Give Up Your Phones for Lent??

9 March 2018 | Posted under National News

Could you go forty days and forty nights without your device? Well, that’s what a Catholic priest in County Meath is asking of his parishioners!

Lent – a six-week period of sacrifice and fasting in the Christian calendar – ends on Easter Sunday. During this time, many people decide to either give something up or take something. This can involve abstaining from sweets and chocolate or going to mass daily.

A priest in County Meath, however, has gone one step further by challenging those in the parish of Navan to … wait for it … switch off their mobile phones for Lent!

Fr Robert McCabe, curate in St Mary's Parish, Navan, said: ‘Everybody can benefit from spending less time on their phones and laptops, and using that time to communicate instead with their families.’

‘A good description of phones that I've heard is that they are weapons of mass distraction. If you're in a position to switch them off, then do so and use that time positively.’

He may have a point. People spend on average three hours a day on their devices … and this doesn’t include watching television!

Father McCabe feels that we should spend this time playing outdoors or chatting to our families and friends.

Are you up for the challenge? As they say: It’s never too late!


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