The Writing Corner - Awesome February Stories

A Tough World


Try to imagine that you that you are growing up in a corrupt environment of the modern world. You attend a world famous boarding school and your parents pay a vast amount of money to have you enrolled in this school, as you are  intelligent beyond your years , but the  teachers fail to notice that you are overlooked by your classmates and are bullied on a regular basis. But even when the teachers are notified of this happening they do very little to prevent it. 

Charlie stood in a corner in the corridor of Oakham boarding school. Awaiting the jeers and mocking laughter of his classmates when they passed by on their way to class. He hadn’t had a friend since his best friend Michael died. Ever since Michael’s death he stopped talking to people. Charlie grieved for months after his friend’s death and it seemed that he never fully recovered.

‘A group of students are huddled in the right corner of the room; they look in my direction and giggle quietly to one another.’ ‘There is a tall, thin boy standing beside me.’ ‘I look in his direction but, it seems like he can’t see me, it’s like I’m invisible.’ ‘It’s like the boy is staring into space, staring not at me, not at anyone, just Staring, into nothing.’

‘There is a new girl in my class today , her name’s Dalilah.’ ‘She came here from  Pakistan and has been living in Yarl’s wood immigration removal centre since she arrived in England last September.’ ‘Her mother knew that there would be no possible way for her daughter to get a good education unless she applied for a scholarship.’

‘She was accepted but, the school told her that her mother would have to work long hours as the schools laundry maid   if she was to pay for Dalilah’s school uniform and books.’ ‘So Dalilah had to wear clothes bought from a charity shop and had to use a shopping bag to carry her books.’ ‘Dalilah wears a purple veil that covers her from head to toe, with only her eyes visible.’ ‘I sometimes feel jealous of her concealment, that she can be that easily hidden from the world.’ ‘Sometimes I feel sorry for the poor scholarship girl, but I hope that for that reason, that people might pick on her instead of me.’

‘Today I met students from the other boarding school in the area.’ ‘The place where the teachers say all the misfortunates go.’ ‘I  started talking to a boy called Gary who I met when  I was walking in the park .’ ‘The teachers only allowed me to go out because I said that I had a headache and that I thought that a bit of fresh air might help the pain.’ ‘I met Gary in the park when he said “hello” to me and introduced me to his friends.’ ‘He told me that in his school they don’t use the same education system that our school uses.’ ‘In their school they use a therapeutic sort of approach towards learning.’ ‘The name of their school is START which stands for  Safe, Therapeutic , and Appropriate use of residential treatment for Troubled Teenagers.’

‘Gary and his friends invite me to talk with them at lunchtime.’ ‘I agree to meet him and his friends.’ ‘When I’m in the park, and have walked around for a while.’ ‘I see Gary waving frantically at me and pointing at the area where he is standing and then he mouths something that I cannot understand.’ ‘I walk over to him and he leads me to a place that Gary and his friends call ‘Smokers corner’.

‘There is a girl with Dark hair and Emerald green eyes sitting beside me, she is Gary’s sister.’ ‘Gary introduces her to me, her name is Samantha. Gary tells me that Samantha and I are the same age.  Samantha smiles sheepishly at me.’ ‘Gary takes a cigarette out of his blazer pocket, lights it and passes it around to his friends. When Samantha offers me a cigarette I don’t refuse.’  ‘I inhale the smoke, it tastes horrid.’ ‘But I try my best to hide the fact that I believe that smoking is revolting.’ ‘Samantha takes a cigarette out of her pocket and inhales the smoke slowly and blows it out her nose like a Shaman, and I feel I am suddenly bewitched. At first I saw a nice, gentle girl, now I see a smoker.’ ‘Samantha offers me another cigarette, this time, I refuse.’ ‘Samantha holds my hand in hers and smiles.’ “Will I see you again tomorrow” she exclaims hopefully.’ “I hope so” I reply optimistically.’

‘The jeering and laughing seems to have less of an effect on me, ever since I met Samantha and Gary.’  ‘I feel happier, more confident.’  ‘It lifts my spirits when I meet Samantha in the park.’  ‘And each time I do, strangely, the more unsure I become; should I be meeting her? After all she is from a different school and smokes even though she shouldn’t, but, she is my friend and so is Gary.’

‘I meet Samantha on Tuesday morning, an hour before school starts.’  ‘It is a crisp, cold morning in January.’  ‘Samantha is wearing a caramel coloured coat over her school uniform, and shivering in the cold.’  ‘We walk hand in hand towards the park exit.’  ‘Samantha turns around rapidly and hugs me.’ “Are you cold Charlie?” she asks inquiringly.’ “Yeah, I am” I reply.’  She rests her head on my shoulder and when we finally reach the park exit, we say goodbye and then I walk into school.’

‘The next morning when I meet Samantha she tells me that she was told that she was been in the START Programme for long enough to  leave the programme and go to college.’ Her parents met with the principal of her school and the principal said that Samantha should go to college and her parents agreed.’  ‘They told her she would be leaving in two weeks’ time.’ ‘Samantha told me that no matter how hard she tried to persuade her father to let her stay  he was adamant that she gets a good education.’ “I know I should be grateful for being able to go but , I just don’t feel that I want to go at all , I can’t even think of why I would want to go”. “What would a person like me do in college; I would constantly be getting into trouble”. ‘She turned away and then she was gone.’

