Cloze Test Time (May 20)

20 May 2020 | Posted under Cloze Tests


This week we present to you a county of Ireland in all its facts and glory. The only trouble is, 10 words are needed to complete the piece. Have a careful read and see if you can figure out the missing words to complete the facts. When you do, fill in the blanks below or list them 1-10 in the online comment box provided or


County Kerry, Contae Chiarraí, is in the Southwest of Ireland, in the __________ (1) of Munster. Kerry is a maritime county bordered by Cork and Limerick, with the Shannon Estuary to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. 

It is a mountainous county with wonderful scenery. The Lakes of Killarney, often called ‘Heaven’s reflection’, are world-famous for their beauty. Kerry is Ireland’s premier __________ (2) destination with over two million visitors each year.

There is something for everyone in ‘The Kingdom’: Breathtaking views, fishing, water sports, golf, hill climbing, music and historic sites. However, one of the county’s greatest assets remains its __________ (3)  people.

Agriculture is of major importance in Kerry, with many dairy __________ (4) supplying the major international food processing company, the Kerry Group PLC. There is a large number of __________ (5) in the county also.

Famous Kerry people include ‘The Liberator’ Daniel O’Connell, explorer Tom Crean, writer Peig Sayers, playwright John B Keane, Sr Stanislaus Kennedy who has devoted her life to __________ (6) the poor, and poet Brendan Kennelly.

More than 385 million years ago, a large amphibian known as a Tetrapod left its footprints on the shoreline of Valentia Island, off the Kerry __________ (7).

The footprints are the __________ (8) known fossilised footprints in the world and are also the first fossil record of an amphibian animal.

Puck Fair in Killorglin, Ireland’s oldest traditional Festival, has been in existence for over 400 years. It runs from August 10 to 12 and __________ (9) 80,000 visitors annually.

A wild mountain goat is crowned ‘King Puck’ and placed in a cage on a high stand for three days as the locals celebrate with markets and entertainment. At the end of the fair, the goat is __________ (10) back into the wild.

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