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28 February 2020 | Posted under

March greetings, everyone!

Is it just me – yes, I am like a broken record – or is time simply flying by? March? Already? It seems like Christmas was two weeks ago, not two months! Anyway, that’s what we older people do – constantly stress about time! So, enough about me. 
So, what have we got for you this month? Well, let’s see – have you ever heard of mobile phones? Eh … yes, that is a joke. As you will see, this month we have gone mobile-mad – not just for the sake of it either – we’re doing it for Engineers Week. After all, the mobile phone must surely be regarded as one of the most important, or influential, pieces of engineering of modern times. Check out the timeline – you’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn! 

As always, we have all your faves in here too. Our picks for this month would definitely include the dogfood-munching CEO and Tony’s election round-up. Check them out! 

You will also see we have   an amazing Engineers Week competition for you once again – thanks to our friends in STEPS. One of you lucky readers will win a class workshop with Bricks 4  Kidz, packed full of engineering delights! 

So, enjoy this month’s issue and we will see you back here in time for April Fools’ Day – we’ve got something planned you won' t want to miss! 

Enjoy the read!


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