‘The two weeks that Samantha had before leaving for college seemed to pass by extremely quickly.’  ‘We met in the park every morning as we always had done, but  now we sometimes just sat there staring at each other, neither of us willing to speak .’  ‘She often told me of how she would miss me when she goes off to college.’  ‘I still could hardly believe that tomorrow Samantha would be gone to college.’  ‘She is packing things into cardboard boxes in her bedroom.’  ‘I go up to her room to help her pack’. ‘When I go into her room she is sitting on her bed packing things into boxes, when she looks up I can see that she was crying.’ ‘I sit on the bed beside her, hold her hand  and tell her that she will enjoy college and that she is very clever.’  ‘Samantha hugs me and is about to kiss me but, I pretend that I am not looking at her but, at something in the box.’  “Bye Charlie” she mumbles.’ ‘Then  she walks out of the room and she is gone , maybe she is gone for good now, I don’t know, maybe I will never know.’

‘The first few days after Samantha left felt as if they were a blur.’ ‘And sometimes memories would come flooding back to me, sometimes they would happen in order and sometimes not in the correct sequence at all.’

‘It was the morning after Samantha had left, I woke feeling dazed and confused.’ ‘I can’t remember why I decided to come here, something must  have triggered the idea in the back of my mind that made me believe that I should do what I did and that I should come here.’ ‘I walked to a building with white lettering on the front of it which read ‘Rehabilitation centre for young adults’. ‘I pushed open the door and walked into the building.’ ‘There was a middle aged receptionist standing behind the reception desk.’ ‘I walk to the reception desk, feeling confused.’ ‘My brain feels muddled and I don’t really know what I am doing in here.’ ‘And before I know it a young woman leads me down along corridor and into a very small room that looks very like a prison cell.’ ‘There is a bed in the corner with a blanket folded on it and a small toilet near the door.’ ‘But why do I need to be kept in a cell, I’m not  a criminal.’ ‘Then I remember what the receptionist said to me earlier today’. “Welcome to the come clean programme, I hope you will find great peace and serenity during your time in the programme and that you will break free of your addictions”. “But I’m not a drug addict , I’m not any kind of addict” I tell myself.’  “I shouldn’t be here” , “they can’t keep me here” I tell myself over and over.’ ‘I  stayed in the programme for 135 days , it was on the day that I was 135 days clean that they could consider  allowing  me to leave the programme.’

 ‘I had forgotten about Samantha and my old life.’ ‘And now I concentrated only on completing the come clean programme.’ ‘But I still felt like I had a rock in my belly, I felt as if it could make me sink.

‘One hot, humid summer’s day I was out for a walk in the park where I used to meet Samantha and my other friend, when suddenly I saw someone waving excitedly in my direction.’ ‘Then I realized who it was, it was Samantha.’ ‘She walked over to me and greeted me with a friendly smile.’ ‘I felt extremely strange talking to Samantha after being apart from her for so long .’ ‘She told me how she had went on to study medicine at Cambridge university.’ ‘She still looks the same but, she seems to act different now, it seems as if she now feels uncomfortable around me and she now speaks in a posh BBC English, like the students at Oakham school where I used to go.’ ‘We walk hand in hand  out of the park ,like we used to and I don’t think that I could have ever been happier.’

By Sophie O'Brien, 6th class, Saint Brendan’s National School Blennerville, Blennerville, Tralee, County Kerry,Ireland.

Saffron Boarding School

Dear Cristina Parks,

You have been accepted into Saffron boarding school. This is a mixed boarding school with various after school activities.

To attend this school you have to pay a fee of €250. Unfortunately, extra fees will have to be paid if you do not have a puppy or a dog and a horse or pony. The extra fees include of €100 for a dog and €200 for a horse or pony.

The subjects include- baking, horse-riding, dog training, physical education, maths, art, drama, music English and languages. Please attend this school as it is top notch.

Yours sincerely,

Mary O’ Leary, Head Mistress.

My mom and I were delighted. Thank god, I have a dog and pony, otherwise, I wouldn’t have been allowed to attend this wonderful school. I was ecstatic.

When I arrived at my new school, I met a teenager who’s name was Cassie. She was wearing a pretty pink dress with black pumps. She had blond hair and it was very curly. She told me that she was in the highest class and would be leaving next year to go to college. “You will be in dorm B and in the fourth bedroom with Amy Smith and Sarah Cole. Come to me if you need help or anything like that,” she mumbled before running over to her friends.

On Monday morning, Sarah, Amy and I went down to the cafeteria to get breakfast at 9:30 in the morning. Then we went back to our bedroom and got dressed, washed our teeth and gathered up our stuff for school. We ran into the assembly hall where our Head Mistress introduced us to our teacher.

She is very nice. Her name is Ms Baker. She is a pretty young lady. She always wears beautiful and bright clothes and she normally wears a voluminous hat.

Our first class was art. We did a picture of our choice. I drew a picture of my pony, Destiny. Next at 10:30 we tidied away the art supplies and started a fun maths lesson. We went outside to do this class. When this lesson was over it was 11:00 so the lunch bell rang. Ms Baker brought everyone in the class chocolate muffins.

For lunch we got our food from the cafeteria. Everyone gets a sandwich for first lunch.

Outside we chatted for a while and then we played catch and tip the can. We enjoyed these games thoroughly.

When we got back into class we got to choose whatever subject we wanted to do. Today it was Zach’s turn. He chose a dog training class. I was delighted.                         It was great fun. I thought my puppy, Jessie to sit, stay, jump, beg, fetch, lie down, leave it, paw and roll over. Jessie got quite confused when I tried to teach her to bow but I didn’t mind one bit.

Ms Baker set up an obstacle course. Jessie did very well. She jumped the 5 jumps without knocking any. Next she had to weave in and out between the weaving poles. She hit 3 of these poles but I didn’t care. Finally we had to run to the lake where Jessie had to swim across it to get the big, juicy bone on the other side. We came in second place. I was very satisfied with this result so I gave her a tasty treat.

