Countess Markievicz Exhibition opens

3 November 2018 | Posted under

A new display at the National Gallery of Ireland is set to shine light on the life of one of the most famous women in our country’s history – Countess Markievicz.

The Sligo native’s role in the struggle for Irish independence made her a very important and influential woman and, as this year marks the 100th anniversary of her election to the British Parliament, the National Gallery wants to share her achievements with all.

Donal Maguire, curator of the new exhibition, says, ‘Countess Markievicz is of undeniable and widely recognised cultural and political significance, given her role in the history of modern Ireland, but retains an air of intrigue today.’

This suggests that while many of us may know of her public life, we may not know too much about her personal life. Now, thanks to the new exhibition, we can travel 100 years back in time and find out more about one of our country’s greatest figures.

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