The Paragraph Project #13

23 April 2020 | Posted under

Every day, we'll give you a sentence to begin your creative paragraph with. All you need to do is take it from there. But don't go too mad -- it's a paragraph, not a novel.

The trick is, you try to make it as exciting, sad, happy, scary or interesting as you can. When you have it completed, pop it in the comment box below. That evening, we'll go through all the paragraphs and publish the best of the lot. If you write a paragraph and it doesn't get published, don't give up -- we have many more of these planned for the coming weeks!

Pens out, keyboards ready, creative juices flowing? Let's get writing!

Today's opening sentences:

Its wingspan was bigger than anything I had ever see before, and, perhaps most worryingly, it's beak was pointed directly at me and closing in at an alarming rate!

And remember, share this activity with your friends, neighbours, cousins and grandparents. Writing is for all! 


When I managed to relight the torch, my eyes readjusted and I stood there, unable to take in all I saw. I was convinced that my eyes were deceiving me, it was unbelievable. This could not be real. I had never seen anything like this before in my entire life! In fact, I was sure that no one had ever seen this before. I turned off the torch again, I needed time to think... should I take it or leave it? Mymind raced with all the options but really when I thought about it there was only one thing that I could do but the truth was I didn't want to do it but I had to, there was no way out of this. I swore that I would never be caught in this situation again. No matter how much money they offer me or what promises they make, I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever never, ever do it again. Nothing is worth the trauma I am about to put myself through. I turned the torch back on, lifted my bebe brother out of his cot and headed to the baby changing unit to change his nappy!

By Conchúr 

When I managed to relight the torch, my eyes readjusted and I stood there, unable to take in all I saw. Me and my friends were just in the woods then, but my torch started going green along with the fire coming from it. Then suddenly, I was blinded by a green light that was coming from the other side of the forest. It drew closer and closer until a big BANG came out of the direction of the green light. Me and my friends backed away, as we new it wasn't safe, but it was one of those, I don't want to look but I cant stop looking things. There were figures coming closer, but...One of them had four arms, and the other one's head looked like in inflated balloon. They came closer until their faces looked like they has just seen an oompa loompa steal their Cheetos. I hesitated to go over, but I looked to see if my friends had gone already. I couldn't see them. I turned around to see if they were behind me, but no! When I turned back around, I could recognise the faces of the aliens then were coming. there were 5 now. They were my friends! They recognised me, as soon as they were about to talk. They ran away! I never even got to hear what they had to say. the end :)

By Niamh Slattery 

When I managed to delight the torch, my eyes readjusted and I stood there, unable to take in all I saw. There, sat around what seemed to be a small box were six or seven children, all around the age of nine. The thing was, they couldn't be human. Their hair was changing colour, going from bright blue to sunny yellow and every other unnatural could think of. They wore clothes that looked like they had been made from flowers and leaves. Long, gossamer wings coming from their backs were flapping gently. I was terrified, but these non-human looking children seemed unfazed. The girl closest to me held out her hand and beckoned me, so I took a few cautious steps forward and sat down shakily beside them. "What - what - what are you?" I stammered. "We're Sprites," said the boy opposite me, grinning. "Not fairies. Sprites are much better. It's our job to protect enchanted forests." Suddenly, the box we sat around exploded and it was a few seconds before I realized I was rising, into the air, rising from so high...

By Jessica Hynes 

When I managed to relight the torch, my eyes readjusted and I stood there, unable to take in all I saw
I knew before my torch started working again that i was in a dark room because I felt no breeze, but it still scared me. I cast my torch around the room, the only things in the room was a door, bucket, a glass of water and a slice of bread. My hands were bound together with a strong rope and the same with my legs. Why was I in this room? and then suddenly the memories came flooding back I remember getting into a car with a man that said he was my uncle and I don't remember anything else so I'm guessing he drugged me. I struggled to get up but finally managed, but what was the point the door was locked and bolted and i was scared of getting drugged again so I didn't take a sip of water or a bite of the bread and I was certainly not doing my business in a bucket. I then heard footsteps and hopped back to the place I found myself at first. I heard the bolt taken off and the man unlocking the door I started screaming at him "I might have to gag you too" he said. I wondered why he hadn't done that before and as if he was answering my thought he said "No one could hear you because were out in a deserted, secluded place". I started screaming again "YOU ARE A MEAN MAN , LET ME GO" but of course I was just wasting my breath. If i get out of here I will never get into another car again but goodness knows what will happen next I suppose time will tell………..