“Now class, we will have an English class before second lunch at 1:30 in the day,” Ms Baker shouted happily. “So hurry up and put your dog’s away before coming into the classroom,” she sighed.

“Yayyy its lunch,” screamed a girl in my class. Ms Baker told her sternly to sit down and not to do that again.

Before we went out to the yard we asked Ms Baker could we climb the trees. “Girls, that’s a very silly idea and no, ye are not allowed to do that,” she laughed merrily.

When lunch was over Ms Baker told us to get our body protectors and our helmets and change into our riding clothes. I quickly grabbed them and threw on my clothes.

Amy and I ran as fast as we could back to class. Ms Baker was waiting for us as the rest of the students were there. “What dorm are ye staying in girls?” We told her and she didn’t mind because we were the furthest dorm away.

I was overjoyed that my pony had arrived safely. Her name was Destiny. First we had to groom our ponies and then we had to tack up. A condescending boy in my class called Matthew kept playing pranks on people. He poured hoof oil onto Sarah’s rug, hid Sophie’s whip and did lots of other aggravating things. Ms Baker told him off and sent him to the headmaster.

When everyone was ready we walked over to the warm-up arena. First we walked on a long-rein, then we gathered up contact and set off at a brisk trot. Next we went in the opposite direction and did the same thing. When we were finished this we did a quick canter.

After this Ms Baker took us over to the jumping-arena. Destiny got a bit restless because we did trotting poles. She hates them as they’re too easy for her. She started to settle down when we started jumping the cross-poles. “Well done Cristina, Destiny is very good at jumping,” she exclaimed. When we started to jump the bigger fences Destiny started showing off. Suddenly as Matthew’s pony Leo, was taking off Matthew fell off. Everyone gasped. Ms Baker checked to see if he was alright and I caught Leo. Then she informed us that he was fine.

Our lesson came to an end after jumping a bush. I was very proud because when Destiny tried to run out I didn’t let her.

It is now 4:30 so school is over. Amy and I got changed out of our riding gear and went down stairs to the pyjama party that was commencing for the new children but everyone was invited.

It is now 11:30 so I must go to sleep. I’m looking forward to spending the term here.

by Sheanna Moriarty 6th class

St. Bridget’s Academy For Girls

‘Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls welcome to the grand opening of St. Bridget’s academy for girls,’ boomed the voice from the microphone. Hundreds of people had crowded around for the opening of St. Bridget’s. It was meant to be a brilliant school. Thousands of people had put their names down but only 600 were chosen to get in. It was a boarding school in west London and it was very expensive.

When Clara and her mother arrived home from the grand opening, they checked the post box and they found a letter from the school. It read:

Miss Clara Thomas,

You have been accepted at St. Bridget’s academy for girls. If you wish to accept this place, please pay the fees of your first term as soon as possible.

Thanks You,

Yours sincerely,

Roberta North,

Principal of St. Bridget’s Academy For Girls.

At the end of the letter it said: fees for term one: £750.

Clara and her mother were gobsmacked as were many other girls that were accepted to the school. ‘That’s phenomenal,’ shouted Clara’s mother, Laura. ‘How are we ever going to pay that?’ she finished.

  A few weeks later, the first day of school had arrived. Miss North, the principal, was expecting hundreds of girls to come but instead three came. Miss North looked puzzled; many parents had sent letters saying that their daughter would be attending St. Bridget’s and only three turned up. ‘Excuse me Miss,’ squeaked a small girl at the top of the classroom. ‘I know why nobody is here,’ she continued. ‘It is because of the new school down the road. It is called Candy Cane College.’ Miss North was outraged.

  At Candy Cane College, Clara and lots more girls that were supposed to be going to St. Bridget’s, were having the time of their life at school. They did no work; they just played games, sang songs, talked and had fun all day. The teachers were extremely nice, but I think that they were a bit too nice. They let the children do whatever they wanted all day and they banned all healthy lunches. This may seem like a good thing to some people but if you have an unhealthy lunch every day, you can get extremely overweight and also it is very bad for you.

  Clara was one of the thinnest girls ever, weighing only three and a half stone. After her first week at Candy Cane College she then weighed five stone. She took no notice of this because she was always underweight and now she wasn’t so she thought that this was a good thing. Clara and everyone else at Candy Cane College were putting on lots of weight and they all had very unhealthy lifestyles. Many of them did sport and dancing but now that they had moved to this new school, nobody did any activities. They just stayed at home all day and watched television as they ate junk food. 

  Clara’s mother was a dietician and she had noticed the change in her daughters’ diet. She soon became very worried when Clara stepped onto the weighing scales and weighed over ten stone. Clara told her mother that she had put on weight, ever since she had moved to Candy Cane College. Clara’s mother took action straight away. She picked up the phone and rang Miss North form St. Bridget’s Academy. She explained the situation and asked if she could lower the fees for the school. Miss North agreed, very apprehensively. Clara’s mother explained that if the price was lower, everybody would have gone there, in the first place.

  The next morning, Miss North arrived at the school at half past eight to find 600 girls standing outside the gate, waiting for her. Miss North was over the moon. She couldn’t believe that she was the principal of a school that had 600 happy, smart children attending it.

  A year and a half later, an inspector visited St. Bridget’s academy for girls. Miss North had warned the pupils to be on their best behaviour whilst he was there. Mr. Higgins, the inspector was blown away by how intelligent and well behaved these pupils were. Were they always like this or was it just an act?

