” said Mr. Cane, he walked out and down the hall and put all the presents under the tree and up the chimney he went and into the sleigh,

“What took you so long, I went to deliver presents to 3 other houses” said Santa Claus,

“Sorry I . . . um . . . never mind” said Mr. Cane quietly,

“What happened?” said Santa Claus looking very serious

“I’ll tell you next year” laughed Mr. Cane.

And that little girl will have a very secret memory forever and ever!

A Christmas Eve

It was Christmas Eve. Me and the family were all so excited. We are all cosy by the fire and all I could think about was what Santa was going to bring.  I had asked for a new purple bike and a cool CD player and a surprise.

Then I started to wonder if I was good all year and if Santa would come at all or would I get any presents at all.  Then I smelled the delicious turkey that Mum has been cooking for the last hour and I was back to normal mode. After we were stuffed to the last with chocolates I put milk and cookies out for Santa. Then I went up to my room and brushed my teeth and got my pjs on

I hopped in to bed and snuggled up all. All I could think about was me on my bike and me listening to music on my CD player. Suddenly I could hear bells and hooves on the roof. I jumped out of bed and peaked down stairs.  To my surprise I saw a big kinda fat (I had to admit that) man,  with a red coat and black shinny boots right in front of me.  He was putting presents around the tree, one big, one small and one medium one.

He didn’t see me so I decided I should go back to bed. When I turned he heard the floor squeaking and said “Who’s there?”

“Chloe”, I said in a low voice.

“Come here”, Santa said.

I could not believe my luck. I sat up on his lap and we shared the milk and cookies that I had laid out that night. We talked about our families. Then it was time. Santa had to go and deliver toys to all the little boys and girls.

“Hope to see you next Christmas”, and of Santa flew.                  

The sparkling, bright fire. The lovely decorated Christmas tree with colourful decorations hanging down from its green, spiky branches. The sound of jingling bells and children singing beautiful carols. The taste of cinnamon on gingerbread men...

I loved Christmas very much but all of us knew that this year would be different. Since Dad left a lot had changed. We didn’t have family dinners, and we didn’t watch comedies on Saturdays, like we always did. I missed him very much, but we kept sending letters to each other. The last letter I received from him said:

‘‘Hello little monkey! How’s Ireland? Is it cold yet? Because here in Afghanistan it is very cold already and it was snowing yesterday. How is Meg feeling? Is Mum ok? I hope their alright. I miss you very much honey... but I have bad news. We are very busy here, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to come home for Christmas... I’m very sorry! Please don’t worry, I will be alright and will be back home in February. I have a big present for you son! Lots of love, Dad. ’’

After reading this, I burst into tears. Christmas wasn’t going to be the same without Dad! I couldn’t imagine it without him. We were all upset but we couldn’t do anything about it. The time flew very quick, and before I noticed, it was Christmas already. I helped Mum put up the decorations and make pudding, but I wasn’t really excited because Dad wasn’t here. I spend the rest of my day watching TV.

 After some time, I got bored and got some cookies for Santa, Dads favourite ones. All I asked for this Christmas was Dad to come back but I thought that it would be impossible. I was going to stay downstairs and wait for Santa, but I soon fell asleep...

I woke up to hear someone in the kitchen. I looked at the cookies and they were gone, but there was no presents under the Christmas tree. I slowly got up and opened the kitchen door...

‘‘Hello son!’’

 I heard a voice coming from behind me.

‘‘Daddy!’’ I screamed.

 I thought that you were not coming back for Christmas!

‘‘I would do anything for my monkey!’’ said Dad.

Merry Christmas!

By Ola Ziarnowska, 6th class, from Scoil An Chlochair, Kilbeggan.

Will I Ever Get That Christmas Tree

OMG! I could smell it, Christmas is near and mom still hasn’t got a Christmas tree .

