Double Disbelief

1 April 2019 | Posted under International News WWW News Entertainment

Two US baseball players have caused quite a stir for their remarkably similar looks  … and lives! So much so, this could get a bit confusing! Here goes …

Brady Feigl is pitcher for the Oakland A’s Minor League baseball team in California, on the west coast of America.

Brady Feigl, meanwhile, is a pitcher for the Texas Rangers Minor League baseball team based in Arlington, Texas – 1,700 miles away!

That’s right, they have the same name! But astonishingly, that isn’t where the similarities end. As you can see from the picture, both Bradys have red hair, red beards, wear glasses and measure 1.93m (6ft 4inches) in height!

And, in an even stranger twist, they both underwent the same surgery on their elbows … with the operations performed by the same doctor!

Naturally, when all of this emerged, people began to wonder if Brady and Brady were somehow related. A test, however, revealed no DNA match meaning they were not family. 

The tests did confirm that both Bradys have 53% Germanic ancestry, meaning their ancestors came from the same region, which may explain their uncanny looks.

Amused by the ultimate coincidence Brady from Texas said: ‘We’re still brothers in a way,’ while Californian Brady replied: ‘And we’re always going to be Brady Feigl!’

My head hurts!


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