October 2017 Short Story Selection

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Hallowe'en Horrors 

Awoken by the ferocious thunder, Thalia gasped. A lightning strike from outside lit up the room, letting her see the time on the clock. 3am. It was officially Halloween. Thalia tried to turn the lamp on, but couldn’t. “Power’s out,” She then heard something in the distance. Thalia placed her feet on the fluffy carpet and crept quietly down the dark, creepy corridor. Coming to a stop before the kitchen door, she sighed. “Somebody just left the radio on.” She laughed and walked into the kitchen. Then she stopped laughing. How could the radio be on if the power’s out?

The light bulb began to flicker. A gust of wind blew out of nowhere, slamming the door shut. It was now locked. The wind was so strong, all the items flew across the room, creating a portal. Thalia lost grip of the table and was thrown into the portal. Thalia began to regain consciousness. She looked around. She saw an eerie carnival in the distance. The people looked ghoulish, not like, well, normal people. “It’s Halloween… they’re probably just dressed up.” Thalia reassured herself. She could see a woman manning an information desk at the entrance, so she walked over.

The woman then noticed her. She had the deepest green eyes, like they were staring into your soul. Thalia gulped and advanced, “H-h-hello…” Thalia greeted. The woman seemed almost intrigued by Thalia, “Hello…” she replied, “I’m Ms. Heinous… anything I can help with?” Ms. Heinous had a creepy, monotoned voice. “I’m just… um, where am I?” Thalia asked. Ms. Heinous chuckled, “You’re in Hallo Ween, of course.” Ms. Heinous picked up a device, like a walkie-talkie. She faced away from Thalia, and whispered into it, “Looks like we have a human on our hands.” Soon after, a man walked over.

“Who do we have here?” the man asked. “Thalia.” Thalia answered. “Well, Thalia, I think Ms. Heinous, looks quite busy here, and you look a bit peckish, so why don’t you come with me? I’m Mr E. Ville, by the way, owner of this fine carnival.” He told her. “Good idea, sir.” Ms. Heinous exclaimed. Mr Ville started to guide Thalia away from the desk, and deeper into the mysterious carnival. They ended up at a booth near the back of the whole carnival. Mr Ville pointed towards a door, telling Thalia there would be some food and drink inside.

Thalia walked in, looking around there was nothing. About to turn around and point this out to Mr Ville, the door slammed. It was locked. Outside, Mr Ville was talking to someone. “We’ve finally found a human… the key to taking over her world… and everyone in it!” he chortled evilly. Thalia screamed, terrified of what was going to happen next.

Thalia began to gasp uncontrollably. It was suddenly pitch black, she could just about make out those flowery curtains she knew so well. She was in her room. “I can’t believe it … that was all a dream.”

Ellie Somers, Glenfarne NS, Co. Leitrim.


Matt’s last Halloween

Matt was so excited, yet so sad, it was his last Halloween. It was the night before Halloween, He was going to make the best of it.

Matt was a straight A student, he was sixteen, has lots of friends and is great at lots of sports. He had no idea what surprise his mum had for him down stairs. His mum called him for dinner, they got pizza, his favorite food.

But…. when he got to the kitchen he saw a big box. Open it said his mum,so Matt opened it. It was the fireworks and roman candles he had always wanted. You’re allowed to take them out with your friend’s tomorrow night said his mum.Matt ran over and gave her the biggest hug ever, “thank you SO MUCH!! Mum” said matt. He couldn’t wait he even forgot completely it was his last Halloween. Matt knew his friends would like it to.Matt knew he was going to have the best day ever.

The doorbell rang, it was 5 pm and it was his friends ready to go to the party.Matt was so excited and showed the fireworks to his friends Collin and Steve.They left for the party at 7,  Matt brought the fireworks in his bag.When he got into the party, He lit one but he didn’t know what would happen.It took flight squealing in the air and blew up saying happy Halloween. Matt thought it was great and the crowd watched cheerfully, it was amazing.He lit one after another and they all flew up with a big boom, it was so cool. This was officially the best Halloween in history.

Harry Balfe, 6th Class, Scoil Mhuire Réalt na Mara, Brittas Bay, Co. Wicklow.


Hallowe'en at Granny's House

Hi, my name is Ben, and I’m here to tell you a story about my Halloween. Shall I begin? Well it all started on the 31st of October 2016, which is the day of Halloween and on that evening my parents always go to the party in the local Town Hall. They don’t get back until late, which means I’m stuck at my granny’s house for the night. I despise staying there as her old house gives me the creeps. I sleep in the spare room in the attic, it has cobwebs everywhere even in the bed clothes. The doors creak when you open them and her tumble dryer makes funny noises, but I don’t have any choice but to stay there.

