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This grammar activity is based on a story from this month's issue of The Primary Planet. Read through the article and see if you can spot the 10 spelling mistakes. It's so eesy :) 

Angela Downey (Back page)

Angela Downey played at the highest level for an incredable 25 years and enjoyed unprecedented sucess, making her one of Ireland’s greatest sporting stars. 

A native of Ballyragget, the forward was aged just 13 when she won her first All-Ireland club title with St Paul’s in 1970. In the same year she made her inter-county debue for Kilkenny.

Downey suffered disapointment in her first All-Ireland Final appearence with the Cats in 1972 when they lost to Cork, but two years later she hit 1-1 as they beat the Rebelettes after a replay.

Downey and Kilkenny won two more All-Irelands in the 1970s, but it was in the following deckade that they broke the stranglehold of Cork and Dublin and began to domanate.

From 1985-91 Kilkenny clamed seven All-Irelands in a row, with Downey playing a starring roll alongside her twin sister Ann. The last of her 12 All-Ireland titelss with Kilkenny came in 1994, where she hit 2-3 in the final against Wexford. In the same year she won an All-Ireland club crown with Lisdowney. 

Angela was deservedly named on the Camogie Team of the Century and is considered the greatest player to have ever played the sport.


OK, for answering, here are your options: 

Get a sheet, or your Homework Club copy, and write down the 10 spelling mistakes, along with their correct spelling. Keep them safe until Friday, when we (you and I) correct them. You can also click here to print and download the worksheet.
If you would like to enter the draw for the €25 voucher competition, imagine the comment box below is now your ANSWER BOX. Get typing, and don't forget to leave your name and email adress along with your answers. 

Send this, share it, get your mum, dad, brother or sister to do it! Maybe tehy will prove to bee bettar at speling that mee! 


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