2020 Monster Quiz Summer Special Round

7 January 2021 | Posted under

Ok, guys. You've scanned, so we'll deliver. Here is your Summer Special Round. 

Let's see what you can remember. If you have old copies of TPP at home, now is the time to round them up -- especially your September Issue ;) 

  1. Greta Thunberg won a one-million-euro prize during the summer, as part of the Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity. What did she do with the money? 

  2. What object, once bought for €75, sold for €10.4 million during the summer? 

  3. An Austrian tourist had to apologise for breaking something off a statue in an art museum in Italy and not telling anyone. What did he break? 

  4. Little Grey and Little White were released into open water after spending 9 years in an aquarium in China. What type of creatures are they? 

  5. A new planet may have been discovered during the summer thanks to the VLT. VLT stands for Very Large _________? 

  6. On July 30, NASA attached its fourth space Rover, called Perseverance, to a rocket and launched it into space. What is its destination? 

  7. During the summer it was revealed that a new section of an ancient Roman city was revealed without any what needed? 

  8. Raine Island, located just off the Great Barrier Reef is a famous breeding and hatching sport for this protected creature.  

  9. What Asian superpower sent the Tianwen-1 rocket to Mars in July? 

  10. What international sporting event was to take place in Tokyo during July and August of 2020? 


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