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9 November 2016 | Posted under More To Do

The Right Thing to Do

I was walking to school one day by myself for a change, since I usually walk to school with Kate. But she was feeling sick. It was sort of good Kate wasn’t with me though. She was such a chatter-box! And all I wanted to do was, in my head go over everything I had studied for my Maths test. In fact, I was so busy trying to bring to mind everything I’d learnt the previous night, that I almost didn’t hear my phone ringing. ‘Hi,’ I said. ‘Hi,’ replied the voice. It was Meg. She went on. ‘So when you get to school, meet me by the back of the school,’. ‘Why?’, I asked. ‘Don’t worry about it, just be there’ And with that she hung up.

For the rest of the walk to school, I forgot all about my Maths test. I was worried, curious and nervous about what Meg said, even though she was one of my best friends.

When I get to school, I do exactly what Meg said. But since no students are allowed behind the school, it’s difficult to do without getting caught.

When I reach the back of the school, I see Meg up ahead. She’s grinning from ear to ear. Now I’m really wondering what all this is about. ‘Ava, get over here! I’ve something really cool to show you!,’ she says. ‘Oh no,’ I think to myself. Meg and I have very different ideas on what is ‘cool’. Then as I approach her, she pulls out a pack of cigarettes. ‘I got them from my brother’s back-pack’, she explains. ‘You want one?’ she adds. My mind was racing. In my heart and soul, I knew they were bad for you but I was really tempted to see what they were like. ‘Mmm… The right thing to do?...’

By Ava O’Sullivan, Gaelscoil Tiobraid Árann, Co. Tipperary

The Right Thing to Do

I was walking to school, on my phone, when a text comes in from my best friend Ava in group chat. ‘ The things are in your lockers, get them and meet behind school at 12:15 sharp’. What things, I thought. So that’s exactly what I texted back. Abby replied quickly with one word ‘drugs’ I Stopped in my tracks. Oh Gosh! I said aloud! I didn’t want to ruin my life and take drugs at the age of 16... What should I do???

When I got to school I saw my group of friends coming towards me I gulped nervously and started sweating I felt like they were a collision of cheetahs coming towards me as if they were killers, I felt like I was gonna die when they spoke to me... and then when they did, I finally calmed down and spoke normally. ‘Hey Caoimhe, said Katelyn, ready for 12:15’?’ Ya, I said, but hey, do ye really want to waste your lives taking..  you know..drugs?’ I whispered nervously. I forgot to tell ye in the text message, but I have more than just drugs, I have alcohol and cigarettes too!  Really, Ava? And also I wouldn’t call it a waste of lives’ said Miranda ‘It’s an experience!’ ‘But it’s an experience that could kill ye... eventually!’ I said, getting annoyed with them. See I’m not the best person for individuality I’m more of a ‘go with the pack’ kind of person. Just then the bell rang and we went to the first class of the day...

Just as we finished the 4th class of the day, the bell chimed for lunch 12:10. My heart pounded in my chest!!! Now was the time to make my decision I thought to myself as I walked to my locker to get my packed lunch, and other thing... So I got both ‘things’ and hid the drugs in my lunch bag. I met the girls behind the school just as the clock struck 12:16,’your late’ Abby scowled at me, My bad I said as I made a face at her when she turned around.’ Anyway’ said Ava ignoring our little disagreement, ‘ What shall we start with??’ ‘Cigarettes’ said Katelyn and Ava in  unison‘JINX’ they yelled in unison again ‘shhhh’ Miranda shushed them,’we’ll be caught’!!! ‘Right, sorry’ said Ava. Then I spoke up... ‘Listen, guys ammm I- this is really hard to say... but am wel- ‘ ‘ JUST SAY IT ALREADY, WE DONT HAVE TIME!!!! LUCNCH WILL BE OVER IN 20 MINUTES!!! shouted Abby’. ‘OK, OK, calm down, Abby, look I real don’t want to take drugs, or smoke, or drink- ‘ ‘OK bye’ said Ava, ‘  To be honest we were gonna make you.... You ... bye.’ ‘ Wow!!! Ye took that so well, that was a lot easier than I thought!!! ‘Text ya later’ Said Ava, ‘Bye’ I said, breathing a sigh of relief!!!

