Mother's Day is Coming!

9 March 2018 | Posted under National News

A bit like pancakes … who doesn’t love them?

Mother’s Day falls on March 31 – so mark the diary! And don’t let the excuse of ‘I have no money’, or ‘I don’t know what to buy’ stand in your way.  The truth of the matter is: you don’t need to buy anything! You don’t need to spend anything! You just need to do something!

Breakfast in bed costs nothing, only a little planning and effort. A painting, or a homemade card can be done with no expense, or, if there is clay in school or at home, why not create a simple piece of jewellery for Mum!

The older you get, the more you will begin to realise how much the person called Mammy, Mum, Ma or Mother in your life does for you. On March 31, this is one way of showing them how much you love them.

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