On that spooky night I woke up feeling thirsty so I got up to get a drink but when I tried to open my door I couldn't.  It seemed to be locked from the inside and there was no key but I didn't lock it so who did? I was extremely terrified and I was shaking so I went to get my phone in the press. When I opened the door a vicious pumpkin popped out and it chased me around the room. I was petrified and all I could hear was the echoing sound of a cackling witch. I again tried to open the door but I couldn't.

Then it all started to drift away and I woke up in a cold sweat, it was all a dream. Thankfully my parents came to collect me and it was all over. Maybe I’ll have a scary dream next year as well. I hope!!!

Gabrielle Hunt, 6th class, Muire Gan Smál, Claremorris, Co.Mayo


The Night of the Dead Alive

I was at my friend Tiernan’s house, Keegan, Matthew and Ning were there too.  It was Halloween night and we were going trick or treating.  As we set off into the dark night, Keegan boasted about how great it was going to be.

Later we spotted something in the distance.  It was flashlights.  Ning wanted to turn back, “it’s only teenagers in the distance trying to scare us,” I explained. “I agree,” muttered Keegan and Matthew.  Ning said that he wanted to still go back himself.

About five minutes later we came by an abandoned house. We saw the lights flicker on and off. ‘’Let’s see what’s going on,’’ Ben said. We all ran in as fast as lightning but as quiet as a feather.

There was no one there and the flickering stopped. Tiernan said he heard something was coming from upstairs. We dashed upstairs. There were three doors. We heard another thud coming from the middle door.

We opened it and there we saw several dummies. As fast as a blink of an eye one had jumped ‘’jumped’’ on top of me. I was gobsmacked. My heart was pounding. I grabbed it and threw it against the wall ... then a ghost ‘’a ghost’’ emerged out of it and quickly shape-shifted into some form of zombie.

It wore dark ragged clothes, had brown hair and illuminating red eyes. It stared us right into the eyes. We were struck with fear. I started shaking, Tiernan turned around to see hundreds of other zombies behind!

‘’We should have listened to Ning’’ muttered Keegan.

‘’Oh yes you should have’’ the zombie exclaimed!

Cillian Ó Duibhir, Rang 5, Gaelscoil Thiobraid Árann.

Goblin Feast

One Halloween night a goblin called Mograin terrorized the whole of Rotberg, looking for yummy people to eat. His bloody butcher’s coat, shaggy brown boots and mouldy vomit-green hat scared the life out of people.

 At half eight Mograin dressed up as The Grim Reaper with a real axe and went “human” trick or treating. He left his cold slimy luminous mushroom house. Mograin got a ride into town from the Headless Horseman. They had to stay in the shadows so as not to spook anyone.

Shortly after his arrival, he had filled thirty-two pillowcase-sized bags with eight people per bag, equalling two hundred and fifty-six devilishly delicious dinners. Then he moved to the largest most ecstatic party ever. Mograin soon filled twelve more bags of children to eat.

    Mograin went on to do more Trick or Treating. One of the houses he went to was the policeman Bob’s. His wife answered the door and was killed instantly. When Bob came home he couldn’t find her anywhere and soon everyone who hadn’t answered their doors to Mograin was coming to him. Then he did some detective work and found out it was Mograin.

Bob went to Mograins uninviting mushroom house. He felt scared but didn’t show it. He went up and knocked and suddenly he was covered in luminous slime, which stung so badly it was like a hive of bees stinging over and over. Unexpectedly, the stinging stopped and Bob dropped dead. He lay there until someone came to see what was taking so long.  When the first person on the scene saw the luminous slime and Bob dead they just walked away.

While this was happening, Mograin was processing his gatherings. Firstly he cut the bodies in half. Then he got his giant juicer and juiced all the blood out of the crisp bodies. Next Mograin took the corpses and he crushed them. Mograin loved the sound of the crushing of bones. The bloodcurdling sound frightens zombies and even vampires. Oh, but some absolutely love the hair-raising, knees-knocking sound like ghouls and trolls. He sized them from snack to dinner size. And because he was so small the food would last him until next Halloween.

Mograin only arises once a year but that doesn’t mean you should walk through the isolated forest he lives in, because Mograin always likes fresh meat.

Elizabeth Byrne, 6th Class, Muire Gan Smál, Claremorris, Co. Mayo.




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