By Caoimhe Molloy Hickey, 6thClass, Gaelscoil Tiobraid Árann, Co. Tipperary


Lily gets into trouble

“Lily time to wake up” called mum. Lily groaned, she was dreading this day since she had to move. It was her first day at St Martha’s her new school.

After a few minutes she managed to pull herself from her bed and get dressed. The journey to school was like the usual, her dad trying to make her feel better by telling very bad jokes!

When she got out of the car it still wasn’t as bad! In fact she even met someone outside looking as scared as she was. So Lily took a guess and she was new as well. Her name was Holly.

Lily went inside with Holly who was also in sixth class. They even got to sit beside each other. You can guess Lily went home happy, very happy.

Everything was great… for about five weeks. Then one day Lily did something very bad and Holly got blamed for it. So what happened was.

Lily was just going home when she remembered she had forgotten a book she needed to study for her test on Friday.

So she went back to the school and didn’t even notice that no one was there. Except the biggest meanest principal ever! Or that she was still wearing Holly’s jacket that she gave her to borrow that morning.

She went in to her classroom but couldn’t find her book so decided that she would borrow her teachers, but poor Lily didn’t know that her teacher had marked all the answers.

It was only hours later when she was finished her homework and was starting to study when she found out. But Lily was many thing but she wasn’t a cheat so she put it away but forgot to put it in her bag.

The next morning she went to school all happy with herself because her dad had found her own book that she needed for the test. But when she got there Holly was not in the yard or anywhere to be seen.

Lily asked Lola where she was. “Teacher thinks that she took her book yesterday after school and it had all of the answers to our test” She exclaimed. “But, no that was me” Lily gasped. She ran up to teacher to explain. “Ok” teacher said clearly not believing her. “But you see Lily your principal has proof on the cameras”.

Her teacher brought her in to the principal’s office for her to see the camera footage and there she was wearing the coat but the hood was up so they couldn’t tell who it was but it was clear that it was her the minute she walked out of her class.

“I told you it was me” said Lily and “I didn’t cheat either and my dad found my book in the kitchen ask him I didn’t cheat” So her teacher rang and her dad clarified what she was saying, in the end Lily or Holly didn’t get into trouble.

By Leah McGlinchey 6th class,  St.Johns NS, Ballisodare, Co.Sligo.  

Catching the one-gloved thief

Hhhuuuuhhh! Kyle sighed, he was walking home sopping wet from football training. It was quarter to nine on a Tuesday night of December. He was so tired that he was beginning to think that his legs would fall off. Normally he was pretty nervous walking through this part of town as it was quite rough. At the moment though he was too tired to even think straight.

Then suddenly before he could even turn his heard a loud screaming cry of help and then a BANG!, it was a gun, no more than a second later he heard a window smash and out came a man. He had come from the bank just a little bit down from where Kyle was standing. the man was running at a pace now towards Kyle with  a gun in one hand a big bag on his back. Kyle couldn’t move a single muscle or bone in his body. the man ran all the way up to Kyle, grabbed him by his collar and whispered into his ear,” if I find out that you ratted me out to the police you can trust me when I say, you’ll be a gonner!”. Then the man ran off leaving Kyle motionless on the path behind him.

Kyle eventually got himself together, he was stumbling a lot but managed to make his way home. “Kyle what is wrong you look ill” cried his mother. “It was just  a hard training session” he mumbled. “Ok?” replied his mum looking quite unsure.

That night Kyle couldn’t sleep a wink, he kept on replaying over and over what the man had said to him earlier.

The next morning the murder and robbery was all over the news< there was articles all over the newspaper about the incident and there were news reporters all over the world reporting on it too. There were pictures on every sign post saying if anyone had seen him or had any information on the incident please contact the police.

Kyle’s tummy was turning and there was a lump in his throat, even though he knew nothing would happen, he was still uneasy about the whole thing and was trying to keep it to himself.

After a few days the police had found a clue, it was a glove, they were then asking people had they seen a man with one glove on and if they had seen him to describe him to them/ Kyle couldn’t help it anymore he knew he had to do the right thing, he told his mum he was going to his friends house when really he went down to the police station, The police took the information, and Kyle went back home.

A few days later there was a letter in the post, it was from the police thanking Kyle for his help and that they caught the crook. Kyle smiled, it was cool to think that he saved the whole town.