By Mébh Moloney, 6th Class, Blennerville NS, Kerry

The Reality

 There goes the bell, alarming that it’s time for a new day of school. The sun rays shining slightly through the clouds, the freshly cut green grass sending gorgeous scents in our way, the birds hovering above us singing and the chilly winter morning air sending chills down our backs. The new challenges to face, the great tips and facts to learn, and the studies needed for a better future.


 The timetable checked and we’re ready to go. We’re on the way to our classroom in a queue, one behind the other (easy to say), observing the empty playgrounds and chatting as we go along, still half asleep.

The coats are hung in a line. The sudden warmth filling us, gives us goose-bumps as we settle down in our seats. Yes that is school. You might love or hate it but that’s the reality. Full of adventures, ups n downs, great fun, new achievements and new possibilities that we should be thankful for. Believe it or not, some people would only dream to have.

The teacher is in, let’s start with some news. So stop moaning and complaining, this is just the beginning. Learn to accept the reality and to at last be thankful for what you have. You’re lucky, time to realise that. 

By Patrycja Maksymowicz

The Big Surprise!

I finally arrived in my classroom; I plonked myself into my seat, phew! I was in time for school; I’m so excited to hear the news!

I hear yelling in the hallway, it’s our principal Ms. Burns, she is super mean! She never lets classes go on school tours, never lets us have no uniform days, we never even had a half day! The girls have to have their hair tied up, and forces teachers to give us piles of homework, which takes me ALL day!

She stormed into our classroom “Ugh! This is my worst day ever, it’s a good thing I’m leaving this school away from you rotten children!!!” Wait…..What was she talking about? Last day? Is she leaving? “You!”  She screamed at the top of her very….BIG lungs. I shot up, uh-oh she was looking at me! I held my breath, “You know the rules are to have girls’ hair tied up not half a pony tail! Like a burst couch! You lazy wimp!!!! Detention! During break time!” My eyes filled with tears, I tried to blink them away, but I couldn’t they were already streaming down my face, “Oh tears! Stop being a cry baby and GET to your work NOW!!!” I looked down onto my wooden desk; there were drips of tears all over my desk! She is such a screamer, possibly the biggest screamer in the world! “Okay, Ms. Burns, why don’t you go into the other classes?”  Said Mrs. Connolly, the nicest teacher in the world! Ms. Burns screamed her way out of the classroom, wow! She’s a screamer!

 Mrs. Connolly came over to my desk and kneeled down and put her arm around my shoulder, “Are you okay?” I shook my head “I know she is very mean, she’s super cranky, since it’s her last day which will be good news for everyone” Omg!!! She’s LEAVING? My dream came true! Phew! What a relief!!! “Isn’t that good news?” Good news? I would say GREAT news! “Yes that is great news!” I smiled; I don’t know what to say I’m just so happy I’m over the moon! “We will be meeting our new principal later on, so please take out your project and you can work on it until you’re finished.” Said Mrs. Connolly with a smile, “Freedom!” everyone shouted, I did all my work for the whole day with a smile, I can’t stop smiling!

Later on a lovely lady walked into our classroom, “Hello, my name is Mrs. Clarke, I will be your new principal and, everyone can chose one rule for this school!” she said, what? She is our new principal? Wow! We are so lucky! She had long blonde straight hair, a dress, and boots; hundreds of ideas popped into my head, my brain could burst! I knew I had to choose ONE rule.......Probably no uniform? No homework? I wish I could pick two, and then I would pick them both! I’m going to uniform! The uniform that Ms. Burns makes us wear is uncomfortable and tight I want to wear my own clothes, phew! I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole wide world!!!!

By Hannah Philip, Scoil An Chlochair, Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath


I am old enough now for revenge, my life is depending on this one day. I am very lonely because my friends ran away and told me I’m insane. Anyway to get to the point, you know the way teachers sit in their swirly seat looking at their computer, but at the same time their telling us to do this and that. Now I am old enough to show them the other side of this straight A student.

So my plan is, oh wait AHH! I am so excited to tell you. The teachers are all quite old now but they will never be to old for my sweet REVENGE. I know you’re wondering how am I going to get them to my wonderful and generous school, as if. So my plan is I’m going to call around to their old, old homes and tell them I am bringing them to meet my lovely students (which are going to be them). I will also say for all their generosity and time they have given up for my that I’ll bring them for a bite to eat.

“Now,” they said its their pleasure to be invited to my wonderful school. Today I was choosing what horrid uniforms or more like rags to put them in. I have also organised some activities for them such as hip hop classes, karaoke classes, gymnastic classes and a mud fight. Oh! I nearly forgot I am going to give them a magnificent makeover.

“OMG” Today is the day. Wait, one second I just got to my daily exercises and 5,4,3,2 and done. There just after arriving, they shyly asked where are the students, I replied right in front of me , my darlings. I’m just showing you how wonderful my life was I said, as I took out my ruler. First things first, I got a present for each of you, pets. I don’t think they realized what I meant about pets until an elephant, a pig, a tarantula and last but not least a chipmunk came marching out of the bathroom.

Next I put them in their hideous uniforms, I soaked their uniforms in cob webs and fish oil to show them how hard my life was. Then I brought them for a karaoke class which was hilarious, one of them tried to escape so gladly I put them in the naughty corner and gave them a slap or two. Its only now, I realize what a hard, exhausting life I had. To get back to the karaoke they were so old they could barely open their mouth.

Then we had gymnastics, which was actually a nightmare because one of them had a heart attack doing the splits. So that was the end of that unfortunately. The mud fight was alright but they all fell asleep half way through.

