Kilrasser NS National Green Flag Water Winners

12 June 2015 | Posted under School News STEM

Our school love projects and we love the Green Flag programme too! This year we’ve been working on our third flag, the water flag. We put in our application before Christmas and so the long wait began, would we be successful, we wondered???

The day we returned from our Easter holidays, we got a huge surprise. Our school had been chosen as the best school in Connacht and Ulster at saving water. We were amazed, thrilled and delighted. Our school isn’t a big school and it was a huge shock to us to have beaten so many other schools in both provinces!

Next, we had to decide who was going to represent our school at the award ceremony in Dublin. I was chosen along with my three friends and also our teacher, Ms. Gibbons. We went to Dublin to collect the flag and to find out who would be the All-Ireland winner of An Taisce Green School of the Year 2015. There was to be a competition to choose the national winner. We didn’t think it would be us-we were just so happy to be in the final four.

When we arrived in Dublin, we went to The Royal College of Physicians where the reception was very fancy. We went to the lecture room to receive our flag. Before they gave out the flags, they gave tablets to the winners of the poster competition. Next they called out each school to come up and receive their flag. We were happy to get ours and we had our photos taken.

We were beginning to get nervous wondering whose name would be called out as the national winner. Suddenly they said, “The winner is…” and when they called our names out we were stunned, ecstatic, excited and amazed. We just sat in our seats in shock for a split second thinking, “Did they just say our name?”

 This award was twice the size of our previous award. They took some photos of us outside with our award. We were having our photos taken again and again but we were just in shock the whole time-especially Ms. Gibbons!

 To celebrate, we went on the Viking Splash Tour around Dublin. We also met the star from Moone Boy, David Rawle. It was one of the best days of the year.

Now we have our big Green Flag Party to organise!

By Dominick Stephens, 5th Class, Killasser N.S. Swinford, Co. Mayo 


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