By David Butler, 6th Class,  Scoil Mhuire Réalt Na Mara, Brittas Bay, Co. Wicklow




Back to another school term and everybody seems so happy to be back for a new school year. Everyone has lots of what they have been up to during the summer. As the bell rang we lined up for class and as we approached our classroom a girl was sitting quietly in our classroom.

Our teacher Ms. Collins introduced us to Sally. Sally had moved into our area and she was joining sixth class. She seemed very shy and nervous about this experience. I was assigned to sit beside Sally. She was very small and had oval spectacles. She looked quite mysterious but she seemed very nice when we started talking.

She began talking about a lot of things that I figured was strange. She made me feel quite uncomfortable as she told me not to tell anyone. I thought to myself  I would be loyal for now , however it remained in the back of my mind. As the days went by she started to tell me more and more discreetly. Which led me to believe that this was no joke. I felt I had to do something about it. But I didn’t want to betray her trust. She had been telling me about her last bulling experience in her last school so that’s why she moved to Hill Street Castle National School to be along with us. I found it very hard to concentrate after hearing about her terrible experience. She said she is still being bullied by her victim on social media.

I could see how upsetting this was for Sally as every time she talked about it her eyes filled up with tears. I told her to tell her parents but she said she was too afraid to tell them as the bully had her terrified and warned her not to tell anyone, and I found it hard to believe that she told me instead.

Now I knew for definite it was my time to act but what was I to do? I went home feeling restless about my next move. I went into my bedroom and thought for a while. That’s when I decided to tell my mother. That’s when mammy decided to have Sally over for a play date. So when Sally’s parents come to pick her up she will talk to Sally’s parents.

The next Saturday Sally came to my house we went swimming and when we were finished we went to Supermacs because we were absolutely starving. It was about six o’ clock by the time we got home.

Sally’s mammy Kate came to pick her up and mammy had a word with her. There were butterflies in my stomach as they were talking. After Sally went home mammy said that Kate would have a word with Sally.

On Monday morning I was so nervous as I approached the gate of the school. Sally came up to me with a big bubbly smile, “thank you so much for telling my mammy. Now the bully is really nice and she said she will never be mean to me again.”


Harry the Friendly Dragon

Harry isn’t like most dragons. He HATES seeing people upset and he bakes cookies! Harry is very caring towards people. The problem is…..Nobody in the town trusts him. But Harry had an Idea to gain the trust of the town……

Harry was flying over town one day and while thinking of how he can gain the trust of the town…He spotted an old homeless man.He was lying on a piece of cardboard and had no blanket or food. He look as though he hadn’t eaten in days!”The poor man!” thought Harry. He flew over to him and tried to get some information out of him.”Hello I’m Harry the dragon. I see that your all alone and very hungry and tired. Would you like to come up to my cave and have a drink of water and a cookie or 2 or 3 or 4?” began Harry. The man was too frail to speak and could only manage a small nod. So Harry gently picked him up and put him on his back.

Back in Harry’s cave, where the man had been given a big woolly blanket, a drink of fresh water and a couple of cookies, he gathered up the strength to talk.”My name is John Nichols… I was kicked out of my house by the landlord and was forced to live on the streets…all I had left was that bit of cardboard from the floor…”Then he broke into an awful cough.”Oh you poor man!”exclaimed Harry.”Nobody has the right to treat you like that! Don’t worry, in a few days time…when your better and more stronger I’ll fly you down to the town centre and they will tend to your needs.”

So in a couple of days time, the man was all ready to go. He was strong enough to walk, but Harry insisted on giving him a ride. So off they went. As he flew closer to the town centre he gave an almighty ROAR to attract people to the centre. Soon everyone was in there to see what was going on.” This man was kicked out of his home by his landlord!” shouted Harry as John climbed slowly off his back.” Hello everyone, I was a homeless man who lost everything he knew and loved. In a split second everything I had….gone. I was near death when this kind dragon Harry flew down beside me and took me back to his cave. There he gave me a warm blanket and a few of his gorgeous HOME-MADE cookies! This dragon should be praised and welcomed by all here!” finished the man as the town looked at Harry in awe.

“Oh Harry! Well done!””Ya! You were amazing Harry!” Every single person came up to Harry, patted him well done and praised him. Soon after John and Harry said farewell to each other. ”I won’t ever forget you and what you did for me said John.”And I’ll never ever forget how you helped me gain the trust of the town. ”They shared one last smile as John walked away with the crowd.

By Shauna Hegarty, 6th Class, Scoil Mhuire, Knockraha, Co. Cork.