I’m getting so tired watching these people fail. I need to go and have a coffee. I’ll lock them in a cupboard and make their legs fall tomorrow. With some more of my devious ideas!!

By Charlene Mc Mahon, 6th class, Scoil an Chlochair, Kilbeggan, Co.Westmeath.

My Dream Job!

It was a grey dark rainy morning in the middle of winter, I felt despondent and I didn’t want to talk to anyone because I still couldn’t get over the shock that a week earlier I was made redundant. It had now become so hard to even feed my family of four. As usual I walked over to the table with my breakfast and the local newspaper. I flicked through the pages monotonously but then I saw a colourful advertisement glaring out at me from the page. On it read ‘relief principal needed for six weeks in Ballyrock National School’ and underneath it was a phone number. My eyes lit up with glee, I had always wanted to be a principal.

The rest really is history, I dialled the number and the person said that they would be happy to interview me for the role. Then two days later I drove to the school, my hands trembling with nerves. In the end I think what got me the place was the fact that I remained phlegmatic in the interview. When I got the call notifying me that I was going to be principal for the next six weeks, my body filled up with the brilliant feeling of euphoria. Now I just had to wait patiently for the first day to arrive.

That day finally arrived, I was excited but cautious as the principal told me I was not allowed change any rules, but I knew I mightn’t have the audacity to do that. However that morning when I walked in the gate I felt that I had been sucked out of the real world, the teachers were very demure, but very raucous towards the children. As for the children they were extremely unhappy and were afraid to open their mouth in case they were given out to by the mean teachers. I knew instinctively that it would be impossible for me to work in such an environment, therefore change had to happen.

I knew I had to insert some dynamism into the school, rules were going to change. On the last day of my first week I called an assembly in the hall. With a voluminous smile on my face I announced that rules were going to change, stating that school uniforms from Monday were banned, that there was going to be P.E every day, that children didn’t have to bring healthy food and that homework was banned. The teachers were perplexed and glared up at me in astonishment while the children roared out in delight. The best feeling I ever had come upon me after making so many children happy but I just hoped that my new rules wouldn’t cause calamity.

The first three weeks past in the blink of an eye and everyone was happy, even the teachers! I was treated like a hero and all the children behaved very well in my presence. Then one day I heard a knock on the door of my small classroom. I opened the door and was surprised to see a small plump man standing there. He said he wanted to speak to me. When I came back in I was baffled, the man was an inspector and he was inspecting the school! Why hadn’t they notified me? However I knew that I had to remain philosophical or I wouldn’t have any chance. I really regretted having changed the rules and I knew now unless I could pull something out of the bag, I was done for. 

The inspectors had stayed for two days and at the end I thought it went ok. It was implausible though that the school would get top marks because of the stupid rules I had imposed. Then a week later I received the all important letter. It was the report, suddenly nerves shuffled through my whole body. Nervously I opened the envelope.

I felt sick; the report had not been good. It exclaimed that this was a very poor school and that there were no rules at all. The parents were outraged and to the children’s dismay they began to remove the children from the school. I knew I had failed even though the children loved me. Soon my six weeks were over and the official principal returned and he didn’t even want to talk to me. He just told me to go home.     

However I did not regret the six weeks but I knew I should have been more careful with the rules, although I knew given the chance I would love to work with children again.

The End!

By Ciarán O’Donoghue, St Brendan’s National School, Blennerville, Co. Kerry.


  It was gone the whole thing nothing left all I could see was a puff of smoke the principal and a few teachers the principal approached me with a sly look “sorry child there will be no school today or for the rest of the month”. “Why sir”? “We are planning to build a new school but we are not going to build it. We are going to let one lucky child design the school and be the principal so just pop your name in the hat and you run on home”. While I was walking home all I could think about was being the principal of my own school.

Oh by the way my name is Josh. The next day at school assembly the normal boring old stuff was discussed then at last it was time for winner of the competition to be announced “and the winner is Josh”. I sat in shock. I did not know what to do every one started coming up to me and saying congratulations. The first thing that popped into my head was what type of school it would be then I finally decided it would be the biggest school in the world. It has been two weeks since I took over the job of principal and the students have been driving me mad every day they would tie me to my chair and at lunch time when they’re coming in from yard they would run around and wreck every classroom and when I finally get control of them it’s always home time. Today is the day of the big talent show all of the parents will be coming and I am really nervous. Suddenly I see the old principal Mr Tierney coming into the school. I sprint like never before “Please Mr Tierney can you take back your school”. “Okay I will take back my school only because you were my favourite student”. “Oh thank you so much can I just go back to being a student”. “Yes let’s pretend this never happened”. “Alright” I replied with delight. So life went on and I became a student again. Thankfully everything is back to normal and the cool thing is that Mr Tierney kept the school that I made. I know what job I am not going to have when I am older …..a principal.

Seán Lynch 5th class, St. Paul’s National School.


A little while ago I won the lottery so I said I would make my own school so I did ... This school is crazy there are silly students, bullies, messers and popular students tell you what’s weird I was not any of them I was more normal just me ……….. Let me tell you about my school the people in it are brats that are constantly messing. I’m always giving out  but there is one boy Adam who has smashed four windows, bullied seven kids,  and had three tantrums.. basically you name it he has probably done it. 

So I have a plan to keep these kids in shape. I’m going under cover as a kid I’ll become their friend and find out what they’re up to.  My disguise is short brown hair, new cool hip cloths (that’s what kids say) and of course the iphone 5s. Casually I walk over to the group and say hi ‘hey’ they reply, ‘are you new?’  ‘yeah I’m new and my name is John. ‘So have you got any plans to annoy the principal? I ask with a hint of mischief. ‘Oh yes we do! We are going to set off the fire alarm  and get all the fire extinguishers and blow them everywhere’’. ‘’That sounds cool, when are you planning to do that?’ ‘Friday just before home time’ that way the principal will never catch us’ they giggled. Hmm I tut in my head ‘I don’t think so’.