When ever I ask her she says in this posh voice “When I’m in the mood to get one I will."                                                                

Ok this is not on, one more day to Christmas Eve and I still have not  got that Christmas tree. All I want for Christmas is that tree I prayed every night. YIPEE! Finally mom is in the mood. “Come on I’ll bring you to that Christmas store” she said. The minute I walked in the door I could smell what I had been waiting for.

My life is over I screamed because this ugly lady dressed like Rudolf said “were out of stock”. You don’t know want to know what I said to her. That night I wrote my letter to Mr. Claus,I asked for that tree.

HURRAY! YIPEE! WOW! Christmas is here.

“I’ll just have to froget about that tree” I said, until I walked down the stairs into the sitting room. OMG! I...I..I can’t explain the tree and all I ever wished for was in front of me. It’s a miracle! Don’t forget about your tree HE! HE! HE!

By Charlene Mc Mahon, 6th class, Scoil an Chlochair , Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath.     

My Favourite Christmas Memory

Everyone has Christmas memories whether it’s the smell of a Christmas tree the excitement of the day itself or even sleigh bells on your roof Christmas Eve. It all started when my brother woke me up six o clock in the morning .I ran down the stairs. I looked into the sitting room there was everything I wanted and more. I got anI pod touch. My brother was on skype to my cousin. A couple of minutes later there was a knock at the door.  It was my cousin.  I ate my breakfast. We walked down the road to my cousin’s house in our pyjamas. They had toys everywhere. We walked back to my house. I listened to some music. I ate my dinner and I played with my ipod.

Bella’s Memories

Everyone has Christmas memories, whether it’s the smell of a Christmas tree, the excitement of the Day itself or even sleigh bells on your roof Christmas Eve! This is my cousin Bella’s story.

One Christmas Eve she was walking in the snowy park. She pushed some snow out of the way and sat down on the on the bench. She took out her book and started to read every now and then looking up to watch the young children making snowmen and having snowball fights.

 Once when Bella looked up she got hit in the head by a snowball. All the children looked really scared. The smallest boy walked up to Bella. ‘Please don’t hurt us’ he said ‘We didn’t mean to hit you’. ‘Well’ said Bella, a naughty smile appearing on her face and closing her book, ‘I won’t hurt you, if you let me play too’.

Smiles appeared on the children’s faces. ‘Of course you can play with us’ said the small boy. Bella and the children had a huge snowball fight. When it got dark she went home and had some hot chocolate. When she awoke the next morning, there were lots of presents under the tree for her. It was her best Christmas memory ever.


Everyone has Christmas memories, whether it’s the smell of the Christmas tree or the excitement of the day itself or even sleigh bells on your roof Christmas Eve.

I have a memory from when I was four that Santa came into my room and gave me my Christmas present. He said “Now you sleep with your little teddy and you will have a lot more presents in the morning”. I woke up it was Christmas morning I was so happy. It was great and lots of fun.


My Christmas Memory.

Hi there, my name is Sonna and this is my Christmas memory. So shall we begin?

 It was Christmas Eve and I was tossing and turning in my bed, you see I just had a nightmare. When I woke up I heard a bang on the ceiling.                                                                                                                                                  

I went downstairs to get a drink of water and guess what I saw, it was Santa Claus. He had a list in his hand with names of children and the toys they wanted for Christmas. He also had all of the toys I wanted.

I said hello and Santa Claus got a fright and then I said sorry and he forgave me. I told that I woke up and he said sorry and then I got to meet Rudolph and the other reindeers on the roof.Then you will never guess what happened...

He gave me a ride all around the world and it was really fun. I got to see the entire world and see all the toys and then we went to the North Pole and I got to meet Mrs. Claus and all of the elves.They were very kind.

Then it was getting quiet late. What if I wasn’t home to my family in time for Christmas? So Santa Claus and I raced back to my house in the sleigh. I got back in time and Santa Claus gave me a gift. He said it was a brace let and I could wish to it any time I like. I gave Santa Claus a hug and thanked him and then he had to go.

The End.

 By Sonna Hanlon 4th class Cappagh N.S Co. Offaly


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