                                      Why me??

Hi, my name is Sarah. People usually call me Selfish Sarah. For what reason I don't know but one day I realised why. Well maybe...

I woke up, had my breakfast and went to school like every other day. It kinda gets boring after a while. We were one week into school since it started.
"Hi" I said to Lily. (One of my only best friends) "Hi Sarah, did you hear about the school drama contest?" I realised I hadn't. "Sure I replied. Who didn't?" Ding, ding ding. "Well see you after class!" "Bye!!"

"What drama contest?" I thought to myself. Ahh, nothing interesting. "Lily! Can I tell you something about that  contest?" "Yes" she replied. Well you know this is my opinion but... it is a waste of time you know!" Lily looked at me with a bright red face. "Well your opinion."  "You shouldn't start in it....I'm not starting." That's the point where she walked away. It was how she just went off. Very rude!

The day came when the drama contest thingy was on. I came to see it just for Lily. And actually she won! I couldn't believe my ears or eyes.
"Wow Lily! How did you do that?" "You know," she said "You have to have confidence no matter what and always have the guts to do the right thing, no matter what! People might say different things to you but don't listen to them!"

A few days passed and I haven't talked to Lily. "Hello" I heard a voice behind my back. "Lily!!" I screamed! Then I jumped back and saw I was wrong. It was my teacher. "We have news to tell you Sarah."

"Lily unfortunately has moved school because people where letting her down and she got bullied. She left a note for you." It read:

Dear Sarah,
Sorry for not telling you. I have not moved far away so we can talk and visit each other sometime. I was let down by people and bullied so I had to do this. Maybe we will meet on Friday? Well...see you then! :)
P.S. I left you a present!

I could not believe what I saw. The present was… the trophy that she got for her drama contest but instead of 'Drama Contest Winner' it said:
'Best Friend Forever.'
 By Amelia Pajek, 5th Class, St. Manchan’s NS.

(Hi, Amelia here. This is something that happens in a lot of school right now- bullying especially. Please, I'm saying this to all readers of The Primary Planet! "Stop bullies or don't be put down by others. It's your, and only your, life and don't let it be ruined by all those people!"
I hope this will help a lot of you!)


The Unlikely Pair

Melissa was fed up with Greg bullying her.  She wanted to stand up to him but she was too scared. He was twice her size after all!

Gregory Maloney, the school bully, was in 6th Class and the toughest boy in school. His favourite pastime was flinging people into the recycling bin. Fun for him, but not for the victim.

Melissa O’Connell, was in 4th Class and quite small for her age. She liked reading and sometimes, when Greg came and put her in the bin, she would just take out a book and sit there for a while, reading.

But, one day, when Melissa and Greg came to school, there was something a bit different about it. And weirder still, nobody else seemed to have noticed!

There were new security cameras and lasers around the Principal’s Office, even a cannon!! Melissa and Greg were very confused and both were determined to figure out what on earth was going on!

“I wonder why there is so much new security round the Principal’s Office. I’m gonna find out!” mused Greg.

“Hmm…what’s with all this security?! I wonder if anyone else noticed. Nobody seems to care!” pondered Melissa.

Melissa wandered round the school, looking for someone else who seemed confused. She could not find anyone but at last, she noticed someone else that was looking muddled. She started walking closer, to see who it was, and then she saw.


She stared in shock but soon realised that he was the only one who could help her find out what was going on. She approached him carefully, she was still scared of him.

“Err… Greg? Umm… What’s going on?” “I think the Principal’s gone crazy! But I don’t really know. Do you want to find out?” asked Greg. “Yeah! Let’s go to the library, we can find out some stuff in there!” exclaimed Melissa!

After some time in the library, the unlikely pair realised the only thing for it was direct action. They scavenged round the school for supplies but all they could find was a long piece of rope.

They took it anyway, as Greg said he had an idea. He wouldn’t tell Melissa what his idea was but he cut it in half and put it in his bag.

They decided to sneak into the Principal’s Office and wait until he got back. Then they would confront him!

They crawled under the lasers and below the cameras, they went round cannon and opened the door and snuck into the room. They hid in a corner and when the Principal got back, they jumped out!

“What’s all this about?!” roared Greg! “Muahahahaha! I’ve gone crazy!!” screamed the Principal. They tied his hands and legs together with the rope and called the police.