Friday has arrived I’m just waiting here for the fire alarm to go off there it goes ring ring ‘ha ha I have them now’ I cry in delight.  Oh yes I forgot I am the principal I have to tell everyone it’s a false alarm and there is no fire. Okay I’m back in my office and I have Adam and his friends with me. They are contemplating their choice extra homework for 2 weeks or detention for two weeks. Thankfully they all picked extra homework for 2 weeks and I didn’t have to give up my lunch breaks to supervise detention.

By Abbie Callan – Smyth, 5th class, St. Paul’s National School, Ratoath, Co. Meath.


‘’Hi everyone, I have organised  a bake sale for you all at 10 past 11. Don’t worry you don’t have to bake anything , I stayed up all night to make sure everyone got something although you do have to pay but you can pay after school if you want to or pay while you’re there, if you have no money today with you come down and grab a golden ticket to pay. I must go to give muffins to today’s spelling bee winners don’t worry if you did not win you all get a cream egg as a thank you for your attention. I went into the office there was a bunch of children waiting, I went out to open the door ‘’Hi how are you all and what can I do to help you today? ‘’ ‘’ May we speak to the principal please said a little girl at the front wearing a bright glossy red leotard almost as bright as the bright red planet MARS. She was upside down in fact all of them were walking on their palms. ‘Yes I am the principal come in to my office to talk about what you have come here for today’. Okay said the same little girl ‘’we are here because a lovely teacher called Ms Kinsella said you need help to keep this school open ‘’. ‘’Well in fact I do so what can you do to help us’’ I replied. They all huddled into a circle and started to whisper.  I looked around to see the intercom was on WHAT HAVE I DONE  the whole school heard . no one would talk to me for 3 whole days on the second day I collected all the bake sale money we earned 2,050 ,on the fourth day I stopped spending money on sweets for the children in my school, the parents of the mad hand-stand kids  started teaching in my school , they wrote on the white board with their toes the children loved them the new teachers helped our school so much !! the children were so happy  I WAS THE HERO !!  

By Abha Mc Bride

St. Colourful Minds

“Get down to the office now”I screamed as high as I could at the top of my voice. “What were you doing young one?”  “I was running back to my classroom from Mrs Kings class for lunch” the young man said with a voice as timid as a mouse. Well maybe he was right. So I headed off home, I left Timmy Jones (silliest kid in school) in charge. When I got home, I threw my coat on the ground and got a tub of paint and splashed it all over the wall, also on my cat Mr Cuffle Puffufle. “I have an idea’’, I shouted at the top of my voice, which meant that Mr Cuffle Puffufle would run to the school and tell everyone. No one can understand Mr Cuffle Puffufle, but me. So I ran off to the school, with the paint left on the wall for Mr Jones

and Mrs Jones to clean up. When I got to the school it was really quiet, but I did hear music from room 15. As I walked closer the music got louder. When I walked into the classroom everyone settled down. I heard Tom Barckley say “Timmy turn off the music. Then I said “Now, now children I have an idea. We're going to make a school which will be colourful and

have flying piñatas all over the place”. Everyone screamed with joy, happiness and excitement. I felt like I was the nicest person on earth. “Children, the homework is going to be...” The children didn't let me finish my sentence, they all sighed. When I did finish I said the homework will be to play and have fun. Everyone ran towards me and gave me a huge hug! They were squeezing me so tight, I felt like I was going to suffocate.

We are going to call the school # St. Colourful Minds. The school took a little while to make, but we made it. Everyone came into school wearing

colourful clothes and face paint. Our school was voted the best school in Europe!

THE END!!!!!!

By Emily Keeley, St. Paul’s N.S, Ratoath, Co. Meath, age 10.


“Ok children up to class”.

“But sir my station tube isn’t working”.

“What did you get stuck in it this time”.

“I think my sandwich clogged it sir”.

“Very well then I’ll get the janitor to fix it… What floor are you on anyway boy!”

“Floor 300 sir, room 60, sir.”

 “I hope you’re fit boy, because you’re going to have to take the stairs.”

“What??? I mean, yes sir.”

And just as the little boy was about to go up 300 flights of stairs he is told: “And pull up your tights boy they’re falling down.”

I should introduce myself, my name is Mr Funzoe. I got that name from when I was shot out of a cannon as a baby, Funzoe was the clown’s name. And now I shall give you a tour of the weird and wonderful school I have made.

First of all I will show you where my office is. I get to the roof by station tube which sucks me up by air and within a couple of seconds I am on the roof. The reason we are on the roof is because it is a roof garden…and my office is a wonderfully big oak tree that sores above the clouds. Building it took a very long time, first I had to wait for the tree to grow. That took about 9 years and another year on top of that to build the actual tree house. The kids use it more than I do it is more like a playground and I am pretty sure there is a man living in the actual tree. If it was a different day you would get a tour of the inside of my office but I’m a little too tired to climb the rock wall all the way up to the door.

Most of the classrooms are the same…Gumball dispensers that spit gumballs at you every time you open a door, rainbow coloured windows and sofas at the desks.

And if you feel sorry for that young chap you met earlier on, well let me tell you, we have slides coming from each floor down to our enormous reception. So no hassle caused to children with extremely big sandwiches!!!    

By Jake Anderson, 5th class , St. Paul’s National School, Ratoath.