By Éimhín Dalby 

When I managed to relight the torch, my eyes readjusted and I stood there unable to take in all I saw. At first I was surprised that I wasn't hurt after I tumbled down the hole! It led me to an underground cave full of majestic ruins and a statue inside a little building. Inside there was a script that displayed a statue and stated that the ruins were dated back to the early 1700s. I was shocked that I fell into an underground cave and found a statue of old interesting ruins! As I began to try and get out of the hole I slipped back in. I began to look at the script again. I flipped it backwards and there was a map which indicated buried treasure. I was destined to get out of that hole and go to the destination where the map suggested. As I began to climb myself out of the hole several times I finally succeeded. I was so anxious to follow the map but it would not be easy as I didn't have a compass to help me follow the directions. So first things first I must acquire a compass, and the help of someone just as brave and as adventurous as me! And so the adventure begins….

By Calum Lundy 

When I finally managed to relight the torch, my eyes readjusted and I stood there, unable to take in all I saw. I couldn’t believe it . I shone the torch in front of me only to reveal a small cottage . But it wasn’t Iike a normal cottage ..... it was literally made of sweets! The front door was a giant biscuit, the walls were made of gumdrops and it had a candy cane chimney. I stood there in the dark of the night wondering if I was seeing things as it was too good to be true! I stepped closer and opened the front door .It creaked open and I called out ‘Any one there?’ ,but all I received was the echo of my own voice. I walked inside, and heard a door slam upstairs . Someone is trying to hide from me I thought to myself . Grabbing a broom quickly ,torch in hand I ran up the stairs and swung open the door . I shone the torch at something moving in the corner . It was only a snake. I sighed with relief, but then to my surprise it then transformed into a witch! She cackled and chased me down the stairs and out of the house.I ran through the woods for ages until the witch gave up and I lost her. After all of it I fell to the ground into a deep sleep and hoped I would make it through the night........................................

By Alanna Murray

When I managed to relight the torch, my eyes readjusted and I stood there unable to take in all I saw. My eyes didn't blink I didn't move. I was scandalised and scared. It was a unmistakable outline of a monster. I rapidly took two small steps back just to see what the monster would do. He followed me. I was trembling. I prayed that someone would come to rescue me, but no I was alone in a room with a monster and with only a torch to defend myself. Then I realised in all the books that I have read the person is either dreaming or the monster is dressed up in a costume. I rubbed my eyes nothing happened I wasn't dreaming so that option was ruled out straight away. I went over to the monster. I was shaking. I tried to pull the costume off the monster but this guy must have superglue on his costume because it didn't come off. I was about to do it again but the monster let out the most boisterous roar ever. They probably would have heard it in Africa. I started to take a few steps back. I was petrified. Just then I felt something touch my back. Arrrrggghhhh! I screamed ........

By Oisin Conneely 

When I managed to relight the torch, my eyes readjusted and I stood there, unable to take in all I saw.I saw a tiger like animal but it was a bright blue. when the beast saw the flare from my torch it roared powerfully at me. I dashed as quickly as I could to the exit of the cave.As i ran the beast ran behind me .I knew i couldn't fight it, it was double my size and had sharp fangs and claws that could rip me to shreds.Just as i got to the opening of the cave loads of rocks came falling down from the top of the cave,I was trapped.As the beast came dashing towards me,I came up with a plan.just before it was close enough to pounce at me i move to the side.He smashed the rocks into fragments as he broke through them.I took my chance and ran out.The blue beasts was dazed and i got out alive.

By Eabha Reynolds

When I managed to relight the torch, my eyes readjusted and I stood there, unable to take in all I saw.After days of wandering hopelessly in this deathtrap of a maze,waiting for deaths sweet release from this nightmare,in front of me was a golden chalice. It was full of water.At first I thought it was a mirage,for this wasnt the first time this had happened. But as i grabbed the goblet it did not dissapear.I downed all of the water in one big gulp,and then collapsed on the floor.Pain shot through me,so much that it was blinding.When I woke up, I wasn't in the room i was in before.It was a massive cavern with stone pillars everywhere.As my eyes reajusted to the darkness, i realised that there was a massive alter in front of me.There was a tall hooded figure on it,I also realised that that I was surrounded by more like him.I stumbled across the cavern to to the alter.Once I stepped onto it,everyone began to chant around me.All of a sudden the chanting stopped.the main hooded figure spoke.He said that since i survived drinking from the goblet I was ready to enter their world.He gave me another cup.The second I drank from it my knees buckled,I remembered all the hurt in my life,all the pain.I remebered all of my friends that died in the maze with me.In one single moment, I let it all out ,I let it consume me.When i opened my teary eyes I saw with horror that everything in the room was burnt to a crisp,everything but me.Then it hit me,I had done this I let my anger go and everything was destroyed.Then a shockwave of anger hit me,they had done this,they made me kill them.I ran from the cavern with one single thought in my head.I would end them.

