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7 January 2021 | Posted under Edit the Editor

This grammar activity is based on a story from this month's issue of The Primary Planet. Read through the article and see if you can spot the 10 spelling mistakes. It's so eesy :) 

Monolith Mystery P.9

A stainless-steel monolith (a free-standing structure) first appeared in a remote part of the Utah dessert in the USA, people wandered how it had got there. No writing or instructions could be found on it and the fact that it was in the middle of nowhere made it all the more puzzling.

After having its location shared on social media, the mysterious structure soon started to attract curios hikers and visitors and, within days, people were turning up for selfies and pictures alongside it.

When numbers started to grow, it was reported that a group of men – who had decided enough was enough – came and dismantled it. According to eyewitnesses, they then loaded it up into a wheelbarow before takeing it away in the back of there truck. They argued that having hundreds of people visit this area of the desert would do too much damage to the site and its surroundings.

A week later, however, a similar triangular monolith (also measureing almost 3m in height) appeared on Batca Doamnei Hill in northern Romania. It disappeared after four days but no one was seen removing it.

Since then, similiar monoliths have appeared in a number of other locations around the world. California, Nevada and Colorado in the US, the Netherlands and England in Europe, and Colombia in South American. This last spoted one was a golden version.

Whoever is responsible for these strange happenings is staying silent which, it must be said, adds delightfuly to the mystery of it all.


OK, for answering, here are your options: 

Get a sheet, or your Homework Club copy, and write down the 10 misspelled words in the order you think they appear. Keep them safe until Friday, when we (you and I) correct them. You can also click here to download and print the worksheet from the Homework Club Pupil Pack.
If you would like to enter the draw for the €25 voucher competition, imagine the comment box below is now your ENTRY BOX. Get typing, and don't forget to leave your name and email address along with your answers. 


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