School Vacation

“You’re leaving?” said Miss Robinson “Only for a holiday” replied Principal Fowl. Miss Robinson was a teacher at Orchard Elementary school. She was in shock. Principal Fowl was leaving for a holiday in Italy. All the other teachers “disappeared” (Or perhaps fled to their mother’s house) because they didn’t want to take the job. So Principal Fowl chose Miss Robinson. “Principal Fowl” said Miss Robinson” I don’t think I’m the one to mind the school” “Of Course you are!” screeched Principal Fowl” I’ve made up my mind, and I’m leaving tomorrow. Goodbye!” And with that, she slammed the wooden door in her face. Miss Robinson was gobsmacked. She was in such a flurry she decided to book a flight to Hawaii! Once she got home she turned on her computer and booked the flights! And with that Miss Robinson left. The next morning the children lined up in the yard as usual. As time slowly passed by, the children started to get impatient. A girl named Holly decided there was definitely no teachers there and decided she would be the principal! But, with a few good changes…. “Listen up kids!” said Holly at the top of her voice “I declare that there are no teachers here, so I will be the greatest principal ever!” The kids rejoiced.  “First Lesson is Prank phone calling!” said Holly. The junior and senior infants watched as the 5th and 6th classes pranked there real principal. “Hello? Yes this is Loolooo Lissom” Said a girl from 5th class. “Yes and I was wondering if you know where the shoe shop is?” She continued. “Excuse me?” Replied the principal “I don’t know where a shoe shop is!” “Oh well that is a shame! Because I was going to buy a sports car there...” Then she hung up and the whole school laughed. “Next lesson!” said Holly. “Trashing the school!” “Yay!” screamed the kids. The junior and senior infants trashed the corridors, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th classes trashed the classrooms, and the 5th and 6th trashed the teachers offices. Back In Italy, Principal Fowl thought she needed to go back to work. So she called the school to tell “Miss Robinson” That she would be home tomorrow. “Miss Robinson? Is that you?” said Principal Fowl. “Umm Yes!” Said Holly in a squeaky voice. “Oh good!” Said Fowl “I just called to tell you that I will be home tomorrow!” The children were scared. “Oh!” Said holly “Umm yes of course! Good day!” and with that Holly slammed the phone down on the receiver. “What are we going to do?” screamed Holly. The school panicked. Holly and the school cleaned and cleaned for the whole day and night. The next day when principal Fowl was back, the kids lined up in front of the school. Principal Fowl came over to Holly… “Hello dear!” she said “Anything exciting happen while I was away?” “Oh not really miss” Holly replied “It was just normal….”   

The End!       

By Laura Jenkins, 5th class, St. Paul’s National School. 

The Rat In The Hall

‘No homework today kids!’ I announced over the intercom ‘and can everyone come down to the hall in ten minutes!’

Yes I would describe myself as a crazy principal but whatever! My students love me, and I love them too. The reason why I’m so crazy is because when I was in school, my principal never let us do what we wanted she was mean and rotten , just like her name (Ms Whiteboardhogger) . Oh sorry I’ve spent all this time talking about me and forgot about the foam party I have to organise. I’ll be back in a few minutes.

I’m back! While I was filling buckets up with fairy liquid I heard a scratching noise come from the roof, so I got a small wooden ladder and climbed up to find a little rat had stopped breathing. I brought it down the ladder and laid it on the floor. I thought and thought of what to do then suddenly it hit me, I had to give the rat CPR!

I knelt down and opened the tiny mouth pressing his chest with my index finger, then I placed my mouth over the rat’s mouth and blew air into his lungs. It tasted disgusting , like dead bird, even worse than the one in the Chinese restaurant!

I felt the tiny chest fill with air again and the rat got up and scurried off. I turned around to see seven hundred amazed faces staring at me with their mouths dropped open, then suddenly a very loud ‘hooorraaa’  rang through the school halls. I was a hero and always will be!!!!

By Leah Barniville, 5th class, St. Paul’s National School, Ratoath.