The Principal was taken to a high security prison and Greg and Melissa became great friends!!

And they all lived happily ever after!

Until the next crazy dilemma of course!

By Saoirse Connolly, Sixth Class, St.John's NS, Ballisodare, Co.Sligo.


Having the Guts to Do the Right Thing

It was the start of a new class year. Emer and her friends assembled in the classroom. There was a new girl standing at the top of the class. She was tanned and had short black shiny hair with sparkling blue eyes. Emer's teacher Ms. O'Conor introduced the new girl to the class. Her name was Ranomi.

Emer wanted to be friends with Ranomi but her friends made it clear that they didn't want to include Ranomi in their friendship. At playtime they were playing basketball but made the rules so that there were four people per team, which meant that Ranomi couldn't be included in the game. Emer was aware of what they were doing and it made her feel sad, but she didn't have the guts to stand up to them.

The children were doing a project on Inclusion Ireland which included how different cultures and those with disabilities are included in Ireland today. That evening Emer and her sister Jane were having boiled eggs for supper. She noticed that her egg shell was a different colour to her sister's. When they opened them they were exactly the same on the inside.

They were also eating a salad. She looked at all the different vegetables and colours. Although they all looked different they worked well together.

That evening she thought that this was similar to real life. Although we all look so different and have different abilities, we are the same on the inside. She knew deep down that the groups behaviour wasn't right. She was aware that she couldn't change their behaviour but she could change her own.


On Sunday Emer saw Ranomi on the beach sitting on the sand looking sad. When she saw Emer she noticed her wanting to disappear into the sand.A simple "Sorry" wasn't enough. " Do you want to build a sand castle with me?" Emer asked.  Ranomi and Emer spent the whole afternoon on the beach together laughing and having fun. The other girls arrived and starred at them silently. Emer stood up to them and held Ranomi's hand.  They sang Ireland Ireland forever standing tall, shoulder to shoulder Ireland includes all.

The girls all laughed and continued to play until sunset when the light joined the dark. It was a magical moment.

By Alannah Cunningham, 6th Class, Realt Na Mara NS, Rosses Point, County Sligo.



Tara was walking to school one day when she saw something stuck in the hedge. It was a black kitten, she took it out of the hedge and looked for the owner, sometime later she found  a note on a tree saying  "missing black kitten" if found go to Peperman Road, Library Street, House no. 21."

Tara walked all the way to the address, which was quite far, she knocked on the door and an old woman looked out the window from between the curtains, then unlocked the door and said "oh thank you young lady for returning Midnight"  Tara handed over the kitten who was purring loudly with all the attention. The old lady said you may have a reward for your kindness and she handed Tara a small currant bun.  She said eat it and make a wish and within one hour your wish will be granted, but be careful what you wish for. Tara thought this strange but she ate the bun, said thanks and started to walk home, a short distance away she turned to wave at the old lady and the house and the old lady had gone, vanished.

Tara spent two days thinking of what she had witnessed but could not understand it. On the third day her younger brother Tom was tricking and stole some things from her bedroom. Without thinking she wished he had never been born "Poof" he was gone.  Tara was happy for a few minutes then she realised she had used her wish and knew she had to do the right thing and try to undo it.

 She set out for the old lady's house, but she brought her phone this time. When she arrived the house was just where she had seen it before, had she imagined it had disappeared before? The old lady saw her and came out to the door she was nice and said I know what happened I am working on a potion to get him back but I need you to get a few things for me.

12 crickets

A hamster

A dog’s toe

It was getting late and a bit cold so Tara ran most of the way home. When she got there her mom was waiting for her, but no sign of her brother. The very next morning Tara went to the pet shop and got the crickets and the hamster and the vet said he had a dogs toe "yuck" (but he didn’t ask questions which was good).  Delighted because she had everything she rushed to the old woman’s house as fast as she could, the old lady boiled the toe in a pot, she only wanted the hamster and crickets for pets, and then took some of the potion and went outside and threw it in the air.  She said go home and hopefully all will be back to normal. Tara thanked her and off she went home.

 Then suddenly she woke up, what happed? Was it all a dream? Her little brother ran into her bedroom and jumped up on her bed and she was so delighted to see him that she nearly missed what was sitting on the end of her bed- a black kitten.

By Gillian Fennelly, Stoneyford National School, Stoneyford, Co. Kilkenny.




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