Cloze Test Time (June 17)

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Each week we present a county of Ireland in all its facts and glory. The only trouble is, 10 words are needed to complete the piece. Have a careful read and see if you can figure out the missing words to complete the facts.  When you do, fill in the blanks below or list them 1-10 in the   
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Donegal, Contae Dún na nGall, is in the Northwest of Ireland in the province of Ulster. 

Donegal is a __________ (1) county with a long tradition of ___________ (2). 

The county is mountainous with breathtaking scenery and attracts large numbers of __________ (3) every year. 

Many visitors are charmed by the Gaeltacht areas which stretch from Cill Chartha to Fanad and are blessed with landscape of haunting natural beauty. Almost one __________ (4) of the county is in the Gaeltacht.

Donegal is the only county in the Republic of Ireland that borders only one other county in the country, Leitrim. It also borders three Northern Ireland counties: Tyrone, Derry, and Fermanagh. 

Ireland’s most __________ (5) point, Malin Head, is at the tip of the Inishowen Peninsula. It is a haven for birds from Iceland, Greenland and North America including shearwaters, auks, gannets and skuas. It is one of the few places in Europe where the distinctive cry of the __________ (6) can still be heard. 

Glenveagh, Ireland’s second largest National Park, covers an area of 170 square kilometres in the __________ (7) of the Derryveagh Mountains. The Glenveagh Visitor Centre in the park has a living heather roof which allows it to __________ (8) into the local landscape.

The modern County of Donegal was created by order of the English Crown in 1585. The English authorities formed the new county by joining the old Kingdoms of Tír Chonaill and Inishowen. However, they were unable to keep __________ (9) over them until 1602, after the Battle of Kinsale. 

Full control over the new County Donegal was only achieved after the Flight of the Earls on September 4, 1607, when Rory O’Donnell, Earl of Tyrconnell, __________ (10) a ship at Rathmullen and sailed for Spain.

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