You can never have too much chocolate ...

Ok, that’s not strictly true, but it is Christmas, so we’re making an exception!  This month we’re giving away a selection box for you AND EVERYONE IN YOUR CLASS!

So, whether you’re a Maltesers muncher, a Galaxy guzzler or a Crunchie chomper, we have it covered.  All you have to do is answer the extremely difficult question below (ahem!) and if you’re the lucky reader whose name gets pulled from the hat, we’ll send you and all your classmates a selection box in time for Christmas. Ho, ho, ho!

What word is missing below?

Chocolate is made from the ____________ plant

  1. Tea    B) Coffee     C) Cocoa

To enter, leave your answer, along with your name and school details in the comment box below. Closing date for entries is December 15, 2017.

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