By Aoibhe Ni Chadhain

When I managed to relight my torch,my eyes readjusted and I stood there,unable to take in all I saw. An 8ft tall bear staring me down! I had just fallen off my bike during a cycle with my friend John who had not seen me as he was ahead of me. But now I was lying in the middle of a forest,in the pitch dark,clutching my bleeding knee face to face with a bear! I was the most scared I had ever been. My first approach was to try and keep as quiet as I can and hope that it couldn’t see me and just waddle away but after five seconds he smacked down on the ground narrowly missing my outstretched arm. I jolted up running for my bike hoping that it was still rideable so I could ride away,but as I got over to it I saw that it was smashed to pieces after my collision with the boulder. My leg was also becoming more sore and swollen by the minute as blood leaked out of my knee. I tried to get up but my leg held me down with the pain. The bear was now making his way slowly towards me looking for a late-night snack. I thought I was doomed as he banged down on the ground beside me. Then,from behind a bush John,on his mountain bike,flew past the bear giving me a chance to get up and move away. John then went up the boulder I crashed into using it as a ramp and slammed into the chest of the bear with his extra large wheels knocking the bear off his feet. I then picked up the remains of my bike and hit the bear with it .The bear was now lying on the forest floor and he looked in some discomfort. John came bounding over with a boulder in his hand,ready for round 2. I rose up despite the pain in my knee and told him to leave the bear be.
“We’ve got bigger problems now,”I said.
We left the bear alone and started the long walk home. After a few minutes of painful walking we saw the lights of a car in the distance. We raced over forgetting completely about the pain in my knee. When we got over there we found Johns Mum,looking worried,pulled over at the side of the road. She jumped out looking relieved but angry. She told us to get into the backseat of the car and demanded an explanation. Me and John smiled and started telling her about our crazy escapade.

By Daire O'Connor

When I managed to relight the torch, my eyes readjusted and I stood there, unable to take in all I saw. They were all staring at me as if I wasn't wearing any clothes. I asked them who are you and why am I here, they were silent for a few seconds and began. "You have trespassed on our land, therefore we have to question you." Said the man in front of the crowd, then without warning, 6 men picked me up and carried me for hours. I eventually fell asleep, for how long they were carrying me, I do not know. But when I awoke I was hanging over a pit of fire! I was sweating, panicking. I screamed, closed my eyes, their laughter in the the background. I could feel the heat against my skin, "oh fire isn't that hot" I thought. I woke up and it was my hot water bottle on my stomach!!!

By Phoebe Lynott 

When I managed to relight the torch,my eyes readjust and I stood there, unable to take in all
I saw.As I walked through the tunnel I noticed strange drawings of Pharohs and Gods of ancient Egypt. Suddenly I noticed a glisten at the end of the tunnel.When I got to the end of the tunnel I saw it,"Wow!"I gasped as I stepped into the room.There were heaps of jewels piled up in one corner and a pile of gold in the other corner .Then I realised that this was the famous tomb of Tutankhamen.

By Órla Prior

I could not believe my eyes! Jackpot! We finally hit jackpot! My bestfriend stood along-side me, her face filled with both utter disbelief and amazment. We had been lost in the gold mine for what felt like hours with only two granola bars and torches before we had finally bumped into a huge pile of diamonds and gold. We hurried to stuff our backpacks with as much as it could possibly carry. Our poor family will now be set for a lifetime we thought. Then we quickly realised that we had a big were we going to get out? A sudden rush of panic rushed over me as I soon began to feel dizzy. Everything I saw began to slowly fade away and my bestfriend screaming for me to wake up became to distance until it got drowned out. Everything had gone black.When I finally woke up, I bolted up right looking desperately for my bestfriend. It took me a moment to realise that I was back at home. My bestfriend hugged me so tight I thought she would never let go. I still think about what could have happened if my bestfriend didn't save me that day..

By Kate

When I managed to relight the torch, my eyes readjusted and I stood there, unable to take in all I saw. I saw a trail of blood I tried to call for help on my phone but there was no signal. And there was only one door which the trail of blood had led to. So I desided to follow it eventually I got to the end and saw a person lying on the ground he looked like he was attacked by a pack of wolfes. He said to me hide before he gets to you. I asked who.Then in his last words he said the monster. To be continued.

By Karolis Kairys

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