The Paragraph Project #12

22 April 2020 | Posted under

Every day, we'll give you a sentence to begin your creative paragraph with. All you need to do is take it from there. But don't go too mad -- it's a paragraph, not a novel.

The trick is, you try to make it as exciting, sad, happy, scary or interesting as you can. When you have it completed, pop it in the comment box below. That evening, we'll go through all the paragraphs and publish the best of the lot. If you write a paragraph and it doesn't get published, don't give up -- we have many more of these planned for the coming weeks!

Pens out, keyboards ready, creative juices flowing? Let's get writing!

Today's opening sentences:

When I managed to relight the torch, my eyes readjusted and I stood there, unable to take in all I saw.

And remember, share this activity with your friends, neighbours, cousins and grandparents. Writing is for all! 


As the sun slowly appeared over the horizon, I felt something stir inside me. I sat up and looked around at the beautiful meadow I was in.Then I looked at my dog Molly who was lying on the blanket beside me. ‘We better get going soon’ I said to her in a quiet voice . I packed up the blanket and all of my books.We set off in the direction of the river. When we reached the river Molly splashed away happily in the water loving every moment . I sat leaning up against the old tree and memories came flooding back . I used to come here with my mother all the time. My mother had past away few months ago and I have been on the run since then.After a few hours of sitting there with Molly we eventually fell asleep.In my sleep I had a dream and in it a woman approached me. As she got closer I saw that it was my mother`s spirit! She told me not to worry and that she would always watch over me and love me. I woke up with a start the next day. I felt better than I had in months because I knew I would always have someone keeping me safe! THE END

By Alanna Murray 

As the sun appeared over the horizon, I felt something stir inside me. All my emotions came flooding out. Emotions of joy, happiness and excitement of what lay ahead of me. I never thought entering an art competition for fun would win me a ticket to Uachtarán na hÉireann, to meet the president himself Michael D Higgins. I am usually not an early riser, but on this occasion I was so excited that I got up at the crack of dawn. As I got out of bed my legs nearly gave way with nerves. I arrived in Dublin. There were loads of other children there. Maybe children that had won other competitions. "Follow me" a security guard said, as he led us down the corridor. I started to have second thoughts about meeting the president. What if I fell, said something to insult him or even worse again break something. I had no time to run because the security guard was unlocking the door. As I gazed through the door an amazing sight met my eyes.......

By Oisin Conneely 

As the sun slowly appeared over the horizon, I felt something stir inside me; it was the excitement of the day ahead. Walking through the meadows with the sun in our face and the birds on their morning flight. The adventure had begun, map in hand and the backpacks packed, Cillian next to me with a cheeky grin making our way to the abandoned gold mine feeling confident that we were going to hit the jackpot. As we approached the ancient underground mines the feeling of terror and delight when I noticed the red X on the rock. I knew the map was genuine and not an imitation as my friends have thought . Noticing that the rock was loose one big push and we had our entrance. Our headlamps shone brightly as we entered the dark cave, Cillian ahead leading the way. Suddenly we are in darkness, our headlamps turn off, afraid that we will never find our way to the gold.

By Seán O'Baoill 

As the sun slowly appeared,I felt something stir inside me…..

Something wasn’t right. I was taking my sister to the park.I could hear the birds chirping in the trees above me.Suddenly I heard a scream coming from the woods.My sister was no longer beside me.I ran to the woods and screamed her name I searched for hours but she was nowhere to be found.I sat down under a tree and began to cry.Our parents were out of town.I her big sister was supposed to take care or her.I had no hope left in me I was about to walk home but then I heard a noise in the distance.I thought it was some teenagers messing about in the woods but then a figure jumped out of the bushes i nearly jumped out of my skin. I saw that it was a venomous snake. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I knew I wouldn't see my sister ever again because of that awful venomous snake.

By Sibéal Ní Shéaghdha and Aisling Ní Shúilleabháin

As the sun slowly appeared over the horizon I felt something stir inside me. I had a pounding headache and my body was stiff all over, but i felt a bit of relief now that it wasn't so dark. Perhaps I might be able to grab something to move this stupid rock off my foot but I saw nothing useful to help me. I tried reassuring myself that my parents would have called the police by now since i hadn't come home, but deep down I knew they wouldn't be able to find me. "They will never think of checking this cave", I thought mournfully. At least I didn't go too far into the cave or else I wouldn't be able to see the sunlight. Why had I decided to explore this secluded cave?. A few hours later (at least I think it was a few hours) I heard a weird rustling sound, I turned around, something was running towards me and then I screamed and then……. SNAP CRUNCH!

