Gold in the Piano

8 June 2017 | Posted under WWW News

Investigators in England have been left scratching their heads after a hoard of gold coins was found inside an antique piano.

A total of 913 gold coins were discovered in the piano as it was being retuned in Shropshire. The treasure was hidden carefully beneath the instrument's keyboard.

Although the coins, which date from the Victorian era, were probably worth around £773 at the time they were concealed, they are probably worth hundreds of thousands of pounds today!

'We simply do not know how they came to be concealed,' said investigator John Ellery, after an international campaign for information failed to produce any leads.

The piano currently belongs to a school after being donated by a local couple who had owned it for 33 years. However, they say they had no knowledge of the piano's lucrative cargo.

The coins were found by the piano tuner contained in several hand-stitched bags. Weirdly, one of the bags also had an advertisement for Shredded Wheat from the 1930s.

I wonder who gets to keep the treasure?

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