The Best Day Ever! By Sheanna Moriarty

Today is the day I can feel it in my bones said Anya excitedly. Her friend Hannah didn't think so her stomach was full of butterflies and she felt a bit sick. Anya sighed don't be nervous Hannah you have a great pony and its just a show-jumping competition you'll be great. I still don't know who I'm even riding your lucky.

It was half past 10 everyone's ponies were groomed and tacked. Anya was first to go. She went in and jumped well with no faults. While Hannah was getting ready the score board was put up. Finally it was Hannah's turn she jumped well also, but knocked a fence.

The announcer asked for some quite. In first place Anya in second place Hannah and in third place Lilly. Well done. Hannah and Anya were delighted. Hurray they all shouted at the same time. The day was great but now it's time for bed said the two girls tiredly.

By Sheanna Moriarty, Age 11, school address Blennerville N.S. Co.Kerry

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