Demosle National School

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I am the principal of Demosle National School. Now first, today was a very stressful 6 hours… you see  the king of Soodan had come into town for a while and needed to get his son, the prince of Soodan a school to go to! “Now, I need you to do me a favour, my son needs a school to go to and I trust in you to make him safe and protect him for a whole 6 hours!” explained the king on the phone one hour before he came. “Hello sir, I shall take the prince.. Err I mean John to the office” I told the king as we walked through the office doors. Now you see, the king wants me to tell no one about his son being in school and he’s going to be a normal kid for a day! His name shall be John Simons and he comes from Soodan and he is 11 years old.. Help! There’s a big problem, THE SCHOOL TRIP IS TODAY! Oh no what am I going to do?? Ok let’s not panic it will be fine. Quick! I’ll miss the bus to Candy Cane Park… finally one hour on that bus with kids! I love the students but sometimes they can be so annoying! And not to mention the prince.. three times I had to take him to the back of the bus, first when he gets on the bus he takes all the bags off the chairs and hands them to our new teacher Mrs Bloomer “Servant, take this to the burning chamber please!” he shouted. All the kids laughed and he shouted “I am the Ki...”  “Stop! At once come back here and sit on this” I butted in before he could reply THANK GODNESS I DID! He trudged up and took out a silk pillow from his bag and sat on it! Rich people’s lives are different to reality… Finally we got off the bus and into our groups now don’t get me started on that! The screaming and shouting, like he didn’t respect us at all! Then the park oh goodness... He made all the teachers carry him around while the other kids laughed and some cried! Then that when the very bad thing happened I turned around to count all the kids before we got on the bus to go home when, the prince wasn’t there! I started to sweat, thinking.. what should I do? Should I tell the king? Or the students? I made a decision. “Kids, john is not really a normal kid” I looked at the confused faces “He the prince of Soodan! And the king sent him here to learn like a normal boy while he was in town... and now we have lost him!” I screamed at them. They all screamed and ripped off their jumpers and cardigans... oh let me tell you! I designed them myself and they are beautiful navy blue and the boys trousers oh lovely! I should retire and become fashion designer? Is that what they’re called? Oh goodness! Back to the story.. Anyways all the kids broke off into groups and started running around the park like lunatics screaming his name, the princes or john’s I suppose then. I heard a whisper in the bush about a few metres away from me. “Shut up, you little rat!” I heard in a rather familiar voice. I walked over ever so slowly and there he was the Princes I was so relieved I could of.. KISSED HIM! But wait there was someone beside him. The king! “Why did you steal him away, I thought you wanted me to protect him!” I screamed at the royal pain. Err I mean the king. “It was a test, and you failed.” explained the king, “But! I trust in my children I know that they would beat any of your body guards!” I screamed at him “Ok, well maybe not all of them” I quietly spoke. ”Well then.. I have seen how much you value your students so I shall take the boy back to school and send him home!” the king sang “Wait. Home? Do you mean he’s not the prince after all?” I said in an out raged voice, “No he is not royalty at all…the prince refused to come so I took a boy from his mother and brought him here” the king explained. I took the boy back to the school with the children and brought then king and his Boy? Into the office. I sat him down and he said he was sorry and he would do anything to make me forgive him.. Well! That might do, I need a new lunch room! And that was that.. Even more! We knocked down the school and rebuilt it. Green and yellow staircases blue flowers in the hall…The list goes on! Well that was Demosle National School,

I hope you enjoyed my stress full day!

By Rebecca Healy, St. Pauls N.S. Ratoath, Co.Meath

The strange school

I turned back “Peter” I screamed, get to work now oh “Lilly check who’s at the door” yawned the student who became a teacher. Oh “hi Miss Honey what do you need”? I asked politely. ‘’I just wanted to confirm the date you are leaving the school’’. ‘’ Yes well it’s actually tomorrow my last day is today!’’ “Ok bye”, finished Miss. Honey. ‘’Students pack up and get ready for a horrible 76-year-old teacher’’. ‘’What’s going on’’ chatted Ruby. ‘’I’M LEAVING’’. Nothing special about that, the bell rang, home time get out of the classroom or you will all get extra homework. The next morning when Ms. Vega the old teacher was gone we were introduced to our new teacher “ hello I’m your new teacher and my name is Ms. Baker, I’m a lot older than all of you as most of you are 27 well what subject do you want to do? “ what a nice teacher” crowed the students. Well I mean you guys are lovely, all of you. “Lets do art’’ cheered the students. Art it isJ well while Ms. Vega was enjoying her holidays I picked to teach this lovely class, “That’s great’’ all the students cried in delight. The class went on and on until the rest of next year. 

The end!!!

By Ruqaiya Saeed, 5th class, St. Paul’s National School, Ratoath, Co. Meath


Hi my name is Lola Kelly and today I started a new school I couldn’t wait to start so let’s go back to this morning when it all started and I got up at 12 o clock because school doesn’t start till one o’clock. I went to get dressed and knowing that I could wear anything like to school as along as it isn’t a skirt or tinker like so I put on my best top and a nice pair of coloured jeans and went for breakfast and my mum told me that you get breakfast at school everyday I couldn’t wait because I never got breakfast at school tomorrow and as I was walking out the door my mum shouted get the pancakes!!!!!

So I got to the gate of the school and took a deep breath and walk right in and I was amazed by the atmosphere there were swings and slides everywhere and children smiling and laughing.   I thought back to my school where every child was sad and we only had one set of swing and a slide that were both squeaking and clacking so much that you couldn’t swing or slide down any of them at all. Then suddenly I was pulled out of my daydream by a very skinny man, he seemed very nice then he spluttered out and said my name is Mr. funky but you can call me Ted ( that’s my real name)so welcome to what every body calls fun school. I’m going to show you round follow me so this is the main hall we have girl lockers on the left and boys on the right and all our cases are between the and here’s our kids lounge and study and last our lunch room were you can get and munch down your lunch.

Your going to be joining our 6th year re they are sally, tom .Jim, Sophie and a few others who I’m I can’t remember (chuckle). So I hear you’re eating your breakfast here before school really starts, so I let you go I catch ya round and before I go here is the key to your go-cart. And when I got to the food counter there was every thing from croissants to pancakes and cereal to every sort of juice so I got some of every thing and I had it gobbled down in minutes. Then the bell witch I assumed was for class I hoped on my go cart witch felt so right I drove of and parked it outside the class room and I walked in as happy as cold be and it looked nothing like the classes in my old school. In my old school the classrooms were dirty and black and grey and the teachers looked like witches but here the classrooms are lovely with desks that don’t squeak and teachers that smile and everybody is happy and when you’re going in your giving a Fizzy drink and your given a seat I was given one right up the front and class began at about.1.56 we had history, sicence, art, sphe, sese then we had lunch I headed for my car and scooted to the cafeteria and went over t6o the area where my year was and dropped off my books and got in line for my food there was a massive selection to hotdogs to pizza to spaghetti to burger and chips to lasagne’s went for lasagne of course  and grabbed my drink and got my seat .then we had pe so I went to the GYM and we had tennis it was awesome then the bell rang and I assumed it was for home. I parked my go cart up and dropped up my book at my locker and went t to the gate myself. And that was my first day at school.

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