Diary of a First Year Needed!!

4 May 2018 | Posted under School News

Hi guys,

Stephen here this month!

Unfortunately, it’s a long time since I was in First Year, so I won’t bother boring you with those details – the few I can remember!

However, I am looking for current TPP readers to write next year’s column – people that are now in 6th class but who will be going into First Year in September.

So, if you would like to keep TPP readers up to speed on how things are going for you in the next chapter of your school life, then get in touch with us here at schools@theprimaryplanet.ie and we can slot you into an issue (or two) for season 8.

It’s simple enough – you don’t need to be William Shakespeare, but you do need to be able to meet a copy deadline and write around 200 words per diary entry. Over the last number of years, Diary of a First Year has proven to be one of the most popular features of the magazine, so get in touch before May 25 if you would like to be a part of it.

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