Maths Story Time (May 21)

20 May 2020 | Posted under

Read the Maths Story in this month's Primary Planet (page 28) by clicking here, and see if you can work out the answers below. This is not a quick-fire maths activity, so take your time, have a working-out sheet beside you and adopt the RUDES approach:

1. READ carefully
2. UNDERLINE (key words)
3. DRAW a diagram if you need to. This often helps. 
4. ESTIMATE your answer
5. SOLVE the problem.

List your answers in the comment box below or


Mr Kitt turned on the laptop and began reading out the emails he had received from the two Outdoor Activity Centres regarding the Fifth and Sixth Class tour. They both offered exciting packages. 

The first e-mail read out was from Camp Kibanooey. They offered two packages. Package A involved water sports and access to the on-site water slides. This cost twenty-five euro fifty cent per student, but without lunch included. Package B involved the archery and orienteering courses, costing twenty-nine euro each, including lunch. 

The second e-mail was from the Noyawn Club. Their primary school packages cost twenty-eight-euro seventy-five cent for Option 1 and twenty-seven euro for Option 2, with lunch included in both. Noyawn Club focused on abseiling and forest trial activities for Option 1, mountaineering and indoor climbing for Option 2. 

Mr Kitt decided to let his twenty-eight students in the class have the final say. At the mention of a vote, the kids went wild with excitement. But, after calming them down, Mr Kitt recapped on the different options available to the students so they would know exactly what they were voting for.

When the votes were tallied, Caroline, the school secretary, contacted the bus companies to get the best price she could. 

O’Tooles Bus Hire came in the cheapest at three hundred and thirty-six euro for the day, with teachers going free! All the school had to do to secure the booking was pay the standard twelve and a half per cent booking deposit. 

Later that morning, while the children were busy with their calculators trying to work out the final cost of the tour per student, Mr Kitt phoned the chosen adventure centre to make the booking. They offered him a deal. If he booked the centre before the fifteenth of May and paid a twenty per cent deposit off the total bill, they would give a five per cent discount on the remaining balance. On hearing this deal, the students urged Mr Kitt to confirm their booking immediately, even though that meant having to work out a new price per student! 

When all was done and dusted, Mr Kitt asked if there were any questions.

‘Yes, Seamie?’ asked his teacher. ‘Firstly, is this to do with the school tour and, secondly, is it important enough to have to ask?’

‘Most definitely!’ replied Seamie. ‘Who gets the back seat?’ 


The class roared with laughter. 


1.    Camp Kibanooey offered two school tour packages. How much would it have cost in total if the students chose      (i) package A  (ii) package B?
2.    Noyawn Club offered two school tour packages. What would the total difference in price be if the students chose Option 1 over Option 2?
3.    What was the difference in price, per child, between the most expensive and the cheapest tour package?
4.    How much of a deposit did Caroline have to pay O’Tooles?
5.    How much did the bus cost per child?
6.    If the bill for the Adventure Centre came to €805 before discount, can you work out which tour package the children decided on?
7.    How much of a saving did Mr Kitt make by paying the adventure centre before May 15?
8.    On the day of the tour, when Mr Kitt paid the balance due for the bus, he received €6 back in change. How much did he give the bus driver?



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