The Paragraph Project #9

8 April 2020 | Posted under

Every day, we'll give you a sentence to begin your creative paragraph with. All you need to do is take it from there. But don't go too mad -- it's a paragraph, not a novel.

The trick is, you try to make it as exciting, sad, happy, scary or interesting as you can. When you have it completed, pop it in the comment box below. That evening, we'll go through all the paragraphs and publish the best of the lot. If you write a paragraph and it doesn't get published, don't give up -- we have many more of these planned for the coming weeks!

Pens out, keyboards ready, creative juices flowing? Let's get writing!

Today's opening sentences:

Football was my life. I thought of nothing else ...

And remember, share this activity with your friends, neighbours, cousins and grandparents. Writing is for all! 


Although I had been going to lessons for some time now, no one could have prepared me for what would happen when I mounted Salt to practise my jumping that morning.

I rode Salt to the arena gate and saw Natasha on Woody jumping a one-metre course.

When she was finished, she cantered over to the gate and smiled smugly at me and Salt.

'I would like to see you do that with that scruffy thing,' she said looking at Salt.

'It's a challenge,' I said, squaring my shoulders.

She glared at me. 'I'll be back in 20 minutes.'

I was so nervous but I started warming up anyway.

When me and Salt were all ready, Natasha came back with her phone in her hand ready to record me.

'Come on then. Chop, chop!' she said, grinning from ear to ear.

I lined Salt up with the first jump and started to canter. Salt raced to the jump and cleared it with room to spare and did the same with the next two. By then, we had drawn a crowd and everyone was cheering me on. But, just as we came up to the next jump, Natasha threw a whip in front of Salt. He got such a fright he swerved away from the whip and jump and began bucking. I soon landed on the ground with a thud. I was fine but Salt was losing it and had got his reins trapped around his leg. I rushed over to him and quickly untangled him and led him out of the arena. Everyone was coming over to me to see if I was okay but all I could do was look at Natasha who was grinning once more.

I had just untacked Salt and was sweeping the yard when I saw the instructor giving out to Natasha, who seemed very angry.

Thankfully, Natasha ended up getting kicked out of the stables :)



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