By Éimhín Dalby 

As the sun slowly appeared over the horizon, I felt something stir inside me ...
Remembering, remembering how we could sit here all day looking out over the town. It brought back memories, some good, some bad. I love to think about the days we sat here with our picnic blanket and basket." She thought, a tear running down her cheek. "How could they had let this happen, I miss her so much. I knew her voice sounded off the last day we met", she thought. The girl sat down just where she would sit every time they would come together, the town was quiet, no cars, no bikes, no light apart from the shop windows. Everyone was at home, where it was safe. "Everyone must be wondering where I am, I better get home before someone catches me or even worse, I catch 'something'. A few weeks later she passed away because she caught 'something'

By Phoebe Lynott

As the sun slowly appeared over the horizon, I felt something stir inside me, I couldn't believe my eyes! It was amazing, there, right in front of my eyes stood the most delicious house I had ever seen. That's right, this house was made of sweets and chocolate. After ten minutes of staring I decided to go inside. There was a giant staircase made of hershey's and dairymilk, as I climbed the stairs, I heard something pass behind me. I looked around to see what it was but couldn't see anything but a huge cauldron filled with potions and rabbits feet. Out of nowhere a horrible witch caught me and began to drag me towards the cauldron. I was screaming for help but I knew there was no one to save me. I closed my eyes tightly dreading the thought of being thrown in the cauldron and seeing my family again. I could feel something pulling at my legs. I tried desperately to kick it away but when I opened my eyes there was no witch there... just my mother standing at the end of my bed pulling at my leg trying to wake me up! It was all just a dream and I was late for school

By Conchúr 

As the sun slowly appeared over the horizon, I felt something stir inside me. I felt inspiration spark! I had a huge class project and could not decide what to write about, but as the sun light creeped across the hill where I was walking, it hit me, Rabbits! I had just tripped over a rabbit hole and that had inspired me. My problem now was, how could I get close enough to study them? Rabbits are skittish, nervy and hard to study. I really wanted to know what the world of rabbits was like, what did it mean to be a rabbit? Did anyone really know? I decided that in order to do this right, I would have to think like a rabbit and live like a rabbit. Then I thought, I need to climb into one of their holes and down into their burrows. Only problem was, I hated small dark places! I was determined, I would have to get over my fears. So I did. I crawled to the edge of the rabbit hole. It was very dark and stinky and full of cobwebs. Dirt crumbled underneath me, in my nails, nose, mouth and hair. I squeezed on, the tunnel getting smaller and tighter, and then I saw it, I saw something black and white in front of me… Oh No! I had climbed into a skunk den, what would I do?

By Sadhbh Ní Shlattara 

 As the sun slowly appeared over the horizon, I felt something stir inside me. Chills began to run through my cold, shivering body. I heard some low,eerie whispering behind me.Every bit of me was screaming to run, but I turned round and saw a dark figure in the shadows at the edge of the tall, creaking woods.I called out to it and it began to walk towards me. It was only when I got a good look of it that I felt the first bit of fear seep into me. It looked exactly like me! At first I thought it was just my friend wearing a costume,but once it came close to me I knew that this wasn't a creepy joke. It's lips curved up into a horrible,stretched and twisted grin.I screamed and tried to run, but it grabbed me! I twisted and writhed around, trying to escape from its grip,but it just cocked its face back and released a maddening laugh that bore into me.And in the years to come I would never forget that hideous laugh or that wretched,bone chilling smile...

By Aoibhe Ni Chadhain

As the sun slowly appeared over the horizon, I felt something stir inside me... It was a feeling of complete and utter relief. I felt safer than I had ever felt before. I didn't want to get up, because if I did, terrible things would happen. I felt a pang as I remembered what had happened the the day before, when my mother, my father, my sister and my brother had been killed when a bomb fell on our house. I was sat on the giant oak tree, waiting for them to come. I can still remember the bomb landing on our house, the scream of my younger sister Ellie and the explosion, and that was when I knew I was alone. All I had left was a photo of my family, tucked safely in my pocket. I didn't know why the bomb was dropped, I didn't know if it was an accident, and what I certainly didn't know was that I was in the midst of a war. A war that would later be known as World War 2.

By Jessica Hynes 

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