Maths Story Time (June 18)

18 June 2020 | Posted under

Read this news article and answer the questions below. Remember, this is not a quick-fire maths activity, so take your time, have a working-out sheet beside you and adopt the RUDES approach:

1. READ carefully
2. UNDERLINE (key words)
3. DRAW a diagram if you need to. This often helps. 
4. ESTIMATE your answer
5. SOLVE the problem.


Bahrain is a small and wealthy island country located in the Persian Gulf. It is connected to Saudi Arabia by a 25km bridge. Officially known as the Kingdom of Bahrain, the country has been Ruled for the past 20 years by King Hamad. 

It is the smallest country in the Middle East and is made up of 33 islands, the largest of which is called Bahrain. The landscape is flat and sandy and temperatures can get as high as 50°C. 

Throughout its history it has been ruled by the Arab, Portuguese, Persian, and British empires. Today, it is an independent nation with a lot of influence, mainly due to its rich oil industry.

Maths Questions

1.    If it cost €1.5 million per kilometre to build the bridge between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, what was the total cost of the project?

2.    If Bahrain produces 150,000 barrels of oil per day and King Hamad gets 10c per barrel, how much will he receive in a week?

3.    When Pat left Bahrain the temperature was 36 degrees Celsius. When he arrived in Ireland the temperature here was minus 4 degrees Celsius. What was the difference in temperature between Ireland and Bahrain?

4.    One Bahraini dinar is worth €2.30. How much did Fahid receive when he exchanged 10,000 Badhraini dinars for euros?

5.    Diesel costs 11c per litre in Bahrain. How many litres of diesel can Ali buy for €10?

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