April's Diary of a First Year

3 November 2018 | Posted under School News

Hello there, readers!

Can you believe another two months have passed since we last chatted?!

Since then, I have gotten well used to my new subjects.

For woodwork, I made a name stand and a phone stand with my choice of design. I chose a flower named Flowey from one of my favourite videogames, Undertale.

For Business, we ran a competition to create a business of our choice. Our group picked the Bake House. We are making a PowerPoint of it and so far, so good.

I also got to the final of an All-Ireland competition for Maths. It is going to involve a lot of problem-solving questions which means I now go to two extra Maths classes a week to prepare.

I was on TV with the choir for the Sunday Mass on March 31 on RTÉ. I had missed a meeting on the travel plans for it and thought that it was on March 10. We had to be at school for 6:15 a.m. So, when I arrived with my mother 3 weeks early, nobody else was there! She was furious with me for getting the date wrong. Good tip: always ask if you don't understand something or missed what was said!

Some schools may not have this, but our school launched its own app recently. This means we are allowed to bring our phones to school and download it. The app is basically the school website but with extra stuff. We can buy our school uniform, both formal and PE, directly from it. There is also an option on the app called ‘Study Buddy’. This is a setting that helps you study. It records what you are doing, how long it is taking and, most importantly, denies access to everything except Google. This is to help you focus on what you are doing so and not get distracted!

Anyway, that’s all for this month!

See you in June,


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