The Paragraph Project #11

21 April 2020 | Posted under

Every day, we'll give you a sentence to begin your creative paragraph with. All you need to do is take it from there. But don't go too mad -- it's a paragraph, not a novel.

The trick is, you try to make it as exciting, sad, happy, scary or interesting as you can. When you have it completed, pop it in the comment box below. That evening, we'll go through all the paragraphs and publish the best of the lot. If you write a paragraph and it doesn't get published, don't give up -- we have many more of these planned for the coming weeks!

Pens out, keyboards ready, creative juices flowing? Let's get writing!

Today's opening sentences:

As the sun slowly appeared over the horizon, I felt something stir inside me ...

And remember, share this activity with your friends, neighbours, cousins and grandparents. Writing is for all! 


Through the trees I could see something approaching. My knees started to tremble. The mist cleared and I could see the silhouette of a large hairy black creature and from its mouth hung a poor animal who had been snapped up for its tea. The creature had sharp claws and pointed ears that listened for any sound at all. It’s long heavy tail beat the ground as it walked and blood dripped from its huge sharp teeth. I stood as still as I could while the moonlight shone down on my face. I gripped my bag and got ready to run but just as it emerged from the shadows I realised that it was my cat! She was coming back from hunting in the fields with a mouse hanging from her mouth. “Smoky!” I exclaimed, “Was that you all along?”

By Ríonach Fleming

Through the trees I could see something approaching. My knees began to tremble. I could feel the warmth of the creatures deep breathing upon me. It wreaked of sweat and nasty old fish. I ran, I ran as fast as my feet could carry me, until I could run no more. Although I could still hear the creature's heavy footsteps he was no longer near me. Until I heard a wild moan, and that's when I found out that it was no bear that I had imagined, but a great big wolf. My heart began to thump as I could hear it getting closer, I bolted past all of the trees until I had made it out of the forest, not looking back, I ran wondering how I had outrun a wolf? I was far enough away from the dark forest to see the clearing, yet far enough to be at a safe distance. That was when I saw it was neither a great big bear or a ferocious wolf, much, much worse.

By Phoebe Lynott, Age 11

Through the trees I could see something approaching. My knees started to tremble. I closed my eyes. If you don't see it, it isn't happening, I thought. I could hear twigs snapping, and bushes rattling. It began to get dark when I opened my eyes. I walked into the direction of what I thought was home, but I had no idea where I was going since it was so dark. I saw a small cottage with a purple-ish light coming through the gap of the door. I didn't hesitate to go in. I was safe in this house whether I liked it or not. I opened the door and It creaked very loudly. I sat at the table, and at the centre of it was a very shiny purple globe. I got a fright when a woman appeared at the table. She told me how she was a fortune teller. She told me that whatever it was coming for me was trying to kill me and that it would succeed. I didn't believe her, but I left the tiny house still shivering. I checked my watch. 3:48 was the time. Gosh, my parents would be worried. Then I heard another crackle from the bush. A figure was coming towards me. It was a shadow the was hovering in the air. 'if you don't see it, it isn't happening,' it whispered. It repeated. 'If you don't see it, it isn't happening.' I was closing my eyes at the time but when I opened them, it was still there. I felt a horrible pain in my stomach. I felt very dizzy now. 'I warned you, you fool.' it whispered. I then blacked out. Into a never ending sleep, It took my life. I never knew why, but I learned my lesson. I should've gone home. THE END.

By Niamh Slattery

Through the trees I could see something approaching. My knees started to tremble. I had never been more frightened in my life. As whatever was there came closer, I could see it wasn't something to be scared of. It came to a stop beside me, and I nearly fell over. I knew what this creature was. My Grandmother had told me, but I wasn't sure whether to believe her or not. This creature was called a Treewind. Treewind's were little pixies that protected forests. They also carried around flutes that played enchanted music that put you in a deep sleep. As this Treewind raised her flute I didn't run. I felt my eyelids droop and heard the happy laugh of the Treewind before I fell to the ground in a deep sleep.

By Jessica Hyneso 


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