Expedition 196

9 March 2017 | Posted under WWW News International News

A 27 year-old American woman has set a new record for visiting every country on Earth in the shortest time.

Cassie De Pecol set foot in 196 countries on an epic adventure that began in July 2015 and finished eighteen and half months later, at the beginning of last month.

Hoping to inspire others, Cassie was an ambassador for the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism.

The Connecticut woman funded the $160,000 trip using savings and sponsorship. With over 300,000 followers on Instagram, she was also able to pay for accommodation by promoting hotels and guest houses online. Nice!

Cassie promoted clean tourism through which globetrotters reduce their carbon footprint. One example was planting a tree in over fifty of the countries she visited.

Spending between two and five days in each country, Cassie says she had to use her personal touch in countries that are not friendly with the US.

‘I just like to show that we can be friends and we can kind of coexist,’ she said. 

What's next for Cassie? Antartica of course!

‘I was like, hey, if I go to six continents, 196 countries, I may as well hit up the last continent,’ she added. Go Cassie!

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