Aston Martin's Electrified!

13 September 2017 | Posted under STEM Entertainment

Aston Martin have unveiled their brand new hypercar – the stunning Valkyrie.

The British luxury car maker has become famous over the years for producing and modifying its models for the James Bond movies, and the new Valkyrie looks like the perfect match for 007.

The powerful 6.5 litre V12 engine will be aided by an electric motor that will add extra power to the 1,000kg car. It is this combining of both petrol and electricity that changes the supercar into what is now known as a hypercar.

The Valkyrie is no slouch, accelerating from 0-120km/h in just three seconds, with a  top speed of just over 360km/h.

The styling of the car is very different to the famous Aston Martin DB line, which included the famous DB9.

The only bad news is: Aston Martin are only building 175 Valkyries. 

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