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Double Disbelief

Yogi's Gone Viral!

New Highest Mountain

i-Do Robot

'Water' Strange Way

Coffee’s Not for Monkeys!

Nessie Online?

Down to the Second!

Giant Game Boy

Huck the Roof Dog

Golden retriever is not stuck on the roof.

Gold in the Piano

A hoard of gold coins was found inside an antique piano.

Skydive 101

A 101-year-old Englishman has become the oldest person to ever complete a tandem skydive.

Hold That Note

A Nigerian musician has finally broken a record after two exhausting attempts in the space of one week

Healthy Haka

The All Blacks haka pays tribute to the Maori people, who have lived in New Zealand for thousands of years.

Lego-loving Thieves

The Dabbing Prince

Expedition 196

Pizza for Gridlock

Dolls of Malice?

Bark & Breakfast!

Lunar Bag Battle

NASA has a legal battle on its hands after it accidentally sold an artefact from the 1969 moon landing...

Gorey UFO

People in the town of Gorey were recently baffled to see a “flying saucer” rolling down a local street

Aaaaaahh! A Giant Ball.....

Plane Sailing

People living on the west coast of Ireland witnessed something special recently

Lost & Found

We've all heard of Lost & Found, but officials at Kuala Lumpur Airport in Malaysia are taking things to a whole new level.

Flower Power

An English schoolteacher has been shocked to learn that her favourite flower vase is actually an unexploded bomb.

Seoul's Smelly Autumn

When ginko berries drop to the pavement and start rotting, a foul stench fills the air.

Pizza Cub

Wild bears roaming through a kitchen should be a recipe for one big mess

I Love You… Windows 7

Lots of people like having Chinese symbols tattooed on their skin. It makes them look wise and worldly, even if some of them couldn't find China on the map!

Press “Up” For Stratosphere

A Canadian technology company has announced an idea to build a 20 kilometre-high elevator to be used to ferry people and cargo into space...

Goat Man

An English designer has taken a break from the hustle and bustle of modern life by living like a goat for three days in the Swiss Alps.

WWW News- Dog Foils Jailbreak

Prison inmates on the Greek island of Corfu had their jailbreak foiled after a curious dog alerted authorities to an escape tunnel they were building...

Car Thief Trapped In Boot (Wacky)

An American man had to call the cops after getting trapped in the boot of a car he was trying to steal...

Raining Spiders

An Australian town has witnessed a rare natural phenomenon that resembles a scene from a Hollywood horror movie. Residents of Goulborn, South Australia, couldn't believe their eyes when the sky darkened and millions of tiny spiders fell from the heavens like rain.

Brave Sikh Rewarded

A Sikh man in New Zealand has won the hearts of the nation after he used his turban to cradle the neck of an injured child.

Man V Horse

Do you think you could outrun a horse? Do you think you could do it over 35 kilometres? For people that answer ‘yes’ to these questions, the ‘Man vs. Horse’ marathon is the sporting event for you.

Tale of a Dog

Drivers on one of Scotland's busiest roads had to endure serious delays after a dog drove a tractor onto the motorway. Honestly!  Border Collie, Don, took control of a mini-tractor after farmer, Tom Hamilton, left the vehicle for a matter of seconds. Don made straight for the nearby M74, which was busy with morning traffic...

Real Kermit the Frog

Scientists in Costa Rica have discovered a new species of frog that may just be Mother Nature's answer to TV's Kermit the Frog.

Medieval Yoda

A medieval historian has discovered a 14th century drawing of a creature that bears a striking resemblance to Yoda from Star Wars...

Poo Bus

A public bus that runs on human waste has been put into service in the city of Bristol. And just in case you don't quite understand, “human waste” means poo!

Frugal Ronald

An American man who worked as a janitor has left behind a fortune after passing away at the age of 92.

Nike Crisp

A 22-year-old English man thinks he's popped a real money-spinner after advertising a Lidl Crusti Croc crisp for sale on ebay.

Pen Pals Reunited

Two former pen pals who lost touch over forty years ago have been reunited after bumping into each other at a supermarket.  English woman Sue Ellis and her French friend Yvette Pearson exchanged letters for four years after been paired together by their schools in the 1960s. However, after meeting each other four times, the pair eventually lost touch.


 Six-month old “Roo” was born in Romania last summer with one foreleg missing and lost the other one, vets think, in an attack by other dogs. This left the stray facing the harsh Romanian winter in very poor condition.

Goofy Grenadier (Wacky)

A Buckingham Palace guardsman has landed himself in hot water after being filmed playing to tourists outside the Queen's official residence.

TPP Issues