Paragraph Project #15

7 May 2020 | Posted under

Here, we'll give you a sentence to begin your creative paragraph with. All you need to do is take it from there. But don't go too mad -- it's a paragraph, not a novel.

The trick is, you try to make it as exciting, sad, happy, scary or interesting as you can. When you have it completed, pop it in the comment box below or download and print a worksheet by clicking here. That evening, we'll go through all the paragraphs and publish the best of the lot. If you write a paragraph and it doesn't get published, don't give up -- we have many more of these planned for the coming weeks!

Pens out, keyboards ready, creative juices flowing? Let's get writing!

Today's opening sentences:

Never before had I seen something so big, yet here I was looking in amazement, not fear.

And remember, share this activity with your friends, neighbours, cousins and grandparents. Writing is for all! 

CHECK OUT SOME OF THE GREAT PARAGRAPHS FROM LAST MONTH by clicking the picture below and reading the comment box:


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